7 Best Budget Friendly Android Smartphone for high-end gaming

Smartphones are the best friends of most of us and there is no doubt about that. But, each and every one of us has a different set of priorities when it comes to buying a smartphone. So, today I am going to highlight some of the best budget-friendly smartphones which you can purchase to fulfill your gaming desires.

Top Android Smartphones for High-end Gaming in 2020

If you happen to be a gaming geek and at the same time, you cannot spend a huge amount on expensive flagship models, then you can definitely look forward to purchasing them. Without any further delay, let me start this article now.

RealMe X

It boasts of a 6.6-inches full HD screen display for you and comes with some of the best in class viewing angles, and believe me you will be impressed by it. Furthermore, the in-built on-screen fingerprint sensor not only protects your device but also increases its style and looks.

It is powered by a 710 octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon processor which is clocked at 2.2 GHz speed. This powerful processor along with gigantic 8 GB RAM transforms this beauty into a powerhouse and it eats up almost everything that you throw at it. You can multitask and browse between heavy apps like a child’s play.


When it comes to gaming, you can play almost each and every game on it, and you will not be disappointed by your experience. You can enjoy your favorite games at medium to heavy graphic settings without many issues and the overall performance is just praiseworthy.

Moreover, you can also wake up the dormant photographer inside you as it features a strong dual arrangement of 48 MP + 5 MP rear camera and a 16 MP selfie camera and they click amazing shots for you. The 128 GB in-built storage lets you keep all your files without any worries. Last but not least, the 3765 mAh battery manages to last a whole day and the fast charging technology is always there for your aid.


It features a 6.4-inches full HD display and the viewing angles are also awesome and you will like it. The looks and design will be the first things to attract you and it has got amazing looks and you can proudly flaunt it. The P70 processor along with the massive 8 GB RAM makes things easier for you.

You can multitask like butter, and carry on all your daily tasks with no complaints. The Game Boost 2.0 technology along with the fast processor enables you to enjoy your favorite games without much lags and problems and you can play all your favorite moderate games at maximum graphic settings without issues.

OPPO F15 android gaming min

Furthermore, you can also play high-end games like – COD at medium graphics and you will again not have many issues in it and will enjoy your game to the fullest. The quad arrangement of the rear camera – 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP clicks some of the magnificent pictures for you containing all the rich and in-depth details.

The selfie camera of 16 MP captures some of the best selfies for you and makes you the social media guy. The in-built storage is of 128 GB and it can be further expanded up to 256 GB so that you never run out of space for all your precious stuff.

Moreover, an on-screen fingerprint sensor makes your gadget more and more secure. You might be thinking about the battery backup, well, it is of 4000 mAh and it comes backed with fast charging technology which will never stop your party.


Vivo enters our list with this masterpiece, it boasts of a 6.4-inches full HD plus the display for you to enjoy. The viewing angles are pretty cool and you will be fascinated by them. The triple combination of the rear camera of 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP empowers you to take cool shots and you can expect some nice and vibrant photos from it containing in-depth and rich details of every shot.

The selfie camera of 32 MP lets you click your astonishing selfies and share them with the world. The source of the power of this beauty is 712 octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon processor clocked at 2.3 GHz speed.

VIVO Z1X min

This processor coupled with the huge 8 GB RAM makes everything easy and simple for you. You can play all those mid-ranged games at maximum graphic settings and you are sure to enjoy them to the fullest, and when it comes to the high-end games, then also it can play them, you just need to tweak the graphic settings and then play them by unleashing the mad and crazy gamer inside you.

Moreover, the battery backup of 4500 mAh lasts a whole day, and even if you happen to be a wild gamer, then also the fast charging technology is always there for your aid.

Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung stuns you now with this 6.4-inches full HD plus beauty. The viewing angles are just fantastic and you will like it for sure. The rear camera is a quad array of 48 MP + 12 MP + 5 MP + 5 MP and this combination captures some of the great shots for you.

When it comes to the selfie camera, it is 32 MP and it comes back with a lot of smart features like AI beauty, etc. So, get ready to share your wonderful selfies across various social media platforms.

