All you should know before setting out to become a Cloud Architect

The demand for jobs of technology areas are increasing tremendously, but the number of aspirants who dream to grab one of them is increasing at an exponential rate. We all know that there is an ocean of opportunities in the field of technology but you just choose your path correctly and after proper scrutiny of the same so that you can successfully land your dream job and more importantly maintain and excel in it after you have joined. So today I will discuss with you almost everything related to the job profile of cloud architect, and if are willing to make a career in it then you must go through this article once. Now without any further delay let me quickly start this discussion.

Educational Requirements

  • A bachelor degree in Computer science, B-Tech in Computer science or IT, BE in Computer Science or IT, or any other relevant degree.
  • An over 3 years of experience in designing, supporting, and executing IT cloud solutions would be of big advantage.

Now, as we have known about the educational qualifications that one must have in order to get into this industry. So let us know in detail about the job profile:

All you should know before setting out to become a Cloud Architect-min

Job Profile 

Once you become a cloud architect, then you will be responsible for the proper management of the architecture of the cloud computing of your organisation. And your role will become more and more pivotal as cloud technologies only go on to become more complex with time. Almost everything involved in cloud computing, including the platforms, all the servers, memory storages, delivery platforms and lastly the networks which are required to manage the cloud storage is dependent on cloud architects.

So, these are some of the basic roles which you will have to play apart from another huge set of work, let me tell you about your responsibilities which you will be having:

  • The cloud adoption requires occasional and frequent changes and you are the one who would lead the path for the same.
  • The development and coordination of the cloud architecture lie in your hands.
  • You will have to implement a proper cloud strategy and a proper plan for carrying out that strategy effectively.

The above-mentioned responsibilities are the three most important responsibilities for a Cloud architect. Though there are plenty of other also, these three were of prime importance for you. Now let me highlight the other responsibilities also:

  • You have to find the right talent with the necessary skills.
  • The proper maintenance of applications, software and hardware is your another crucial duty.
  • A cloud broker team should be wisely chosen and then lead by you.
  • The most effective practices for the cloud should be established and managed by you.
  • The third-party services for cloud providers should be scrutinised by you and then finally selected.
  • You should reduce the risk by managing your team very carefully.
  • You must work very closely with the IT security team and maintain privacy and also develop proper defence mechanisms for the same.
  • The budget should be managed by you and you should also come up with proper plans to cut down the costs.
  • You should operate at scale.

I hope as of now you must have understood the job profile of your dream job and now let us discuss the different skill sets which are required for the same.

Skills Sets

If you possess the relevant educational requirements, then the next criteria for you is to master the following skills, and you should master them all with your full concentration and you should also enjoy all these stuff, I am saying so because these are the things with which you would be earning your daily bread and butter and also they are going to scale your future and career ahead so make sure you enjoy and can perform all your duties with full mind and soul and you don’t perform them just for the sake of doing as it may land you in serious trouble both mentally and physically, therefore now let me highlight the important skill sets that you need to master:

  • A good understanding of the IT industry, and its different trends and environment.
  • Effective and good leadership qualities.
  • Good handwriting and good writing skills.
  • Very good communication skills.
  • Qualities to influence people and win them by your confidence.
  • A very positive attitude.
  • In-depth knowledge of various programming languages and you should also be able to understand different new programming languages.
  • You should be able to design and make cloud infrastructure, platforms and applications.

These are the important skill sets which must be possessed by you, I know that no one is born with them but you will have to understand them and then master them and believe me it would be very beneficial for you and your career once you enter this industry and if you happen to Ignore them, then you will land in serious trouble after you have become a professional.

Now, though these skill sets are enough for you to start your journey and active success, there are a few more skills and if you also have them then you can surely add more fuel to the fire once you enter this industry. These skills are as follows:

  • A proper understanding of different types of comes IT ecosystems besides cloud architecture.
  • In-depth knowledge of the particular industry to which the employer belongs.
  • Various certification and some practical experience in the related field apart from the graduation degree in the relevant fields.

So, if you possess these skills as well, then you are all set to kick start your career with a bang. The salary offered to the cloud architect varies and is mostly very good. And as well as the scope and further of this industry lie, then in simple words, I can say that the evergreen and ever-expanding technology is only going to expand further and further, and so are all its subcategories and parts. A cloud architect plays a very crucial and important role in any organisations we have already discussed earlier in our article, so you can remain assured that you will be in very good demand and never run out of your bread and butter till your last breath. 

To conclude, I can say that if you possess the necessary educational qualifications and most importantly you feel that you can carry out this job properly and have all that it takes then you can surely make out a career in this industry without even thinking twice. Thus, this was all for this article, I hope it was useful for you and also I wish you the very best for your career.

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