Top 5 Android smartphones with great battery under a budget of Rs. 20,000, for different users

With more smartphones coming to the market, most users complain about inadequate battery life, as most batteries cannot power up high-end smartphones with powerful SoCs, and bright screens, for a long time. With the aid of technology, smartphones came a long way, but smartphone batteries failed to synchronize with the powerful handsets. It reminds me of the Nokia 3310 era when people used to charge their phones, hardly once in every week. Most smartphone users nowadays carry a power bank, lest the smartphone dies for lack of battery while going to their office, or at the time of having an important conversation.

Most users don’t even know how to preserve the battery for their smartphones, for a long time, which eventually decrease the battery life. Some even do some stupid activities, like closing down background tasks, from time to time, which eventually is a reason behind low battery life on most smartphones nowadays. Here, I will recommend some smartphones, which you can go for if battery life for your smartphone is your first priority. Depending upon your other requirements, you can choose the most appropriate smartphone, to do your favorite task, without any tension of low battery.

Top 5 Android smartphones with great battery under a budget of Rs. 20,000


Lenovo P2 (5100 mAh battery)

Lenovo P2 (5100 mAh) long battery android smartphone

For the multi-taskers out there, who are looking for a decent SoC, Lenovo P2, the successor of Lenovo Vibe P1, can be the best one for them. The product comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC, with 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera, and the camera performs great, making the device a perfect package under Rs. 18,000. As far as the display is concerned, it comes with a 5-inch screen, and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with a Super AMOLED display, for the best visual experience. Fast charging is also available on this device to charge your device fast, and use it for a complete day, even under huge load.

Great for: Multi-tasking, playing high-end games, photography, enjoying videos in high quality.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (4100 mAh battery)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Grey and black

If you are not having a very high budget for your smartphone, but is looking for a good device for multitasking, and that too with a great battery life, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is the best product you can go for, at around Rs. 10,000. If you are also looking for a decent camera, the Redmi Note 4 comes with a 13 MP rear facing the camera, which is capable of taking great shots, even under low light, and a 5 MP front facing the camera.

The following handset also comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and has support for fast charging. The handset also has a 1920×1080 pixels IPS LCD display, which is pretty good, though I personally love AMOLED displays. The only problem is, the fast charging adapter doesn’t come with the package, and you need to purchase it. However, the Redmi Note 5 and  Redmi Note 5 Pro are also but they are with 4000 mAh battery.

Great for: Multi-tasking, playing high-end games, low light photography.



Asus Zenfone Max (5000 mAh battery)

Asus Zenfone Max (5000 mAh) battery android phone

If the only thing you want from your handset is a battery, Asus Zenfone Max is the perfect product for you, which is available at a price, less than Rs. 8,000. It comes with 2 GB RAM, and a 16 GB internal storage, which is pretty good at the price range.

The Snapdragon 410 is not the highlighting point of this device, as it is an entry level SoC. Though, a number of other great handsets are available at this price range, from other manufacturers, I will recommend this product, if you want a very good battery, along with fast charging, which is hardly present on other handsets at this price. Due to the low-end specs, you can use this handset for more than one day, even with more than average load.

Great for: Standard multi-tasking, capturing quality photographs, everyday use.




Moto E4 Plus (5000 mAh battery)

Moto E4 Plus (5000 mAh)

Motorola has solutions for almost all kinds of users out there. Now, if you are looking for a handset, with decent performance, the Moto E4 Plus can be the best package, you can go for, at less than Rs. 9,000. Though the device is powered by a not so good Mediatek MT6737 processor, clocked at 1.3 GHz, it comes with a 3 GB RAM for good multi-tasking with some simple apps.

You can either go for the 16 GB variant or the 32 GB variant. The handset also has a 13 MP primary camera, which is pretty good for low light photography, and a 5 MP secondary camera for taking selfies. If you want a bloatware free experience, I will recommend Moto E4 Plus, even if it is powered by a MediaTek SoC.

Great for: Multi-tasking, good photography, everyday use.



Lenovo K6 Power (4100 mAh battery)

Lenovo K6 Power 4000mah battery phone

Not all the smartphones have a great performance, and it is not possible to include everything within a small price tag. In the same way, if you are looking for a smartphone with great battery backup, and great sound, Lenovo K6 Power is the best product, which you should go for.

It comes with Dolby Atmos surround sound, which takes the audio quality of the handset to a different level. Apart from that, the handset comes with a bundle of Snapdragon 430 processor and 3 GB RAM to handle multitasking pretty good. Though the camera is not the highlighting point of this smartphone, if you are willing to take some casual shots, Lenovo K6 Power will not disappoint you. The only disappointing factor about this smartphone is, fast charging is not available. If you do not need that, at a price range of less than Rs. 9,000 you can go for this product.

Great for: Sound enthusiasts, multi-tasking, decent photography, everyday use.



Not every smartphone is perfect. With higher price range, you might get more features, but the expectations also rise. But, if you are looking for smartphones under a budget of Rs. 20,000, where you can get a great battery life, you can go for any of the handsets, given above. You should go for the product, which will fulfill your requirements in a perfect way. You can also find a number of other smartphones under the budget of Rs. 20,000 offering great battery, they are not that special, and thus, I kept them out of the list.

If you have a great smartphone under the budget of Rs. 20,000, having a great battery, don’t forget to comment it down below.