What is the job profile of a Database Administrator and its future scope?

Technology has almost covered every field as nothing remains untouched by it, as a result, every now and often many new applications of the technology are being made or the existing ones are being modified for good. So a large number of enthusiastic and hardworking professionals are required by this field to develop it and manage everything properly. Database Administrator(DBA) is just one of the thousands of career options of the ever-expanding technology.

However, this field is not that small and plays a very important role in its own and also has a very bright and charming scope. No doubt India has become one of the major IT and technology industry and more and more firms are coming here for the same and a large number of Indians are employed in this industry earning bread and butter for themselves as well as their families and a very huge number of budding candidates also dream to join it.

What is the job profile of a Database Administrator

So, today I am going to explain about the DBA job profile and its scope in India.

What does a DBA do?

A DBA has a very important set of duties to perform in the organisation. Let me explain you in brief:

  • To download and modify the server containing the database and other relevant applications.
  • To effectively and accurately place the database applications in the system storage.
  • Update the structure of the database as per the instructions received from the application developers.
  • Admission of new users and managing security of the system.
  • Having a sharp eye over the users accessing the database.
  • Constantly managing and improving the performance of the database.
  • Full and secure backup of the database information for quick recovery.
  • Storing the archived data safely.
  • Maintaining technical support and frequently contacting the vendor for the same.
  • Generating database reports as per requirements from time to time.
  • Acting as a medium of contact between the organisation and users.

So, these are the various duties performed by DBAs and as of now you should have understood how important his role is for the company as well as the customers. 

Skill-sets required

Therefore a DBA must have in-depth knowledge of database queries, database design, and database theory. The knowledge in these three fields are a must-have for anyone willing to have a career in this field and you must constantly practise and improve yourself as much as possible. You should also know about the basics of routine maintenance, handling, and recovery of the database. The understanding of networks and maintenance of storage are also important for you to remember.

Apart from all these, you should also know the Structured Query Language (SQL), Transact-SQL, Microsoft SQL server, distributed computing architectures, etc. Last but not least, you should be very familiar with an operating system like – Windows, Linux, and so on. As far as your educational requirement is concerned, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is a must, but one can also start with a relevant degree or certificate along with some working experience. 

Work environment

The work environment of DBAs are good and you get to work with some of the amazing people and learn a lot. It is typically a 9 to 5 job but it has the flexibility of working right from your home in some of the companies which are indeed an awesome advantage which you may generally not find in most of the jobs.

You should be a computer person, no you do not need to be a computer geek, but you must be familiar with everything about it and you should be able to type very fast, yes that is very important for you to excel in this field and also meet your deadlines in time. And also you are the person who has to contact and deal with almost everyone, right from the coders, to the technical support team, to the higher officials and also the customers, so you must have good and vibrant communication skills.

Therefore, this is the work environment and if you possess the above-mentioned skills, then you are just going to enjoy every moment of your work.


If you are just about to make your career in this field then you should keep in mind the following things. You will get to work as an assistant or a kind of helper. You will have to help managers and become familiar with the industry and its working. During this period, you need to understand everything in detail and have a careful observation of each and every stuff that is going on around you so that you can carry out all such stuff with ease in the future.

Career options

There a number of options from which you can choose from. You can join retail companies and manage information related to the credit cards and shipments of buyers and also manage many more things related to it.

You can also join health care institutes and maintain patients health records, prepare reports and a lot of related work. Internet and e-commerce is another example where you can go to earn your bread and butter.

Cybersecurity gives you another option as it also welcomes DBAs like you with open arms. You can also join the hot and favourite IT industry and a lot of more areas. So, as you can read, there are many options available for you to join.

Future scope of DBA

Well, we need to understand this very clearly. The database environment is something which is not static and it changes frequently and so does the role of DBA. In almost every organisation, it is very true that DBAs have to bear a lot of pressure for making the necessary changes in technology and generating positive results. And as the competition is rising in today’s world, so are the work and responsibilities of every professional out there. So if you have a dream to be a successful DBA, so you must be prepared for all that lays in front of you.

You will have to face a lot of pressure to meet up with the expectations of the organisation, you should be able to compete with the targets within the deadline. It could be maintaining different performance processes, as well as having in-depth knowledge of different tools, data models, etc. You must also be well versed with different technologies, so when one new technology comes up, then you should be able to understand it properly and give out good yields to the company.

With all that, you definitely have a very bright scope and future in this industry and you are surely going to be very successful in this field.


Thus, we have clearly understood about the job profile, educational requirements, career options, growth, and future aspects of this field. If you are willing to make a career in this field, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Just go through this article and then choose the right path for you. So, this was all for this article, I hope you people find it useful.

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