Corsair mouses Review: Harpoon, Glaive & NightSword RGB

Corsair has a significant range of computer peripherals with a good reputation in the gaming industry. It is not the first time we are going to review Corsair mouse instead here we review & compare their three popular mouses- Corsair Glaive RGB, Harpoon RGB wired and NightSword RGB; all of them support iCUE software to programme inbuilt RGB LEDs & buttons.

Price and Specifications:

Although the Corsair M series mouses such as M55 & M65 are few best with balanced features, nice sensor and easy to handle button placement, yet, if you want something slightly at a lower price then Corsair Harpoon RGB wired (6000 DPI) would be the option at ₹ 1,499 or around $17.99. Whereas if someone is looking for something more than M65 then Glaive RGB at ₹ 5,715 / approx. $ 51.49 with 16000 DPI and those looking for more higher DPI & premium features Corsair NightSword RGB can be an option, however, you have to shell out a good amount of money which is ₹ 13,580 or $69.99. All the mentioned prices are from Amazon while writing this article.

Specs comparison: Corsair Harpoon vs Glaive vs NightSword RGB

Mouse ModelCorsair Harpoon RGB Corsair Glaive RGB Corsair NightSword RGB
Sensor:PixArt PMW3320PixArt PMW3367 PixArt PMW3391
Sensor type:OpticalOpticalOptical
DPI200 – 6,000 dpi200 – 16,000 dpi100 – 18,000 dpi
Sampling rate: Selectable 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125HzSelectable 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125HzSelectable 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz
Speed:2.8 m / s 6.3 m / s10.2 m / s
switches:Omron- 20M L/R ClickOmron-50M L/R ClickOmron-50M L/R Click
The number of buttons: Total 6; Top: 4, Left: 1Total 6;  Left: 2Total 10; Top: 7, Left: 3
Special  keys:Mouse wheel, dpi switchMouse wheel, dpi switchMouse wheel, dpi switch, profile switch,
sniper button
Lighting:1 Zone RGB 3 Zone RGB 4 Zone RGB
On-Board MemoryYesYesYes
Wire: 1.8m Tangle-Free Rubber1.8m Braided Fiber1.8m Braided Fiber
Body Material:Hard plastic,
glossy elements, rubber elements
Hard plastic,
glossy elements, rubber elements
Hard plastic
glossy elements, rubber elements
Warranty: Two years Two years Two years
Grip Type:ClawPalm Palm
Weight:85g (w/o cable)122g (w/o cable and accessories) 119g (w/out cable and accessories)
Price:₹ 1,499₹ 5,715₹ 13,580


Corsair Harpoon RGB

Corsair Harpoon RGB is simply shaped and compact designed mouse made of plastic and weighs only 85 g with all essential but limited features. To add some fancy element, it also has a single RGB lighting zone and few buttons with one dedicated to adjusting the DPI level. Harpoon RGB is more for casual gamers & regular users. It supports Corsair’s own iCUE software to customize its programmable buttons. In the box of it, a user will get quick to start guide and mouse itself without any extra accessories which we will see in Glaive and NightSword later.

Harpoon RGB review-min

At first sight on Corsair compact Harpoon RGB one can easily draw that this mouse is meant only for right-handed users. Furthermore, the surface of the mouse or total size offers comparatively little space which means large-handed people will get some problem in handling.

On the sides to provide good grip rubber parts are attached while bottom uses Teflon for smooth gliding on the surface. Whereas the top is of regular but tough plastic material. To operate the two programmable buttons given on the left side, we can use tumb with little travel. The mouse has given a slightly angular shape to ensure easy accessibility of side keys. However, no buttons for the right flank.

In addition to the RGB lighting in the logo, the main focus of the design is at the front. The mouse wheel that turns out to be a little more conspicuous, placed between the sharped edge right-left click buttons which could accidentally cling to something & damage if you become boisterous while gaming. One step before the Wheel, a single DPI button is situated that helps to switch through five DPI levels; for DPI level indicator there is not extra LED, the logo’s lighting use for the same.

DPI and RGB Light harpoon

The Harpoon RGB mouse tail is a 1.8 m long USB cable with simple plastic-coat, unlike braided nylon which we will see in Galive and NightSword. Furthermore, no Velcro fastener on the cable.

USB Nylon Cable Corsair mouse-min

Corsair Glaive RGB

Corsair Glaive RGB falls in mid-range gaming mouse category with an ergonomic design which is the key selling point of this gaming mouse. It comes with two eye-catching accessories one is interchangeable thumb pads and 3 zones configurable RGB lighting.

Unlike the Harpoon compact body, the Corsair Glaive has large and bulky which makes it us to rest our whole palm on it, thus no problem for large-handed users at all but small-handed beware.

