Banihal App Review: Marry the perfect one using Artificial Intelligence

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Review Summary

Overall, the app is good in terms of usage but there are some glitches while setting it up such as the Facebook login and OTP system to verify the phone number. And need some improvements. However, you can give one try to the Banihal app maybe your good luck let you find someone special and perfect there.

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If you get tired of swiping left/right on dating apps like Tinder and finally thinking to tie a Knot then you should try some Matrimonial apps like Banihal app.

In India, where young generation is now moving away from the traditional way of matchmaking process and choosing the digital one; the technology is now there Pandit to find out the soulmate, especially when it gets a tempering of Artificial intelligence, which increases the chances of getting compatible husband/wife.

The Banihal has both online and app platform for Android and iOS. It uses an amalgam of artificial intelligence and neuroscience research that known as Rae, which is claimed by the company is the smartest matchmaking engine ever created. The Rae has the ability to suggest a match to a user without being biased. It learns from your profile and the options you selected while creating an account on Banihal.


Rae uses 3-ring compatibility scale and on the basis of that, it recommends you how far you can go with someone.

  • One Ring means just browse and you may get a serendipitous match.
  • Two rings compatibility shows you should message that person.
  • Three rings have a higher compatibility than one or two gold rings which suggests you talk to another person.
  • Last, the three Diamond gold rings mean that Rae is recommended that person and you should meet her/him.

Banihal Rae 3-ring compatibility scale

In this way, the Rae helps you to find and understand each person compatibility with you.

In this article, we are not going much deeper in that whether you are definitely going to get your match by the Banihal or not, instead of that we are just doing a review of Banihal app and try to cover its ease of use and other technical perspectives…

The App is available for both Android and iOS but this article we are only testing the Android version.

Key Features of the Banihal app

  • Provide recommendations for Shaadi using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Send interest to the people you like on the app
  • Send messages and be on the path to getting married
  • Shows compatibility scale on the top of the profile image.
  • Message other users after getting connected.



Banihal App Installation and setup

Step 1: Open the app and tap on Sign up. After that, a screen will open with two signing up options –one is via Facebook which unfortunately didn’t work for us and return some invalid key error. The second one is using your email address which worked successfully.

Step 2: Now, like any other Matrimonial app or website platform, the Banihal is also going to give you numbers forms in order get a complete information about you and your family. First, it will ask for your name, Date of birth, Born location in which it has two options India and USA.

Banihal app setup

Step 3: You can verify two countries number with it –USA or India; but again I don’t know why I won’t able to perform the verification because it didn’t send the verification OTP code to my number. So, I skipped this step in my case.

Banihal app phone number confirmation

Step 4: Next you need to enter your religion, caste, and language you speak and so on…

Banihal religion setup

Step 5: I am not going to cover all the steps those need to complete the profile but few ones those need to explain here such as the employment amongst others.

The app will allow you directly import your employment information from Linkedin to show the authenticity to your match.

LinkedIN Banihal



The app will ask you to provide two emails those can endorse your profile which is another way to show your match and his/her family that your profile is genuine.

Endorsement on Banihal

The long trail of different research questions in order to understand your perspective on Love and relationships which helps the RAE (AI) to find a perfect match for you…

Love and releationsip for shaadi



Banihal App Interface

Banihal App Interface 

After setting up the app you will get a very straightforward interface like some dating app.

There are couple tabs present on the main screen of the app such as:

RAE: Under this tab, you will get all suggestion of other user profiles those are a perfect match for you from the Banihal Artificial intelligence search matching engine.

Discover: If you just want to browse different profiles on your own then you can use the Discover tab. Serendipitously, if you like someone then tap that profile and hit the option Express interest to let the other person know that you are interested.

Contacts: I don’t know who is Simran but under the contact tab you get this lady who is your assistant and helps you to clear your doubt and solve problems related to Banihal app.

Proposal: If anybody is interested in you then it will show here.

