Trending Smartphones of 2020 having Gigantic Battery Backup

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Smartphones are more like our family members rather than being just smart gadgets. I believe that probably most of you all reading this article are the proud owners of smartphones, and the rest might be willing to join this elite list. Now, as we all know that all of us buy smartphones for our different sets of priorities. Some of us are gaming geeks, while many of us happen to be selfie-holics or avid photographers, some of us are power-hungry entertainment fellas, and some of us just happen to be wild folks who just don’t want the battery of their smart monsters to end, and this crazy list of priorities goes on and on. 

12 Best high battery backup smartphones in 2020

So, today in this very article, I have included the best available smartphones of 2020 having the gigantic battery backup to satisfy your hunger and desires.

Realme C3

This budget model from Realme is the first contender in our list. It boasts a 6.5-inches HD display and also offers good viewing angles. The splash resistant features help you to avoid accidental damages and the sleek design adds more feathers to your charms. Now, let us talk about the battery backup, well this affordable friend of yours comes packed with a massive 5000 mAh battery and it is ready to take up all your challenges.

Realme C3 smartphpone with big battery

Even if you happen to be a crazy gamer or a wild entertainment-holic or a super photographer, this beauty will have some juice left in it even after the whole day’s use, and yes if you are a normal person, then you can probably forget about your charger for at least 2 days.

When it comes to the camera, it has 12 MP + 2 MP rear arrangement and 5 MP front arrangement. The powerful octa-core processor coupled with 3 GB RAM ensures smooth multitasking and fun-filled gaming experience. Furthermore, the inbuilt memory is of 32 GB and it can be expanded further up to 256 GB.

Redmi K20

It boasts a 6.4-inches full HD display and very impressive viewing angles. The in-screen fingerprint sensor technology makes sure that your device remains secure from all the criminals out there. The corning gorilla glass 5 further enhances the security of your device.

The audio quality of this gadget is also very magnificent and it is sure to amaze you. So, now let us come to our point, it features a long-lasting 4000 mAh battery and will easily last for a whole day without the need to charge even if you happen to be a crazy geek, and yes if you happen to be a party animal, then also, this beauty comes loaded with the fast charging technology, so you can charge it for minutes and get backup of hours.

Redmi K20 battery backup smartphone

Furthermore, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor coupled with massive 6 GB RAM ensures butter-smooth multitasking and browsing. The Game Turbo 2.0 technology brings out the wild gamer from inside of you and yes, never forget about the awesome cooling technology, which continuously cools your monster while your work or party is going on. It also comes packed with a very powerful camera which clicks superb shots for you. The rare arrangement is of 48 MP + 13 MP + 8 MP, and the front arrangement is of 20 MP.


It features a 6.5 inches full HD display and excellent viewing angles. The response of touch is so fast that you can hardly notice it. The in-screen fingerprint sensor makes your device more and more secured from any types of threats. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor is the heart of this powerhouse, this powerful processor coupled with the mighty 8 GB RAM lets you play almost each and every high-intensity graphic-rich game at maximum settings without any lags.


You can satisfy all your entertainment needs through it, you can play your favourite games, watch full HD videos, browse, multi-task, and so on like a hungry and crazy monster. The huge 4440 mAh battery lets you fulfil all your desires without the worry of charging, and if you are a game-o-holic or any entertainment infected guy, then also the Super flash charge technology is there for your aid. In just 15 minutes, your machine gets charged up to 50 per cent, isn’t that crazy? Well, yes it is. The powerful cameras are also fantastic and set to thrill you.   

Moto G8 PLUS

Motorola enters this battle with this bold model. It offers 6.3 inches full HD display and amazing viewing angles. The triple arrangement of rear cameras clicks some of the best pictures for you. The selfie camera is also very powerful and perfect for your social media stuff. The Night mode, laser autofocus, etc are some of the cool features to bring out the professional photographer from inside of you.

Now, let me tell about the main thing, it has a 4000 mAh battery for you and it is enough to last one full day on moderate to heavy usage, and yes, no problem, if you happen to be a party animal, it has turbo power charging technology, which gives you up to 8 hours of never-ending heavy usage on a 15 minutes charging, and it is indeed very praiseworthy and makes this beauty one of the toughest contenders in this list. The Dolby atmos let you get the feeling of being in the cinema hall and the stylish design makes you look more and more charming.

Moto G8 PLUS 4000mah battery smartphone

The powerful processor coupled with 4 GB RAM ensures that you can play all your favourite games without any hassle and also multitask like a child’s play. Furthermore, the in-built storage of 64 GB can be expanded further up to 512 GB.


It boasts a 6.4-inches HD display and the viewing angles are also good. The fingerprint sensor at the back ensures that your device is protected and secured. The triple rear camera combination does justice to your photos and the front camera is also decent. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor coupled with 3 GB RAM makes sure that you can smoothly multitask and browse without hangs and lags.

VIVO U10 big battey smartphone

The Ultra Game mode technology lets you play your favourite mid-level games without any issues. And yes, the battery in this beauty is massive, as it has a huge 5000 mAh battery, so now you do not need to worry about charging your phone even if you happen to be playing games in it all day long. Well, not only this, what makes this phone a darling is the fact that it also comes packed with the fast charging technology. A massive battery backed by fast charging technology, what else do we want?

Lenovo K10 Plus

It sports a 6.3-inches HD display and cool viewing angles. The triple rear arrangement camera and the single front camera take good snaps for you. Now, let us discuss its battery backup, it comes packed with a 4050 mAh battery and it easily lasts a whole day on your moderate to high usage. You can spend hours listening to your favourite songs, or YouTube, or web series, or movies, or playing your favourite games without worrying about the charger.