Corsair Glaive accessories-min

It sports six buttons, out of which three are on top (right-left click, mouse wheel, a button for changing DPI) and two placed on the left side. Design elements are not much different except the size and extra thumb pads.

Glaive RGB buttons-min

Corsair has equipped the Glaive with a total of three interchangeable thumb pieces. A non-rubberized flat, a rubberized slightly curved and a rubberized one with additional storage space for the thumb. The pieces can be easily connected to the mouse using a magnetic plug-in system and can be seamlessly attached to the body.

The largest piece of the thumb widens the mouse on the side is a good bit. Indeed it makes the mouse a bit chunky, however, it also depends on the personal taste of the user. The mouse weighs 122 grams without cables and accessories, making it one of the heavier representatives in the gaming category.

The configurable RGB lighting is one of the special features of the Corsair Glaive it has three zones, which you can be adjusted for different lighting effects.

One light is at the Corsair logo called Logo Zone, then there is a Light zone which situated in the form of thin stip over the left chunky buttons and at last the front zone under the mouse wheel area that frames the cable. You can choose from a total of five different lighting modes (rainbow, colour change, colour pulse, static colour and lighting combination) for all the zones.

Fronrt Corsair mouse-min
RGB Light Mouse-min

Furthermore, for DPI indicator rather a single LED, it has strip design with level indicators that really helpful, since, in the single one like M55 or Harpoon, it is really hard recognized on which DPI we are using just seeing the colour of the LED. However, at this price, I hope two DPI buttons would be there so we shouldn’t press a single button again and again if we missed the desired DPI level, want to set.


If we talk about the material used on it, so, of course, it is plastic but with a rubberized coating to provide better grip. In addition to the soft-touch coating on the back of the mouse, which implies a palm grip, there are also glossy and matt plastic and an aluminium element on the front. To give it more gliding and easy movement as compared to Harpoon or M55, the company has given big Teflon feet.

Glaive Teflon Bottom-min

For the primary buttons of both mice, Corsair uses Omron switches with a specified lifespan of 50 million clicks which is only 20 million in Harpoon.

The USB cable is covered with fabric and is, therefore, more durable along with the facility of velcro fastening strap.

Corsair Nightsword RGB

Well, Well, Well! If you really have money and want a mouse with high DPI 18000 although which doesn’t make much sense, will tell you later why; 8 customizable keys, multiple RGB LED lights with the elegant design then Nightsword RGB is the contender. In terms of shape, design and function, this mouse differs significantly from the other two models mentioned above, but why? Because price does matter my friend.

Corsair Nightsword RGB clearly shaped to use in the right-handed users with an extra-wide thumb rest. Just like the Glaive, it is also a Palm Grip mouse meant mainly to target FPS and MOBA players in particular.

Thumbrest Nightsword-min

The unprecedented thing in this gaming mouse is its bottom design with a section to adjust the weight of it. Yes, you heard right. NightSword packed with three 2.8g and 4.5 g weights that can be inserted into the hollow opening secured with a plastic cover below the mouse module. It can increase the weight from 119 to up to 141 g with over 120 possible combinations to adjust the weight as per gaming necessity. We can use iCUE software’s Weight Tunning option to see the combination of weights and centre of mass position.

weight bids of corsair
Trough of mouse-min
Nightswrod weight management

However, we can use the mouse without weights, in case we want a lightweight. Still, the company should go for some more robust solution at this price rather be using bits.

The thing which I have complained above while discussing the Glaive DPI button has been compensated here but at a higher price, of course. It is dual DPI button to increase or decrease DPI levels, situated near the thumb upper portion.

Logo area and Thumb rest portion adorn an asterisk pattern rubber layer for high grip and aesthetic value.

Left View of lights-min
4 RGB zone nightsword of Corsair

The four RGB lighting zones cover almost all mouse sides. It can be easily seen on the backside, on Logo, front side and on three status LEDs indicator on the left sides. The Status LED meant to shows which profile or DPI level is activated.

NightSword RGB lights
DPI LED nightsword 1-min
DPI LED nightsword 2-min
DPI LED nightsword 3-min

Apart from the seven-button on top including the wheel one, the thumb area has three more to operate. The upper forward and backward buttons need a slight travelling but the front Sniper one is very easy to access and will prove a great boon in shooting games.

Durable Omron switches for over 50 million clicks are located under the two main buttons.

Just like Glaive, ti also has a firmly attached textile covered and equipped with a practical Velcro fastener 1.8 m cable, USB end is not gold plated like M55.

Overall, the design is indeed premium plus comfortable and why not be after all we have to shell out a good amount for it.