8 Best GST Mobile Apps For Android and iPhone

After creating an article about Goods and service tax (GST) tools for desktop PC, now here we are with GST mobile apps for Android and iPhone. GST unifies all taxes into one tax that replaces around 18 indirect taxes. After covering the GST solutions for Desktops, Accounting companies have launched GST mobile apps. There are almost more than 100+ GST mobile apps on Android store and out of them we have selected the good one and listed here in this article.

Best GST Mobile Apps In India

Karvy GST

The Karvy GST mobile app is one place where you get an ample amount of GST related information, news, important links, GST registration and more. The app is user-friendly but appears a little bit clutter due to lost of options including the services provided by Karvy but still all the options easy to find and very straight forward. There are no advertisements anywhere in the app. Karvy is one of the registered GSP and has done a good job with this GST mobile app. The app is available for Android (link) and not available on the iOS platform.

GST Enrollment

  • Migration Guide & FAQs
  • HSN Codes
  • SAC codes
  • Documentation for GST Enrollment
  • Register

GST Essentials

  • GST Background
  • Journey so far
  • Compliance with Returns
  • GST & Ease of doing business
  • Key highlights of the Model GST law
  • Refunds under GST

GST product and services offering by KARVY

  • GST practitioner
  • GST services
  • Vendor management solution
  • PAAS- Hardware with Accounting and ASP services
  • And more


Repository – Knowledge Hub provide info about GST Topics

And More…



 Karvy GST gst mobile app know about gst bill and gst tax


 Karvy GST gst mobile app know about gst bill and gst tax gst registration


GST Helpline (HSN/SAC Code with Rates & Cess)

GST Helpline App is another one of the good mobile GST apps that provide all dynamic solution for all the GST related questions and queries. It also news and articles related to GST along forum to provide GST awareness.  Overall, GST Helpline App is a step-ahead to the GST Suvidha Provider with the various added qualities. The App is available for Android (LINK) and iPhone iOS (LINK).

GST Helpline GST mobile App Features :

  • GST HSN Code – Complete list of HSN code at a single click.
  • Category-wise GST Forum – Allows you to discuss GST related queries and get answered by experts
  • Final GST Rates – Check-out GST rates on various products
  • GST Quiz – For the most liked answer a winner will be awarded a Coupon of worth INR 500 on a weekly basis
  • Latest News Updates – Be updated with latest GST news at anytime anywhere
  •  Access to Offline GST App
  •  GST latest news
  • GST rules
  • Open discussion forum
  • GST invoices,
  • GST Bill
  • GST Calculator
  • Final GST rates
  • GST Cess Rate
  • GST forms,
  • GST audits
  • GST acts in multiple languages.
  • All the information comes straight from official government sources to our GST mobile app with GST certification.
  • The GST Council along with CBEC prepared CGST, IGST & SGST for different accountability of nation’s tax base.
  • GST Network ( GSTN ) will be the official portal for all the taxpayers to upload their filing returns.
  • GST SAC code and HSN calculator.

GST Helpline HSN SAC Code with Rates & Cess GST rules, open discussion forum, GST invoices, GST Bill, GST Calculator, final GST rates, GST Cess Rate, GST forms, GST audits and GST acts in multiple languages.

ClearTax GST

Clear GST is a great platform for GST just like Tally available in both online desktop and mobile app version. But as compared the Clear Tax GST app is more about sharing knowledge about GST whereas Tally is likely more into business and the same reflecting in the app. In this GST mobile app, you get almost everything which you need to understand the GST. It takes you through GST webinars, GST videos, GST articles and more. The two features of this mobile app are still in developing stage and shows coming soon message as you can see in the below-given screenshots. These two features are: one is to determine different things such as Time of supply of Goods, Place of supply of goods, TCS on GST – Determination, State registration and more, while the second one is GST forum. The ClearTax GST mobile app is only available for Android (link) only and still not available on the iOS platform.  No Google advertisements in the app.

Best gst mobile app clear tax in india gst registration app clear tax in india

India – GST(Goods And Services Tax Act)

It is another great GST mobile app that the help to update knowledge about the changes in GST act and rules, gives job opportunities, discussion forum and more. The app interface is quite good and straight forward just the GST mobiles apps mentioned above.

The App is available only for Android (LINK)users.

GST India APP Features: 

  • Discussion Forum
  • GST Knowledge and Solution
  • View data section wise / Chapter wise
  • Goods And Services Tax Act in digital format
  • GST Act: Draft first law, GST rule, GST schedule, FAQ, and Format.


CBEC GST Goods and Services Tax mobile app gives you the information on migration to GST, draft GST laws and rules, FAQs, Latest Updates etc.  It also has publishes an official application in order to familiarize taxpayers and to ensure a smooth transition to GST Goods and Services Tax. Also in the resource section, you can find important videos related to GST. Talking about the app interface that is good but a little bit sluggish and not much responsive.

The available only for Android (LINK) users.

CBEC GST Goods and Services Tax mobile GST apps

Tally For GST App

Tally has a big name in the accounting and financial software world.  After implementing the GST in India the Tally has also launched its Tally for GST mobile app and desktop application. In terms of GST mobile app Tally has done, moreover, they are also one of the GSPs registered with GSTN.  The user interface of the app is very clean and easy to use. The information related to GST available on the app is in simple language and easy to understand. Also, you get the latest GST news and its impact.  After installing the Tally GST app, first, you need to register it using the mobile number or email which little bit wired and it’s like they are generating user database. Moreover, the app is not providing as much information about the GST like ClearTax is. The Tally GST mobile app is available for both Android (LINK) and iOS (LINK)platforms.  No Google advertisements in the app.

Tally for GST mobile app for understanding gst number in india

Tally For GST income tax return filing, tax return filing, IT Return filing, income tax return filing services


India GST Calculator

This app is simple and helps most India’s local population and businessman to calculate all 4 GST tax rates at your fingertips.

You can download this GST app from Android (LINK)

 GST Bill Hindi GST mobile app


Deloitte India GST Connect

In all GST mobile apps mentioned above, the Deloitte GST mobile App is from one of the GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) i.e Deloitte accounting and very simple.

Deloitte mainly serves the enterprise clients, that why we had ve including their app. The Deloitte GST mobile app is very basic and just provide news and articles related to GST.  Overall the app interface is also dull.

The best part of the app is that it is available for all popular mobile platform. You need to do registration before using this app. It’s available on Android (LINK),  Windows (LINK) and iPhone iOS

Features of Deloitte India GST connect app

  • The latest news on GST in India
  • Latest Deloitte newsletters and publications on GST
  • Latest articles are written by Deloitte professions on GST
  • Register for upcoming Dbriefs
  • Know more about Deloitte India’s Indirect Tax partners and get in touch with them


Deloitte GST mobile App is from one of the GST Suvidha Provider GSPs Deloitte accounting.

Deloitte GST mobile App GST Suvidha Provider GSPs Deloitte accounting.



 So, these are some well known GST mobile apps available in the market right now. If you think we missed out something or some app please free to ask using the comment section. 

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