Vivo V5 Plus Review: A Dual Selfie Moonlight Camera Smartphone

Vivo V5 Plus a perfect selfie camera smartphone with 20MP + 8MP front camera. It is the world’s first smartphone with the dual front camera lens. In the year of 2016 most of the companies taking forward the primary camera of the smartphone by using the dual camera lens configuration at the rear side. The honor 8, LG G5, iPhone, Coolpad cool 1 are some examples of the dual rear camera but Vivo is completely laying around the front selfie camera where nobody is focusing so much. After the launch of Vivo V5 which was also a selfie-centric smartphone, the Vivo has come up with an enhanced version of Vivo V5 called Vivo V5 plus. The Vivo V5Plus comes at the price of 27,980 and gives direct competition to OnePlus 3. However, in the offline market, it would be difficult for OnePlus 3 to beat the Vivo V5 plus. Let see the review of  Vivo V5 Plus to find out how good is the dual selfie camera.

Vivo V5 Plus (model no. 1611) Review in detail

What you get in the Vivo V5 Plus box

The Vivo V5 Plus comes in two colors: Gold and Gray. After unboxing the Vivo V5 Plus, the things you are going to get in the box are as follow:

  • Vivo V5 smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Charger (5V-1A) (fast charging enabled)
  • Micro USB cable
  • SIM ejector tool
  • Tempered protector
  • Silicon back cover or clear protective case
  • Quickstart Guide and warranty information

Vivo V5 Full Detailed Specifications

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Vivo V5 Plus review of body and design

The design of Vivo V5 Plus gives some mix texture of iPhone 6 both design and software wise. We got the rose gold version of V5 plus for review. In terms of build quality, the phone has complete matte finish metal back that not only gives a premium look but also provide good grip. The camera is placed at the top left side just like iPhone 6 along single color LED flashlight. The chrome finished VIVO logo is embossed at the back to give the VIVO’s branding. The unibody design along the curved edges looks awesome. Light wide rose color antenna band strips are running on the top and bottom edges give a unique look to the V5 Plus. The Vivo V5 and Vivo V5 Plus design is almost similar except the back strips of V5 plus.

Vivo V5plus back

The front side of the phone is also similar to Vivo V5 except two front cameras at the top. The two-front camera placed at the left side of the ear speaker while the right side is used for sensor and Moonlight flash. The navigation area is comprised by a pressable home button flanked between two backlit capacitive touchscreen button.

Vivo V5Plus Front camera

The bottom space of the phone is ergonomically used for speaker grills, micros USB 2.0, 3.5mm headphone and mic. While the top space blank and clear. The phone supports Dual Nano 4G LTE SIM that uses the left side of the V5plus and about the volume rockers and power on/off button, they are on the right side.

Vivo V5 Plus USB speaker

Vivo V5plus side

Comparison between Vivo V5Plus and Vivo V5


Vivo V5 Plus Review of Display:

Vivo V5Plus has 5.5 Full HD IPS display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Also for extra protection, Vivo V5Plus also has a tempered glass in the box.  The colors produce by the display are very vibrant and bright. The color saturation is almost like AMOLED panel. The viewing angles are also good and one can easily read the text at 70 degrees. However, the reflection of display glass make it reflective and it struggles a little bit in the bright sunlight or outdoor. It also has an eye protection mode which can be used to filter the blue light of the display and give a yellowish tint to save you’re eyes from fatigues.

The Display of V5Plus also has an Ambient light sensor which awakes the display when you wave your hand over it. When you wave your hand over the display, it shows the time and notifications.

Vivo V5Plus  review of camera: A Dual camera with Moonlight flash

Vivo V5Plus is known for its selfie camera configuration. It has the Dual setup of 20Mp+8Mp front camera that can capture images at 1080P. The both V5 and V5Plus have been promoting by the Vivo as a perfect selfie smartphone. The 20MP +8MP both aperture size is f/2.0 along intelligent Moonlight glow flash.  It has Face Beauty option which is better than previous Vivo V5 to reduce the spots, color tone and make the face slimmer. The selfies captured by us by its camera were amazing but slightly missing of natural colors. The one effect which we liked in its front camera is BOKEH effect. The BOKEH effect can digitally blur your selfie background to give it more professional look. The moonlight flash comes with an automatic option that means it light up when it sense the low light environment. Also, the flash didn’t leave any burnout effect or unnatural color effect on the face.  The selfies it captures in daylight gives good detailing but in the low light, the images are grainy. Whatever, still Vivo V5Plus is the best smartphone for selfies and if someone wants a selfie camera then Vivo V5 can be the first choice.


About the rear 16MP rear camera with flash is also proved handy to capture day to day images. The phase detection autofocus feature really did a great job while capturing some moving object. The Vivo V5 has 13Mp and Vivo V5Plus has 16MP but this upgrade is just on paper, the real life images said something different. The images captured by the rear camera in daylight are good with accurate color reproduction but lack in detailing and the low light images are too much noise. The OnePlus 3 rear 16MP camera in the same price can perform far better than the Vivo V5Plus. We didn’t find any shutter lag. The V5Plus camera app has different option or modes such as Panorama, HDR, Face Beauty, Night, Motion Track, Gender Detection, Filter, Watermark, standard dual camera, HD dual camera, mirrored selfie, BOKEH and more.

