Best Android OS for PC Gaming in 2019

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Android gaming is not only limited to smartphones and tablets it has gone beyond and embraced our PC systems as well. Indeed, the Android emulators have been online to download for a very long time but they are not bootable. Hence, we can’t call them a full-fledged operating system that we can install on Windows-based PC. No doubt, the emulators are the best way to play Android games on PC, however, if you are not a full-time gamer then you also need a platform to perform your other productive tasks. In such circumstances, we can use opensource Android OS for PC such as Android x86 project though when it comes to gaming and interface, this project is not that much intuitive, hence we have to look for something else like Remix OS. Again, unfortunately, this Chinese Android OS project is also abandoned, well don’t feel dejected because we have few other options.

Top 2 Android OS for Gaming on PC

All the below given Android OS for gaming on PC are based on popular free and open-source Android X86 project, thus all of them are almost same, just try one by one and see which one can be used to accomplish your gaming needs in a poised way. We can install them on bare PC or Virtual software like VMWare or Oracle Virtualbox.


PrimeOS (32-bit or 64-bit) comes with DecaPro Gaming Center to make users easily play Android games on PC using keyboard and mouse without any interference. It comes with pre-mapped keyboard controls for some popular games such as PUBG, Subway surfer and more. Even to create pseudo GPU configuration for any game, PrimeOS has some inbuilt GPU tools.

This Android PC gaming OS includes Open gapps, OTA support (for EXT4 RW partition) and Up-streamed kernel to google LTS Linux 4.9.x.

Furthermore, to provide the same Desktop experience we got on Windows and macOS, PrimeOS has designed its interface in the same way, thus the user can easily understand how to operate it. You can call it an amalgamation of PC and Android. PrimeOS can open multiple windows, support common keyboard shortcuts such as alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d etc; provides notifications, pinning of apps, start menu, taskbar and more…

Available in three versions, PrimeOS standard (for after 2011 systems), Classic (Systems before the year 2011) and Mainline ((for newest systems 2014+).

Download PrimOS- Website

PrimeOS for Gaming on Android PC

PhoenixOS – Android Gaming

Another best Android PC gaming OS in our list is the PhoenixOS. Phoenix System as said, in the beginning, is a set of x86 PC operating system based on the Android platform. It supports mouse and keyboards including gamepads and even docks specifically designed for PUBG mobiles… For MOBA games, Phoenix OS supports right-click movement. Furthermore, it features Game Assistant 3.0 – Octopus keymapping engine for mapping keys with different Android games.

Apart from Gaming on this Android OS, it is designed for high-end tablet PCs, notebooks, desktops and other large-screen devices. Same as PrimeOS, it also has designed to provide a habitual experience of combining traditional Windows systems with millions of mainstream Android applications.

It has a classic start menu is roughly the style of Windows 7, and supports full-screen switching, which can be used as an entry point for installed applications and system settings.

Windows’ multi-window, title bar, and free stretch window for true multitasking, parallel apps and switching, more suitable for desktop management.

File management, support for classification management, mouse operation, compression and decompression, cross-window drag and drop, global search, Ethernet support, One key switch to get back to stock Android on Tablets, Apps cloning, Common shortcut supports Ctrl+C, Win+D, Alt+Tab, Alt+F4 and more…

Keep and enhance Android’s notification centre, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the OS to manage batches, and also aggregate common shortcut settings. It comes with built-in “Stardust Browser”, based on Chromium kernel, in line with the latest web standards, support for multi-tab browsing and ad filtering.


Available for both Windows and Tablet to download. For Window Exe Installer is available apart from ISO image. Website

Know more about available- Android PC OS.

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