XPG Battleground XL Prime RGB Gaming Mouse pad Review

XPG battleground XL prime gaming mouse pad (review) offers RGB lights with water resistance property and good grip.

When we think about Mousepads, what comes to mind? A small piece of rubber or fabric pad to make sure our mouse sensors work perfectly. However, that’s a way old concept. In today’s, wold when everything is getting digitally enhanced then why not the clunky mouse pads. And that is something XPG has thought, that’s why apart from other gaming peripherals and accessories, they also provide fashionable gaming mouse pads with RGB lights, known as XPG Battleground XL Prime.

The USP of the XPG Mouse pad is its extra-large size with a smooth, scratch-free, and water-resistance surface. In this, article we will talk about its design, features, and how it will enhance the overall look of your gaming PC setup.


Material: CORDURA fabric, rubber bottom  surface
Dimensions: 900 x 420 x 4 mm
Product Colour: Black with red logos
Light effect:  Dual-color LED- 2 zone
Connection: Micro USB
Cable length: 1.8 m
Voltage: 5 volts
Warranty : 2 years

XPG battleground XL prime gaming mouse pad box

XPG Mouse Pad box

XPG battleground XL prime gaming mouse pad comes in a long box, at first glance, we can’t think that it has a mouse pad, if you tell someone this he might be baffled for a few seconds. Like any other XPG product, the box of it also dons black and red color branding. The front side gives us a clear picture of the product while the other sides tell us about its features.

As we unbox it, we will see the pad rolled up around solid cylindrical cardboard to protects very well against possible transport damage. The rest is usual, a pad with approx. 1.8-meter long cable as shown in the product image on the box.

Design & RGB LED

Well, design-wise it is not only a mouse pad but can hold a keyboard because of its large size. It is quite simple as it should be; XPG Battleground XL Prime comes completely in black color, the left side bears a half design of the “XPG” logo.

Logo XPG on Mouse Pad min

The size of the whole pad is 90 x 42  cm, which is really big, my mouse and full keys mechanical keyboard both were on the pad and still, there was ample space around them.

The company has used CORDURA fabric which can be seen by its logo given below the LED housing.

Cordura fabric mouse pad

The underside of the pad has a rubber surface which makes the pad non-slippery and of course, that is must, especially for a gamer. Whereas the top side which holds CORDURA fabric is robust, water repellent, and accidentally abrasion-resistant.

XPG Battleground Prime XL keyboard and mouse pad

At the top left side, we will see a square plastic connecter for the USB cable that also holds the LED lights. Basically, that is the only place that actually has the LED and to disperse its lights all around the mouse pad, XPG has given a soft plastic transparent pipe or strip stitched with mouse pad using a plastic thread. Thus, it creates a strong light effect around the Pad.

 XPG battleground XL mouse pad Plastic LED strip min XPG battleground XL prime gaming mouse pad Mouse and Keyboard with LED LIGHTS min

To give two different colors LED light effects, the LED housing can produce separate color tints for the left and right sides to give a unique color blend on the XPG Battleground prime XL mouse pad. However, as the mouse pad only offers two lightning zones thus we can only use the pre-configured RGB colors such as red, purple, white, blue, light blue, green, and yellow that can be changed using the inbuilt push control button given on the mouse pad.

LED light two Color Pink

The same button can also turn off the lights completely by holding it for 3 seconds, however, we could not turn it ON using the control button. Thus, for that, we had to remove the USB cable and connect it again. As it has two LED zones, the controller can set individual colors on both of them or use both zones at the same time with the same color, a default configuration.  If you only want to change one of the two zones, you quickly press the control button twice. A short blinking of one of the sides will show the active side selection so that you can change the colors separately or for both sides.

Therefore, as per your taste, you can achieve nice color gradients through the additive light mixture.

IMG 20210102 202650 min XPG battleground XL prime gaming mouse pad LED connector min

XPG Battle ground Prime XL mouse pad Quick Guide

A long USB cable comes along with the Pad is 1.8 meters long and nylon braided to not only protect from damages but also to ensure proper cable management even on larger desks.

USB cable min


XPG battleground XL prime pad Performance

The large fabric surface of the XPG Battleground Prime XL is suitable for all kinds of mice, whether it is wireless, wired, or optical/laser sensor mouse. We tried Dell optical and XPG & Corsair laser sensor mice on it, all of them worked perfectly and of course, they will because when on the normal wooden surface most of the mice work well then it is fabric crafted especially for mice. Thus, that part is out of the question.

We also spilled some water on the pad, and that was too gliding on it, haha. Yes, jokes apart after putting some water, the pad didn’t absorb it and we were able to remove it without wetting the mouse pad. Thus, its water repellent property also makes its cleaning much easier.

As I mentioned earlier, the LEDs are only two sides of its housing thus, its brightness is, of course, strongest at the exit point, however, it is yet enough bright to fairly illuminating the complete plastic strip given around the pad up to the point of contact of both light beams.

The thing which was really absurd is the holding control button for three seconds can turn off the RGB light but can’t turn on it again and for that, you have to unplug the cable and plug it again.

Another thing that should be there is the ability to produce different running effects such as rainbow, spiral, color shift, ripple, wave, etc. along with PC software to easily customize them like most of the Corsair products come with. However, that is not possible here due to two LED zones only.

Overall, the extra-large size, high-quality fabric material, RGB lights, water-resistant are in favor of the XPG Gaming mouse pad and if we go against it, then no software support to customize LED and no ‘Turn ON’ facility using the control button.  However, at this price, it is a good deal.

XPG battleground XL prime gaming mouse pad price: ₹ 4,190 (amazon)


  • Large size
  • Nice RGB lighting with breathing effect
  • Good fabric
  • Water resistance
  • Good grip
  • Smooth surface
  • 2 years warranty


  • No software support to customize LED


XPG Battleground Prime XL mouse pad review ratings ₹ 4,190
  • 9/10
    Design - 9/10
  • 7/10
    RGB lights - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Quality - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Performance - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Value for money - 8/10


XPG Battleground mouse pad with the extra-large size, high-quality fabric material, RGB lights, and water-resistant at a reasonable price is a nice option to make the gaming setup more futuristic and attractive.

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