Boult Audio AirBass Combuds review: Budget Touch control True wireless earbuds

Boult Audio’s touch control Combuds, a bass packed true wireless earbuds within the budget of everyone, if that’s is not enough then Touch controls of it for sure gives you an Aww!! moment…

Technology has really transformed each and everything around us, so, how could audio products left behind. The days of using long wired earphones have not gone yet but in the upcoming few years, it will be, especially among general smartphone users. If you are from the ’90s then you have experienced the phase of transformation from wired earphones meant solely for music listening to this era’s smart AI-assisted wireless earbuds.

Although when we talk about TWS earbuds Apple’s Airpods would be the first name that comes to mind, however, we don’t need to spend that much to get the facility of TWS. There are many brands that are offering quality audio products but in budget and one of them in India is Boult Audio.

We recently have Boult Audio’s True wireless earbuds named “Airbass Combuds”. The first thing which attracts a buyer is its affordable price because that is the thing which most of us see to buy any product.  The price of Combuds on Flipkart is  INR 1499, however, while writing this review it was available at ₹999. Thus, we have considered this price in mind to let you know how worth is it to buy?  Hence, after using it for quite some time, here is the review of Boult Audio Combuds.

Boult Audio Combuds Specification

  • Model Name: AirBass Combuds
  • Color: Black
  • Headphone Type: True Wireless
  • Touch Remote control: Yes
  • Headphone Design:  Earbud
  • Water Resistant/Sweat Proof: Yes
  • Monaural: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Version 5 with 10 m range
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Play Time/battery backup: 24 hrs
  • Warranty:  1 Year Warranty

Unboxing Cobus:

The packaging of the Combuds is compact and comes in Black and greyish colors. The box doesn’t contain any reference picture of the product, therefore, the user has to open it to actually see how the earbuds look like. On the backside of Box, all the necessary details and specifications of the Airbass Combuds are mentioned.  As we open it, the immediate thing we get is the product guide, which gives all details on how to set up and operate the Touch control of earbuds.  Apart from the audio device inside the box, the user will get a Charging Case, Extra Pair of Ear Tips, and a Charging Micro USB Cable.

Boult Audio Airbass earbuds boix min Unboxing Combuds min

back side of Airbass min

Design: Lightweight and easily snuggles in ear

Few major problems that have been removed with TWS earbuds are the wire sound and accidentally jerks that tend to put cracks on the earphone cables. Furthermore, even standard Bluetooth earphones still have the cable that creates problems while working out or jogging. Thus, in such scenarios, the TWS earbuds are really a kind of technology boon to consumers who don’t want the aforementioned hassles while listening to their favorite music.

If we take about the overall design of the product, the Boult has tried to make it compact as much as possible. The earbuds are safely kept inside the charging case that has a clamshell-like design and a space to hold the earbuds and an inbuilt battery that works as a power bank to Combuds. The charging shell has a completely matte black finish on all sides with a grey color inner portion. That also acts as a separator between the opening lid and the lower body of the case.

Airbass combass chargin case min USB chargin point earbuds min

Case’s upper portion holds the company logo and as we move towards the rear side, a 2.0 micro USB port has been given to charge the same. Overall the case is made of lightweight plastic and looks good, and also makes sure no fingerprints are left on it.

As we open the Charging case, the pair of earbuds will be there resting inside it.  In the middle of them, we will have a power button that is pressable and can halt or resume the charging of Boult Combuds. Just above that, an indicator is situated to apprise the user of how much battery power is left behind in the case.

Airbass combass chargin case min

Well, one of the disadvantages of having purely TWS earbuds is, we can easily lose them if we won’t keep them safe. Therefore, to make sure while charging, such things won’t happen even if the Charging case left opened, the company has given a magnetic base to the earbuds and in the holding area meant for them in the case.

That’s why the moment we put them back in the case for charging they automatically established their power connection and also clung themselves with it, even if we turn the case upside down they will not fall down.

Review Airbass boult chargin case min

In addition, an LED has been given on each of the earbuds to represent Charging (red) and Successful connection (blue). The Combuds have a Procedural Oval curve shape with Convexo angular ear canals tube for audio output. Below that two small yellow dots are situated, which are the contact points used for charging.

Furthermore, as both the earbuds, are identical, therefore L and R letters are embossed on the charging case as well as on the earbuds itself.

