5 ways to keep your smartphone battery safe from overheating

Incidents of smartphone blast used to leave us out of the blue till a few years ago. But with the introduction of smartphones with bigger batteries, such incidents do not occur once in a blue moon. Just like the unfortunate incident that happened with the Cradle CEO Nazrin Hassan. Though things are yet to be proved, why wait when some basic tips can keep your smartphone battery safe and healthy. Not only that, but you can also make your battery and the handset run buttery smooth with the tips.

The main cause behind smartphone battery blats is overheating. Thus, keeping your handset and the battery cool while charging or doing something things can keep away any possible chances of an explosion. Most people believe using the phone while charging explode. That is kind of true, but not always. So here I will be discussing some basic ways to prevent your smartphone and the battery from getting overheated and eventually keep yourself and the battery on the safer side. Let me bust a myth before getting started with some basic tips to keep your battery safe.

tips to make your battery safe from over heat

All the smartphones and the chargers nowadays come with overcharge protection, which means, you don’t have to worry about any issues related to overcharging your battery. Your device will automatically stop drawing current from the source once it reaches 100%. But still, it is good to play safe…

So now let’s get started with the basic tips.

Always use genuine charges

It is something quite rudimentary. You should always use the genuine charger with your smartphone. Using a genuine charger will not only keep your smartphone safe, but it will also increase the life of your battery. In case you have lost your genuine charger, which came out of the box, you can always use a different. But while using a different charger, you should ensure that the charger you are using comes from a reputed brand and manufacturer.

I will recommend you to not purchase charges from the local market, which are available for a few pennies. They do not come with proper over-charging protection and different other necessary circuitry to keep your smartphone and the safe in the long run.

Use the genuine batteries

Now that is also quite important. Most smartphones nowadays come with non-removable batteries. It means, you cannot change the battery of your smartphone yourself and you need to take it to an authorized service center for battery replacement. Most users, for the purpose of cost-cutting, take the smartphone to the local mobile repair shop, where non-genuine batteries are used. Bundling such batteries with your smartphone is pretty dangerous and can damage your smartphone if not explodes.

I will recommend you get your smartphone battery replaced from an authorized service center for maximum peace of mine. It might charge you quite a bit of money, but it will keep you and your battery safe in the long run.

Use genuine cables

Most users might think it is not important. But it is quite fundamental to choose the appropriate cable to charge your device. Most local cables available in the local market for a few pennies are not equipped to carry a lot current necessary to fast-charge or simply charge your battery. In such cases, your smartphone might charge slow, and can even lead to a fired the cable in the worst case. Using a fried cable is also quite harmful to your battery.

Most cables from the local market might look like it is original. So better go to a proper store and go for a charging cable with which has some genuine specifications written on it. If you want to use the same cable that was provided with your smartphone, you can get one from your device’s authorized service center.

Charge your device in a cool place

Allow your smartphone to take some breath. No, it is not a living thing I know. But try keeping your smartphone as cool as you can when it is on charge. Avoid keeping your smartphone under the pillow, carpet or any other similar substance when it is on charge. The smartphones charging circuit comes with a provision to automatically reduce the charging speed when it crosses a certain temperature. Thus, overheating your battery while charging will reduce the charging speed and battery life, if not fry your phone beyond recovery.

I know how beautiful those Hello Kitty covers look on your smartphone! But just think how bad it will look when it gets burnt. Better remove the back cover while your phone is on a charge, or when you are using it for some heavy tasks in a hot place.

Avoid charging under direct sunlight

Charging your smartphone makes it hot. Doing the same thing under sunlight can make it even hotter. Try to keep your device in a cool place while charging. Keeping it under direct sunlight can even affect the charging performance, irrespective of the presence of fast-charging feature on your device. It will eventually affect your battery in the long run.

I will also recommend you to keep away from doing any heavy tasks or play games when it is under direct sunlight. It also causes heating of mobile phones. It will also have drastic negative impacts on your battery if done regularly and continuously.

Now those are the ways you can keep your smartphone battery safe. I am not telling, your battery will blast on not following the tips. But it is stupid to take a risk. Try your best to charge your battery and use the smartphone with the given tips. It will also be helpful in maintaining a long life of your device battery.

We might see a brighter future

The future generation can see solid electrolyte in batteries. The smartphone manufacturers nowadays use Lithium-ion or Li-ion batteries, which are prone to explosion. But using solid electrolytes can keep away chances of any explosion and reduce the charging time, which can be good for the users. There isn’t any surety about when such kind of batteries will be available in the market, but such batteries are likely to come.

Hope the information provided in the article was helpful to you. Do you know any other way to keep your smartphone battery safe? Help me and others by commenting it down below.

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