Messages: Text messages show under this tab.


You can filter the profile on the basis of Age, Education level, Income, Religion, Caste, Food, Smoking, Alcohol drinking, and Country (India/USA).


Unfortunately, in my short usage, I didn’t get any suggestions from RAE maybe I am a little bit unique…Kidding!!

Overall, the app is good in terms of usage but there are some glitches while setting it up such as the Facebook login and OTP system to verify the phone number. And need some improvements. The developers need to minimize the steps to setup profile because so many form fillings tend new users to leave the app as soon as possible. For example, there is a field Father’s job which I don’t think is necessary.

Also, I saved my location Delhi, India but I didn’t get any profile from my nearby location which is bit annoying, moreover there is no filter which I can use to filter the profiles on distance bases; maybe it all depends on the compatibility algorithm of the app.

However, you can give one try to the Banihal app maybe your good luck let you find someone special and perfect there.



In a small interaction with Banihal key person, we asked them few questions to clear our doubts and helps all of you to understand the company background. Have a Look…

What type technology or things make the Banihal different from the rest of Matrimonial websites?

An individual who is coming to a matchmaking app, at some point is looking to settle down for life and find the one person where both can confidently say “Yes”. This is obvious when two individuals meet in real life and the match is overwhelmingly great. Banihal uses a rich profile from members signing up and uniquely matches an individual to be intuitively aligned with their partner. This matchmaking is done using AI and the system is as fast as Google, as soon as the profile is completed, the most compatible matches are shown.


What has inspired the founder to create Banihal, when already some big players are in the market in the same verticle?

This is very similar to search engines before Google. There were many solutions but none of them solved the user’s query so people kept searching on the next search engine. During the process of finding a match, many will become members of multiple matchmaking apps or traditional sources but none can reliably make the one introduction that would complete the process. The best matches made by Banihal have 90%  of people connecting whereas around 1% of swipes lead to a reply on other platforms (According to the company, it processes more than one billion swipes a day and matches some 12 million people a day).


What are the different trends in terms of choosing a partner you are seeing in 2018?

We see people in metros clearly leading the conversation about their choice of partner. Over the past 12 months, we see the same trend in Tier 2 cities as well and it is being led by women joining the workforce. Every girl has a say in the decision about her match and culturally families are more supportive to have the best outcome for the individuals.


Challenges faced by the company in India because it is a big country with different religions, cast & creed?

People make decisions that are aligned with their culture and it is true in all countries. Religion and caste are not rigid criteria when looking for a match and we see all decisions on the app being made in a holistic fashion where other things like mutual compatibility, education, salary, age, and family socio-economic background are weighed in together with religion and caste. Every individual is different in their flexibility with religion and caste and our observation is that the stronger the match on other aspects, the more flexible people are to let go off more traditional rules.


Can we get a bit information about, how the Banihal AI works?

Rae is the AI engine inside the Banihal app that is a fully automatic matchmaking system. We collect more than hundred data points when a profile is created on Banihal. A girl’s profile is matched with all the existing boy’s profiles to find a match where the two individuals when they meet in real life have a high probability of connecting and a unique compatibility score is given for each match using 3 gold rings.

Communication is the most important thing for a successful marriage and we can understand the other person if our worldviews are aligned. Using the profile data, Rae can match people who can complete each other’s sentences. Our recommendation is to meet the person when they are matched with a diamond ring, speak to them on Banihal app when matched with 3 gold rings, message them on the Banihal app when matched with 2 gold rings and browse to see if there is a serendipitous match if there is 1 gold ring.


So many people on the Internet complaining that the profile pictures uploaded on Matrimonial websites are fake. In such situation, how the Banihal takes it?

We do approval of all profile pictures and users upload their Aadhar card for verification as well which is automatically scanned and verified. We are constantly updating our systems to keep the integrity of the profiles and it is a pillar to maintain the trust of our members.