Technology in classrooms: What are the benefits of technology in the classroom?

Technology in classrooms is the most effective way in today’s era to completely eradicate the ignorance from students life and helps to lit the light of knowledge.

The technology has changed the way we carry out different kinds of activities in our daily lives. And trust me, most of them are for good. Education is one of the most integral parts of our everyday lives, and today’s technology has already touched it in some way or the other. But the internet has more potential to be unveiled, and it has the ability to connect more people with education. There are numerous ways to do so. One of them is online education. Online education is quite popular in cities, and also in some rural areas. The power of online education is that students can learn a lot outside their curriculum, and can brush up the relevant skills associated with the subjects quite effortlessly.

But the other way, today’s advanced technology can educate more people or students, is through technology in classrooms. Though the implementation of such a thing might seem to be a little challenging at present, which though is correct, but once it is implemented, it can easily take education to a mass, who are the part of a classroom. This can also take the advantages of online education elements present in the classroom. We, living in India can see the introduction of technology in classrooms very soon, but let’s find out how technology in classrooms can change the face of education. You can also read about, how technology can change or is changing the education system, in the following article (10 ways technology can change the education system for good).

So let’s get started with some major advantages of using technology in classrooms.

Easy understanding through better infographics

Easy understanding through better infographics

There isn’t any doubt it is better to understand the concepts through illustrations. But in the conventional education system, illustration is limited to some figures drawn in tandem to explain what exactly is going through, in a system. For example, the blood flow to and from the heart. But with the implementation of technology in classrooms, the same can be explained through a decent animation, which will be more competent to explain the things rather than mere illustrations. This can not only save the teacher’s and the student’s time in a limited time class but can also help the students learn the same in a way, which will be challenging for the students to forget. There are hundreds of free videos and animations available on the web to explain different phenomena, and just in case, one particular is not available on the web or is not that presentable, the teacher can easily prepare a suitable one using some free tools, and can use it in the class.

Connect students to the new technologies

Connect students to the new technologies- technology in classrooms
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The world has changed a lot with the introduction of the modern technology. The students, being the future of a country should be able to use the modern technology in a productive way. Introduction of technology in classrooms can be a phenomenal step to connect students with technology and make them utilize it properly for doing something productive. Most young students are unaware of the potential of today’s technology, and if not that, they do not know how to use the modern technology for good. Most students who get hands-on modern technology at an age, find it fascinating, which somehow has a negative effect on the way they use the marvels of modern technology. With technology in classrooms, the young students will come under regular exposure to technology, which can eventually teach them the right way to use the modern technologies for something good.

Easy communication with teachers

Easy communication with teachers - technology in classrooms
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In the conventional education system, the communication between students and teachers are sometimes incomplete, if the number of students in a classroom is more than a certain number. Technology is classroom is not always making the classrooms smarter with tablets for every student and the internet as a source of information. With technology in classrooms, loudspeakers and LCD televisions can be placed within classrooms so that the teacher can be easily followed by the students. The opposite is also possible pretty easily. Instead of shouting to get the doubts cleared, the students can ask their questions through a live forum so that the teacher can find it easier to clear the doubts instantly. This can eventually help the teacher to explain a particular topic with more simplicity and help the teacher comprehend the weakness of the students in a particular chapter. Thus, one of the biggest benefits of using technology in the classroom is improved communication between the teacher and the students in a classroom.

Easy collaboration and promotes teamwork

Easy collaboration and promotes teamwork- technology in classrooms
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Working in a team is the key to success while working in an organization. With the implementation of technology in a classroom, multiple students can participate and work on a project, which can eventually help them to work in a team and experience the good and bad sides of it. This eventually leads to a collaborative effort for a positive outcome. The teacher can give a particular assignment to the students, and give them the permission to work on it in a team, which will eventually lead to productive outcomes. Instead of working in a team in a classroom, with the help of the tools provided by technology in a classroom, the teachers can seamlessly keep a track of the participation of the individual students and track their progress or assign the grades as per their participation. Presently the same isn’t possible that easily without the presence of technology in classrooms.

Tracking students and their performance easily

Tracking students and their performance easily -technology in classrooms

I already discussed, how collaborative efforts can help the teachers track the performance of the students. It is though not limited only to that. The teachers can easily track the students’ attendance after the classes are over to make sure they are working on the lessons for a better understanding of the same. Once a student attends the portal and reads the lesson, the teacher can easily keep an eye on the same by having a look at the recent activities of the students on the portal. This can, in some way or the other help the teachers track the students’ activities, which can be further used for evaluation of the student. If the teacher can’t find any relevant activity of the student on the portal, the teacher can also be given the chance to communicate with the guardian of the following student to make the students attend the portals and initiate the learning session. This can be helpful to tackle the naughty kids out there, who want to maintain a safe distance from studies.

Easy virtual trips – technology in classrooms

virtual trips - technology in classrooms
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One who has seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa can give a better description of it rather than one who has read about it. I am not here to elaborate, why is it so. Smart people can understand why it is so. But with the introduction of technology in classrooms, it will be easier for the school authorities to organize virtual trips to numerous location so that the students can get a better overview of the topic. The application of Virtual Reality in such virtual trips can make the experience even more realistic. Virtual trips can be quite helpful for students in studying Geography or other similar subjects, where the students have to relate different things to a particular place. The introduction of virtual trips can seem to be a challenge at present, in the rural areas, but once it is implemented, it is surely going to be substantial for the students to clear the concepts of a particular chapter or subject. Though excursions are organized by different school and college authorities, that involves a lot of investment and organizing the same on a frequent basis is not feasible. But virtual trips can easily fulfill that existing gap.

Easy doubt clearing sessions

Easy doubt clearing sessions - technology in classrooms

Organization of doubt clearing sessions from time to time can be pretty beneficial for the students to maintain a smooth track while preparing for the exams or at the time of clearing the concepts after a particular lesson is taught by the teacher to the students. In the conventional education system, the students ask questions in the classroom, and the same is sorted by the teacher instantly. But with the utilization of technology in classrooms, a teacher can take questions on Twitter through hashtags and can arrange an online doubt clearing session. Just in case, holding an online doubt clearing session is not feasible, the same can be done in a classroom. The benefit of taking questions through hashtags is that the teacher can select the most important or most asked questions well in advance and can prepare the answers accordingly, just in case the teacher too, needs to brush up the things for a better and easier explanation of the topics. The teacher can also organize a revision session if he finds, a number of questions are asked from the same lesson. Thus, the possibilities are practically unlimited.

So those were the ideas for using technology in the classroom. But just like other technologies, technology in classrooms pros and cons are there. I have already discussed the pros or the ways to implement the same, in the above paragraphs. But technology in classrooms should be implemented in a way so that the students hardly get any loophole to exploit the complete platform, where a particular application of technology in a classroom is running. The students are getting smarter day by day, and thus, the applications used for the purpose should also be secure.

Implementing any of the technology in the classroom examples as mentioned above in India, at present can be pretty difficult if the problems associated with internet penetration is taken into consideration. But it can be implemented easily in the urban areas. And if we start it doing today then in the future can find the implementation of technology in every classroom all over India. But there is no doubt, the potential of technology in classrooms can pretty far-reaching, and good for improving the education scenario.

What do you think about the introduction of technology in classrooms? Feel free to give your views down the in the comment section down below.

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