What is Email Alert System and Why you should be having it?

No doubt that email is a very easy and simple means of communication, and it is preferred by almost all of the corporate sector as well as all of the government sector and it is also used by all of us in our general day to day unofficial activities, such is its popularity. Some of the reasons for its gigantic popularity are that it is very simple and user friendly, it allows a lot of flexibility, and does allow for us to convey a lot of extra emotions and thoughts as it is not a face to face contact medium or even voice to voice medium between two or more people. Therefore, as we have understood the main factors that led to the monstrous takeover by this method of communication, let us now figure out some of its shortcomings.

Just as a good old saying goes that every coin has two possible outcomes, so this Email technology also has some drawbacks, which are:

Email burnout

Email burnout is one of the most common problems faced by many of us, and almost each and every one of you would agree to me in this regard. The most relevant reason for the same is that tons of emails can accumulate all at once in the inbox. The memos, reminders, conversation-based email threads, many reports and useless spam messages are all that you will mostly find in your inbox, and all of this stuff leads to the same above mentioned problem. And this problem is also the reason that many people out of anger and frustration just ignore and leave the messages unchecked. This problem is very common with most of us, but it is definitely not at all correct, as those important emails might contain very crucial and important stuff for you and ignoring them is not at all the solution.

Misinterpretation of perspective:

This is another major drawback experienced in emails. As on email we are sending or showing our emotions or opinion about things to others using text but the reader could misinterpret if the sender doesn’t cautious with the words or language s/he is using; this very thing most often gives rise to conflict, clash of egos, and even invoking of revengeful activities and thoughts in some of the cases.

So, these are the two most relevant drawbacks of emails, and they are indeed very bad in both short and long run, but despite that this is still the biggest and largest means of communicating, its popularity and user-friendly simple and easy environment just overshadows all those disadvantages, and yes, it should be done also as we all love this mode of communication. But, now the question arising in your mind should be, is there some way in which we can get rid of this big and bad drawback and continue enjoying and utilising email services at its best? Well, the answer is yes, yes fellas, technology has made it possible for you. The solution to this problem is an Email alert system.

What is an Email alert system

What is an Email alert system?

Let us now understand about this email alert system in detail. Now, you can relax sitting comfortably across the corner of your sweet little home and let this precious treasure of technology take the headache. The presence of this very feature lets you enjoy and utilise your email services in the best way possible that you have always dreamt of. Email Alert application will notify you whenever an email approaches you, this is somewhat similar to a mobile phone notification or SMS. So, you do not need to open your inbox to check whether a new message has come or not, it will do the job for you and automatically pop up whenever a new email tries to reach you.

Moreover, in Email Alert system application, you can also make any further changes, like you can set the priorities for some of the particular email ids, the emails of the which you want to see the most and you can also mute the sound and just receive a pop-up a notification so that you get to know that you have received an email but at the same time there is no disturbance, in case you happen to be in the middle of a very important meeting or any such thing.

Furthermore, this application also caters some other stuff for you, it monitors and manages the network. So, if you happen to be in the IT team of your company, or even if you happen to be the owner of a company, then this powerful and iconic application will let the IT department of your firm monitor and have a sharp eye on the network with the help of timely and frequent alerts. And if any issue arises or if any virus or trojan happens to be detected then it notifies it asap to the IT team and then the super IT team of your organisation will kick that threat out of the network. There are many Email Alert software available online which one can install to use. 

And also as I stated earlier that you can set priorities to all your important email ids, for instance, if you happen to be a manager or in any other big position of your firm, then you can give high priority tag to the CEO of your company, and to whoever that you think deserves to be in the list of high priority. 

Thus, this was the Email alert system and I feel that as of now you must have understood the importance and need of this outstanding application, and I also hope that you must have found this article useful.