Samsung Galaxy A51 min

The Exynos 9611 octa-core processor clocked at the speed of 2.3 GHz along with the big 6 GB RAM ensures that your performance is always its first priority, and you can multitask and browse multiple heavy apps like a slice of cheese.

And yes, the gamer inside you must be happy to know that it can play almost all your favorite games, you can enjoy most of the mid-ranged games at maximi=um graphics setting and high-intensity games at moderate graphics without much issues and lags.

Overall, you can expect a lot from it. The in-built storage here is of 1287 GB and it can be expanded up to a crazy 512 GB and you can remain assured that you will never run out of storage space. A great performer must have a good battery backup. So, it has got a 4000 mAh battery for you.


Poco enters our article with this big monster, let us figure it out. It has a 6.2-inches full HD plus display. The viewing angles are just superb and you will definitely appreciate them. The rear camera is a dual arrangement, net of 12 MP + 5 MP and they lock some of the most accurate and natural shots for you.

When it comes to the front selfie camera, it is 20 MP and it takes astonishing selfies for you and comes packed with many unique features like beauty mode and so on. Let us now talk about its performance. The heart of this device lies in the mighty 845 octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon processor clocked at the speed of 2.8 GHz. This iconic processor is backed by a gigantic 8 GB RAM.

POCO F1 min

It offers you an unmatched and the best in class performance which even some of the gadgets which are priced higher than it cannot offer. You can multitask, browse, and do all your small to big daily tasks in a blink of an eye. When it comes to gaming, you can play almost all your favorite games in the way you want and you will certainly have very few to no complaints or issues while playing them to their best.

Furthermore, the liquid cool technology prevents cheating of this gadget when you are unleashing hell while playing your favorite games on it. It has 256 GB in-built memory and can be expanded up to 256 GB more. Last but not least, 4000 mAh battery along with fast charging support ensures that your party never ends.

Redmi K20 PRO

It features a 6.4-inches full HD plus display and some of the awesome viewing angles. The triple combination of the rear camera of  48 MP + 13 MP + 8 MP allows you to click some of the superb pictures containing rich details and of high quality.

The front selfie camera is of 20 MP and it comes loaded with many interesting features and you can click some gorgeous selfies with it. The source of power for this devil is the iconic and mighty 855 octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon processor clocked at 2.8 GHz.

Redmi K20 PRO Gaming android phone in budget min

This processor along with massive 8 GB RAM lets you kill everything, you can multitask and browse between huge apps as quick as a Cheetah. You can throw almost each and every game and it will never disappoint you, furthermore, the in-built Game Turbo 2.0 technology lets you enjoy all your favorite games without any issues and lags.

The liquid cooling system ensures that your device is never heated while you are busy hardcore gaming. The premium touch and cool design all add to your personality and charm and the in-built storage of 256 GB lets you store all your essential stuff in it without any tension. Now, the battery backup in it is of 4000 mAh and you are also backed by rapid charging technology to never keep you away from your source of entertainment for a longer duration.

Redmi Note 8 PRO

How can we leave this gadget behind? It has a 6.6-inches full HD plus display and the viewing angles are just awesome. The rear camera is a quad combination of 64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP and it is indeed very strong as it clicks some of the natural and details rich shots for you.

The front selfie camera is also not bad, rather the 20 MP resolution camera is a treat and will do wonders for your social media world. The origin of power here is octa-core MediaTek Helio G90T Processor clocked at speed of 2.05 GHz. This power-hungry processor along with a huge 8 GB RAM works like magic for you.

Redmi Note 8 PRO min

You can play with heavy apps, browse and multitask like butter and cheese, and when it comes to gaming, this mighty gadget can play almost each and every game that you throw to it, yes, do tweak the graphic setting if you are playing the most advanced game of the android world so that there are no lags or issues at all.

This demon allows you to store 128 GB stuff and you can also increase the storage with the help of external storage up to a massive 512 GB. The battery of 4500 mAh ensures that you do not have to search for a charger quite often and even if you have to, then also the fast charging technology comes to your aid.


Thus, these are the seven best and popular budget-friendly Android smartphones that you can buy to satisfy your gaming desires. Almost all the smartphones in this article are high on performance and moderate on budget, so all you need to do is find your perfect one from this article and then grab it and unleash the gamer inside you.

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