Vivo Rear camera images samples

Vivo V5Plus software:  Funtouch 3.0 gives a fell of iOS

Vivo V5Plus runs on FunTouch 3.0 on the top of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and possess some features like iOS such as such as lower panel swipe for shortcuts options, no app drawer, and spotlight search. There is a theme in its theme center which exactly look like iPhone 7’s interface even the icons and recent apps windows.  But in spite this high customization the phone OS still runs smoothly and doesn’t feel clutter. Vivo has introduced a spilt-screen feature in its V3Max phone and till now it available in its all latest phones, also on V5Plus. This feature split the screen into two parts and allow to use two different apps simultaneously such chatting on WhatsApp while watching the video. Preloaded apps on the Vivo V5Plus are Easy Share, Facebook, WhatsApp, and the entire Google suite of apps.

You can see the video to get an idea about its software.

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Vivo V5 Plus Performance: Decent performer, good for day to day usage

Under the beautiful shell, the Vivo V5Plus use the  2.0 GHz octa-core Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 processor along with 4GB RAM for multitasking. The internal storage comes with the device is unexpandable 64GB. The same configuration was introduced by the Xiaomi in Redmi Note 4 at a low price and really it is good and optimized setup.

About the phone performance, the phone is quite snappy until you are not going to intensive multitasking. We tested this device opening 20 apps in the background, the switching and running of all the apps were smooth. This you can enjoy the phone without any hassle. We also played some high graphics games such as Mortal combat and Asphalt 8 while running some apps in the background like YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and chrome, it works without any issue.  Although,  the performance of a device such as switching between apps is not snappy as OnePlus 3.

The fingerprint sensor is awesome, can unlock the phone in 0.2 seconds.  Moreover, the fingerprint is placed at the front which is much convenient to use as compared to fingerprint sensor at the backside of the phone. For better sound quality in a headphone, it has AK4376 dedicated Hi-Fi audio chip giving a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 115d. Also, the Loudspeaker is enough to clear and loud to enjoy any genre of music. The call quality and reception of the phone is much better than OnePlus and remains consistent throughout our usage.

Vivo V5 Battery: Easily last long more than a day

Vivo V5 Plus packed with a 3055Ah battery and works very well with the processor to churn out the whole day back. If you are normal user means just some calls, 3G or 4G, normal surfing and music then it would give you more than a day easily. In our video loop test, we played 1080p video with full volume and brightness and manage to get 6 hours and 20 minutes back up. Vivo V5Plus also delivers the fast charging technology called Dual-engine quick Charging, but it still takes almost 1 hours 40 hours to fully charge the device.


Vivo V5 Plus VS Oneplus 3, Which is worth to buy at Rs 28,000

Vivo V5plus front camera is main USP of the phone as it has dual camera configuration 20Mp+8Mp. V5Plus is built and optimized to capture the best selfies as it provides 1080p resolutions to your pictures along different effects such BOKEH. Yes, now you can create BOKEH effect to your pictures manually to a professional look. Apart from BOKEH it also support HDR, video capturing 1080p,720p and 480p at 30fps. The front camera has an intelligent moonlight flash that produces natural light automatically in the low light conditions.

One plus 3 is the most popular phone of 2016 both specs, performance, and design. It has snapdragon 825 CPU along 6Gb RAM to give best multitasking performance. The dimensions of the Oneplus 3 is almost similar to the Vivo V5 but still it design appears much sleeker and beautiful than Vivo V5plus. Also, the Oneplus has the latest Android 7.0 Nougat to run while V5Plus still works on Android Marshmallow 6.0.

If you talk about the UI, then both the phones has best UI in its own class. The Oneplus Oxygen UI is smooth and gives more stock android feeling while the Vivo V5Plus Funtouch OS is more inspired by iPhone and give some iPhone-like features in its interface.

Which is Worth To Buy Vivo V5Plus or Oneplus 3?

Both the phones have its own Uniqueness. Like if you are a selfie freak and want a selfie-centric smartphone then Vivo V5Plus is for you. But if go performance wise that means latest CPU and ample amount of RAM then the OnePlus 3 is for you. Also if you ready to spend some few thousand bucks more than OnePlus 3T is the full package, it has 16MP rear and front camera, that means it can full fill your selfie as well as performance demand in one package.

However the OnePlus is still selling their phones only online whereas Vivo is available both online and offline, it is also the one reason, Vivo can take over the OnePlus because apart from metro cities people in India still prefer to buy a smartphone offline. Also, the service of Vivo is far better from OnePlus as it is available in almost every part of India.

Now, I am leaving what you want if want good service and service you can go for Vivo while for higher performance lovers the OnePlus 3 is out there.

Vivo V5Plus Pros: Dual front camera, moonlight front flash, quick fingerprint scanner, good speakers

Vivo V5Plus Cons: Tad high in price



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