Two pair Airbass combuds of Boult Audio min Earbuds review of Boult min Earbuds Combuds LED min


The best thing in the price of ₹999 we are getting is the touch control tech. You will not find any physical button on the Boult Combuds to control various common functions such as Play/Pause, Reject or accept calls; Next/Previous song change; Voice Assitant control, Power on & off along with paring them with devices. So, how to perform all this on this audio device, indeed with the help of fingerprint touch screen technology.

Here are the number of touches or tap on the Combuds to perform its various functions. 

Note: Both the earbuds can work independently.

Reject Call: 1-second touch & hold on to any of the earbuds to reject an incoming call.

Answer call/Hang off:  Single Touch on any of the modules one time.

Voice Assitant: Press and hold for 1 second until a beep sound happens to activate voice assistants such as Google or Siri.

Next song/Previous Song: To skip and play the next song simply double tap on the right side earbud and for the previous track on the left side one.

Game mode (low latency mode): 

To enter the Low latency gaming mode, we need to tap three times on any of the earbuds, when a beep sound happens that will give you an indication of activating latency mode. However, while having this mode, the range of Bluetooth will focus within 1.5 meters.

To exit this mode, again quickly tap three times.

Establish connection: For connecting this device to the audio source, touch the Right earbud four-times quickly, when the blue and red light start flashing, it will appear on the source device.

USB cable and Chargin shell Boult min

Boult Audio AirBass Combuds review Budget Earbuds to buy

At last, silicon buds, there is nothing to talk about them because as with most of the earphones, there are always some extra pairs that one can use as per the ear canal size. However, the one out of the box on the Airbass earbuds would be fine for most of the ears.

Furthermore, we don’t have to worry about sweat during exercise as Boult’s Combuds are water-resistant and sweatproof (IPX5 rating,).

Overall, the design of the Boult Airbass Combuds will not give you a chance for any complaint, also even after wearing for hours, I didn’t feel any discomfort or uneasiness.

Let’s move towards its audio performance

Combuds Audio Performance

The most important factor in having earphones is its ability to produce high-quality sound. Both the piece of earbuds are independent of each other in terms of audio, they support Monaural sound reproduction. In plain English, the earbuds have the ability to produce a mono sound that appears to come from one direction. This technique is slightly different in contrast with stereophonic sound or stereo headphones that use two separate channels for generating a sense of directional sound. In mono, as both the ear drivers are independent, thus an identical signal fed to each of them, however, because in reality there are two independent speakers in each of our ears, a directional sound will be there with high-fidelity sound.

Well, the Combuds uses 9mm dynamic drivers that produce a quite balanced and rich sound. We played different genres of songs over it; while listening to heavy bass songs, the amount of bass it produces is really commendable, however, at full volume or above medium the vocals of the songs somewhere start getting gagged. However, I don’t think anybody could listen to the songs on it at full volume because Combuds are quite loud. Furthermore, noise isolation is also good because of its snug fit design that easily attenuates all the outside noises.

If you are a gamer and can’t afford costly earphones, don’t worry, Boult Combuds at this price will not let you down, while playing COD, I was able to hear footsteps, gunshots cleary in realtime without any significant delay.

Therefore, we don’t have any problem with its bass production and it was up to the mark, especially at the price it is available.  The mids are detailed with the crisp vocals and clear sound, the lows were punchy too, at least enough to let us enjoy each and every song.

Everything was going well until I started having phone calls over it because that didn’t go well. As the mic is quite away from our mouth which results in low capturing of sound, therefore, the person on the other side couldn’t hear us properly. And that was a disappointing thing for such nice budget earbuds.

If we talk about the playback time in one single charge, then you would not have any issue with it. Although the manufacturer claims 15 hours of playback time, it can easily offer around 7 hours at full volume which further can be extended, if he/she using the earbuds at medium volume. However, if you are traveling then don’t worry, the extra power to recharge it again is in the Charging case.


  • Easy to fit design
  • Good playback time
  • Budget price
  • Balance Audio
  • Water Resistance


  • Mic quality is not great


Boult Audio's Airbass Combuds review ratings ₹999
  • 9/10
    Design - 9/10
  • 8.8/10
    Audio Perfromance - 8.8/10
  • 9/10
    Bass quality - 9/10
  • 6.7/10
    Calling Performance - 6.7/10
  • 10/10
    Battery backup - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Value for money - 9/10


At ₹999, the Boult Audio’s Airbass Combuds nailed what it is meant for in terms of audio and would be an excellent choice, if you are seeking for touch control and water resistance budget earbuds. However, those have a good call flow and need earbuds mainly for calling purposes then it would be not the one they are looking for.

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