8 Free and Open Source Online Marketing Automation Tools

If you are paying a huge price for marketing automation tools and want to minimize that cost, then you can build your own marketing automation system by combining some free and open source tools. Here we have identifies some options those let you do this task.

Marketing Automation Tools: Mautic


Mautic is an open-source marketing automation system. You can customize this software according to your need and requirement. Download it free of cost from their website and start your own marketing automation system. They also provide good documentation for beginners.
Features in Mautic:
• Monitor websites Leads
• Email Marketing
• Campaigns
• Forms
• Create Landing Pages
• Social Media Marketing
• Lead Management
• Reports and more.


Marketing Automation Tools: Pimcore


Pimcore also an open source software to fill your marketing automation needs. It is basically a CMS (content management system), but it also offers marketing and campaign management feature.

Features included in Pimcore:
• Email marketing
• Marketing and reports
• Analytics
• Social media integration
• Targeting content campaigning and more.


Marketing Automation Tools: Leadsius


It is a perfect free marketing automation system for SMB’s(Small and medium business). Provide both free and premium version.

Features in Free account:
• 2,500 contacts and one user
• Web Form and landing page creator
• Email creator, Follow-up tasks, and templates
• Management of List (static only, no dynamic lists)
• Web analytics and more.


Marketing Automation Tools: Jumplead


Jumplead is an Inbound Marketing Automation Software that can turn your visitors into customers. Track your business performance and manage leads.
Features in Free account:
• 200 contacts
• 200 website visitors
• 100 emails
• One SEO keyword
• One user


Marketing Automation Tools:  SalesAutoPilot

Sales autopilot

SalesAutoPilot is a newsletter, sales, and CRM automation software which provides both free and paid packages. The major difference between these two packages is in paid version you can purchase add-on and in free you are not.
Features in Free account:
• 400 emails
• One user
• Email and sales automation
• E-commerce module
• Text message sending, personalized PDFs, telemarketing support
• Sales CRM module
• Affiliate module
• Helpdesk module


Marketing Automation Tools: Albacross

martketing automation tool Albacross

Albacross is the free B2B Lead Generation Network. It offers SaaS service that enables users to turn website visitors into leads. It also provides companies with additional information on the users interested in their business.

Features included:

  • Unlimited visitors and companies
  • Unlimited users
  • Automated email reports
  • Revenue, profit & contact information
  • Visit details, page by page
  • Advanced filtering & tagging


Marketing Automation Tools: ORBTR


It is a WordPress Native or based marketing automation system which offers two versions of their product. One is Ping and other is Connect. Ping is their free version.

Features in Free account:
• Email alerts for new and returning leads to your site
• Integrates with Gravity Forms, Jetpack Forms, and WordPress Comments for lead identification
• Track leads who click via email campaigns
• Real-Time Leads and Visitors reports via a Dashboard
• Daily Lead Summary Emails
• Email Alerts for New and Returning Leads in Real-Time


Marketing Automation Tools: OpenEMM


OpenEMM is an open source enterprise level email marketing & marketing automation solution. It helps in sending, managing and tracking e-mailings, e-mail newsletters, and transaction emails.

Features in Free account:
• List management
• Contact database
• HTML based mailings template
• Automatic bounce management
• Content management system
• Graphical real-time statistics
• Reporting and more.


Marketing Automation Tools: Customer.io

Marketing Automation Tools customer io

This marketing automation platform offers a great free version package. Customer.io has free and four premium price packages with various functionality to suit your needs.

Features in Free account:
• 200 profiles or contacts
• 400 emails every month
• Analytics
• Design & Personalization and more.



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