20 useful steps need to follow to be a YouTuber

YouTube is a platform or website where we can watch videos. It is a video sharing platform. We can upload or share videos, creating a YouTube channel.

Who is Youtuber?

Any person who creates video contents and share it via YouTube channel and makes a name for himself/herself, we call them YouTubers. A YouTuber who is popular among the people is like a celebrity or a YouTube personality or an internet star. They maintain a very good viewership and subscribers for their videos and channel. If any YouTuber can monetize the channel they own, then they could earn a good amount of money via YouTube advertisements, sponsorship, promotion, sales marketing etc. So, it is a way to earn some healthy cash regularly and we could see it as a business to pursue.

Day by day the number of YouTubers and the number of YouTube videos increasing on a large scale. We have popular YouTubers and we have up and coming new players, hustling and grinding to earn some credibility for their channels. If we wish to be a YouTuber then we should act right now. Some would say that the competition is huge and we can’t do this. But, it is not impossible to taste a little flavour of YouTube. If you have the talent to entertain or give your audience some interesting contents and know the formula of attracting people to your channel then you can also be a successful and popular YouTuber.

How to become a YouTuber? Things one should know…

Before starting the journey to be a YouTuber, we must take a look at some of the useful simple points that we should know to start and run a YouTube channel. We need some stuff and some knowledge to reach our objectives or goals.
20 useful steps to be a YouTuber

  1. Open a YouTube channel

It is very simple to point and common sense that we need to open a YouTube channel to be a YouTuber. Many of the people would think that it is very simple logic. This is just like we need a car to drive a car. Most of us know we have to open a channel to be a YouTuber but, many people may not know how to open a YouTube channel.

It is very easy to open a YouTube channel. We all have an account with Google, I mean Gmail ID. Just go to the YouTube page and login with that same Gmail account user name and password to access your YouTube channel. It already exists. We don’t need to create it. And if you do not have any Google account then create a basic account and create your YouTube channel.

  1. Make a complete profile

There are so many YouTube channels with an incomplete profile. An incomplete profile is like an incomplete effort. If you are serious about it then you must focus on completing your YouTube channel’s profile properly. People will visit your profile to know you and judge your capability as a YouTuber. A good complete profile will attract more viewers.

  • Give your channel a good name related to your content you would share and to attract people’s attention to it.
  • Set a channel icon or profile picture that will define your channel
  • Customize your channel art that will make a difference from the crowd and keep it simple to understand.
  • In the about section describe yourself for the viewers. Tell them about your business, what type of contents you will share etc. It is an opportunity to connect with the audience.
  • Link your other social media profiles and any business website address if you have. Attach your business email address and business number for any work-related purpose.

Just go through your profile settings and complete the profile. Fill it or cover it to give it a proper view. See: How to add social links to YouTube channel banner

  1. Develop a plan

To start a YouTube channel and to be a YouTuber, we need a good and effective plan just like we need a plan to start any kind of business. Develop a plan on what and how you’re going to do your work. Without a plan, it is hard to execute anything. Make a daily, weekly, monthly routine for this to develop it. If you do not know what to do, when to do, how to do then you cannot make the right step. Planning will make it easy for you to understand the things on what is essential for your YouTubing journey.

  1. Select a specific content

YouTubers create video contents. They work on specific content or genre which they know very well. You need to select the contents you would like to create. To select it, find the topic you know very well. See what is trending or what the viewers are demanding to see or what the most searched contents are. Make a unique type of content that will differentiate you from the other YouTubers or from their contents. Creating video content is not easy. Learn it, know about it. Do not copy someone else. Create your own identity.

  1. Use of camera and video editing

For creating a video content we require a good video camera to record videos and to capture some photos. In the beginning, you can use your phone camera to do this. By the time you grow as a YouTuber, you can buy some good camera and lenses. Knowing the use of the camera would help you to record good videos. If you do not know how to use a camera then know about it. Good use of the camera will help you to create proper videos.

After recording videos we need to edit those videos to create good video content. Video editing is one of the key elements of creating video content. Learn video editing skills to make your videos great. Pick the right software to edit.

  1. Know about SEO

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. When someone searches something on any website or Google, they use certain words related to the topic. SEO is like tagging any content with some words which will elevate the search results for them. It maximizes the provability of traffic. Use appropriate words to tag your videos for better search results. Do not make unnecessary tagging. If you do not tag it properly then it will not come to anyone’s search result and your videos will get unnoticed. And YouTube is all about viewership. Use a tool cal TubeBuddy to find out stats and tags of your YouTube competitors channels.

  1. Consistency of the channel

Consistency is the key to improving on something and to get success. It will give us the longevity we would love to have. When you open a YouTube channel and starts uploading video contents, make sure you upload videos with consistency. Do not take too much time uploading the next video. It can happen sometimes but not all the time. You have to keep your viewers engaged to your channel. If they do not get enough contents to stick around, you could lose your viewers count. Upload some useful and attracting contents after a certain period of time and give your channel consistency.

  1. Quality content

Creating video content is an art. We should learn and improve that skill to stay in the game. Uploading anything in the name of content would give us nothing. Always try to create and upload good quality content that people would love to watch and they might learn or know something useful information from it. The entertainment aspect is also important to catch the viewer’s eyes. Without quality, you will not get many viewers and it will not help you to become a popular YouTuber.