Lenovo K10 Plus

Moreover, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor coupled with 4 GB RAM lets you browse and multitask like fun, and also lets you play your favourite games all day long. Furthermore, it has an inbuilt storage of 64 GB and it can be expanded further up to a massive 1 TB.

Honor 9X

It features a 6.6-inches full HD display and fantastic viewing angles. The strong Kirin 710F processor along with 4 GB RAM lets you multitask like bliss and also lets you play your favourite games without any lags. The front camera in this monster is a pop-up camera, so it not only clicks awesome shots for you but also adds more sparks to its style and is sure to turn some heads. The rear camera has a triple combination and clicks superb shots for you.

Honor 9X

There are many features like the night mode to further enhance the quality of your pictures. Moreover, the massive battery of 4000 mAh makes sure that your party never ends., this battery is sure to last for one whole day, even after your heavy usage and it will never disappoint you.


It boasts a 6.4-inches display and stunning viewing angles. The sleek design of this phone is also very beautiful and sure to amaze you. The in-screen fingerprint sensor not only looks cool but also unlocks your phone in a blink of an eye and secures your privacy from the outside world. The 4000 mAh battery is all set to thrill you, it will easily last for a whole day and still have some juice left in it, and if you succeed in draining it, then also the flash charging technology enables you to get a backup of up to 2 hours on a charge of just 5 minutes.


The mighty P70 Helio processor coupled with the gigantic 8 GB RAM lets you multitask like a child’s play and it also has am=n in-built Game boost technology which allows you to play all your favourite high-end games without any issues, and yes you can play them all day long, all thanks to the powerful processor and the massive battery which acts like a catalyst, and yes, also the flash charging technology, which acts as a promoter. Furthermore, the combination of four rear cameras and one front camera lets you click fantastic shots.

Infinix Note 5 Stylus

It has a 6-inches full HD display and nice viewing angles. The rear and front cameras both click some of the outstanding shots for your social media stuff and also keep you busy bringing out the cool photographer from inside of you. The rough and tough P23 Mediatek Helio octa-core processor along with 4 GB RAM lets you play all your favourite mid-ranged games without much lag. The in-built storage of 64 GB can be expanded further up to 128 GB for all your precious stuff.

Infinix Note 5 Stylus

Now, to play all your favourite games, click all those amazing shots, and for multitasking, and so on you will need a powerful battery backup to keep you going for the whole day. So, it comes loaded with a big 4000 mAh battery which can handle all your orders very effortlessly and brilliantly. Even after extreme usage, you will still have some life left in it, and if it loses all it life, then also you don’t need to panic as the fast charging technology is there for your aid.

Samsung Galaxy M30

It features a 6.4-inches display and has cool viewing angles. The triple arrangement of the rear camera is sure to impress you as they come loaded with different features to further enhance the quality of your photos, so overall you can click some of the best shots with the rear camera. The front selfie camera is also not behind as it is also very beautifully designed to click magnificent selfies for your social media. The iconic octa-core processor along with the 4 GB RAM ensures that you are able to play all your favourite mid-ranged games without lags and issues.

Samsung Galaxy M30

The face unlocks and fingerprint sensor technology further makes your gadget more and more secure and safe. The Dolby Atmos technology makes the audio quality of this device just superb. Now, as we all know that more power requires more responsibilities, and here those responsibilities are handled and managed by the gigantic 5000 mAh battery which; lets you party like a crazy animal whole day long, and yes it also ensures that it still has some light left in it before you go to your den for sleeping. Well, if you are a daredevil and are able to kill it, then again the fast charging technology is there to fix the issue.

Poco X2 

It boasts a 6.7-inches display and superb viewing angles. It boasts stunning audio quality and will make you groove to your favourite track. The robust build quality and design not only guard it against accidental damages but also gives your phone a premium look. The fingerprint sensor is featured in the power button, it not only looks cool but also improves the security of your gadget.

Poco X2 

The rough and tough Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor coupled with 6 GB RAM gives you very high performance, and you can multitask and browse without any issues. You can play all your favourite games on it without any issues. The liquid cooling system never rests while you play and keeps the device cool and prevents it from heating.

The strong 4500 mAh battery ensures that you remain glued to this beauty without your charger, as it will last one whole day even if you play games for hours and perform other battery draining activities. Now, if you drain its battery (which is tough) then also the fast charging technology will help you to get back to your normal and crazy life in just a few minutes. Furthermore, the combination of four cameras at the back and two cameras at the front will let you click fantastic and stunning shots for you.


It has 6.4-inches full HD display and excellent viewing angles. The tough to beat Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor along with the 6 GB RAM lets you play all your favourite games without any complaints. The in-built storage is of 64 GB and can be expanded up to 2 TB so that you can keep all your priceless stuff safely and securely. It also has a very mesmerizing look and eye-catching design, and also you get to witness some of the best in class audio quality in this device.


The camera is also very beautifully placed in it. The rear camera is a combination of two and the front camera is also the combination of two and together these powerful cameras click brilliant shots for you. Now, let me highlight the thing for which you have been waiting for, it has a big 5000 mAh battery and it takes in almost everything that you throw at it and still has some juice left in it even after rigorous usage of the whole day. Last but not least, the quick charge technology lets you enjoy this device to the extreme level.

Thus, these are the twelve best smartphones having an awesome battery life of 2020. I have included the moderate budget smartphones having the best battery life so that almost everyone can purchase them, even if you happen to be on a tight budget. Well, if you happen to be looking for a smartphone, and the battery backup is your topmost priority, then this article is definitely going to help you. I hope you have found this article useful and also that you must be heading to buy the perfect smartphone for you after going through it.

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