  1. Know your competition

The competition is huge among the YouTubers. To compete with other YouTubers we need to know our competition. Who is our direct competitor, what is he/she sharing, what type of content he/she is creating etc? From that information, we will have an idea about what we need to do in order to compete with them. Keep track of your competition and try to defeat them. Lack of knowledge about your competition can cause problems and you won’t get any idea about your competitors. You have to be ready for any kind of challenges your competitor throws at you. Competition is healthy for improvement and upgrading your skills.

  1. Live streaming or live video

It is one of the most effective ways to gain attention from your audience and it is quite a popular step to go live. Many channels go live most of the time to connect with the fans. You can say about yourself or about the channel. You can host a competition for the fans. They will trust you and stay loyal to you if they know you very well and live streaming is one of the ways to do it. Consider going live from time to time to give your audience an extra flavour and attraction.

  1. Promote your channel

Promoting the YouTube channel gives us the opportunity to show our contents to a greater audience. Grab each and every scope to promote or advertise your channel. Link your channel with your other social media profiles. Share your videos with other platforms. Send your channel link and videos to the people you know and tell them to subscribe, like and share your channel and contents. Use your videos to promote the channel. Tell your viewers to subscribe and like and spread the words to other people. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular and effective social media platforms to promote your channel.

  1. Work with other YouTubers

Working with other YouTubers will give you more exposure to a huge audience. Work with them in a video or series of videos. Share and promote each other using the channels. By doing this you can help each other to gain more popularity. You can attract more people and it will help to improve your channel. The other fans can see you know you and they might get interested in your contents if they feel it is entertaining or useful. The more you work with different YouTubers the more you can reach to their channel’s viewers and fans.

  1. Learn from successful YouTubers

You go to any industry or any other platform, you can always learn from the experienced people. That is applicable for this platform too. Know and learn about the successful YouTubers. How they create their video content, how they edit videos, how they present their channel to the fans or how they attract more viewers or try to improve their channel. Observe and study every bit of things which would help you to be a good presenter or a YouTuber. Take the good and useful materials from them. But, in order to do that, never ever copy other YouTubers. Learn from it and make your own unique contents and personality.

  1. Interact with your fans

 YouTube is all about views, subscriptions, likes, followings and fans. It is our responsibility to cater to our fans and make them a little bit of happy. If you do not interact with your viewers or fans then they might become uninterested in you, and it may decrease the number of the followers in your YouTube channel. Interacting with fans will make them happy and engaged. Reply to them in the comment section, explain to them the things they ask you, make occasional videos of QnA (question and answer). QnA is a way of answering the question of the fans. Find the ways to make them feel important and you care for them.

  1. Select proper thumbnail

 Thumbnail is what we see as a snapshot of a video. It gives us an idea of any video’s nature. It can attract someone to see a video if the thumbnail picture is used properly. When we upload a video, YouTube automatically picks up some images for us. We can pick any one picture from them. Or, if you think that the given thumbnail images are not good enough to attract the viewers then you can click any picture to set as a thumbnail, which you feel attracting. You can include any word or line with that to give your viewers an idea about the content or the topic of the video.

  1. Follow the trend

Always look for the trending subjects. People always search for trending topics. Knowing the current trend would help you to choose and create your video content. If you make your videos on trending topics, then you would get an opportunity to raise your viewership of the videos and subscription of the channel. Check the YouTube trending videos, see what the most liked videos are, check other social media platforms and know what is trending right now, give the viewers what they would love to see or learn, always ask the people you know and your fans about the topics they usually watch or wants to see. You can use Google Trends to find the latest and hot topics.

  1. Right tools and accessories

Initially you just need a camera to capture videos or photos and you need a system to edit your videos. But, by the time you grow, you must give your focus to other needful and useful things. To run and upgrade a YouTube channel, we need the right tools and accessories to support our process. Make a list of it and buy it when it is necessary. Always try to stay updated with your gadgets and presentation with time. Upgrade the cameras and lenses, upgrade the system and software, update the quality of everything that you feel is not up to the mark with current time and demand.

  1. Monetize your channel

I think it is the first step we must achieve to be called as a YouTuber. We start a YouTube channel to earn. Without monetizing the channel we won’t be able to earn from it. So our first goal should be this. If you have a certain amount of traffic on your channel then you can earn from the YouTube advertisements. After monetizing it and gaining some popularity, more doors will be opened for you to earn. You can look for sponsorship deals, can collaborate with any company to promote and sell their products or services, even you can sell your own product if you have any. The opportunity is immense.

  1. Research, analysis, learn

Being a YouTuber is a business of its own. We always try and wish to improve and develop it as far as we can go. To follow that mantra, we need to research and analysis the data to learn the important aspects from it. If we have some knowledge of it then we can plan and predict the future of what might happen depending on our next step and the market. To choose the right step we must have a notion of what might be the outcome of it. Research, analysis, learn and develop for a brighter future that we dream of having.

  1. Set a target

To be a successful YouTuber we have to have some goals or targets. Target is something that drives us to achieve our dreams. We work hard with productivity and learn the terms to get closer to our target. Set an ultimate target that you want to accomplish and then break it to some small targets to make your path a little bit easy. Do not look for the greater target from the beginning. Achieve the small targets one by one and progress towards your main goal. Set the monthly or quarterly or yearly targets of subscriptions, views, number of videos etc to achieve the target of being a successful YouTuber.


Closing thoughts:

It may look like a difficult task but if you are determined to be a YouTuber then work hard to reach there. It is not impossible. Grab a camera, create some quality video content and develop your YouTube channel.