Top 11 beautiful Linux Distros with best UI (User interface)

Linux is the open platform, and you can choose the best distro by considering every single element of the distribution. Furthermore, you can also change a number of useful elements within your Linux distribution, which is yet another cool aspect of using a Linux distro. But, if your first priority of getting a Linux distribution with best and beautiful  UI (user interface), there are a handful of Linux distributions that you can choose from. Depending upon what exactly you are looking for, you can get a Linux distribution that resembles the user interface of Windows and Mac, the two most popular proprietary operating systems in the market.

But, there are also a number of Linux distributions that sport a completely different user interface, which most people also love. But at the core, every single distribution is running the Linux kernel, and thus, even if you switch from one distro to the other, you will always feel at home, as everything else, other than the user interface is the same. Instead of switching to a new distro altogether, you can also install another desktop environment and start enjoying a different flavor of Linux. But, I will talk about the top Linux distributions with the best user interfaces that you can start using now.

List of Linux Distros with best UI

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the top Linux distributions with the best UI. However, the most popular Linux Distros share common Linux desktop environment or user interface such as GNOME, KDE and more…  Apart from this list, you can go for most stable Linux distro. Looking of penetration testing? Then go for Linux distribution for hacking, Not want to use Windows 7 then see the Linux alternatives for Windows and last for those have an old computer and wants lightweight Linux distros.

Zorin OS

The name starts with Z, but it is the first one in the list of the Linux distributions with the best user interface. With the familiar installation method, and is based on Ubuntu, Zorin OS is one of the best Linux distributions that have the most stunning user interface, you will immediately fall in love with. As it is based on Ubuntu, you can download all your favorite apps on Zorin with the regular commands, once you are on the Terminal. Did I forget to say, Zorin OS also comes with the Wine compatibility mode to run all your useful Windows programs!

Zorin OS Linux distro with windows like best UI
Zorin OS Linux distro with windows like best UI

In spite of all, Zorin OS also comes with a rich set of applications most users will need, and it comes with GNOME desktop to run on your new, as well as run of the mill hardware. The user interface might not be the same as that of Windows, but you can find a lot of similarities with the user interface of Windows, which is worth mentioning. The distribution is quite stable if you are worrying, and there is a large community of users, who are always willing to help you, just in case you face problems running Zorin OS.

Download Zorin OS

KDE Neon

If you find yourself familiar with the KDE desktop environment on Linux, KDE Neon is the one the Linux distribution with the best UI for you. Just like most other KDE-based distributions of Linux, you can find the most useful software packages that come pre-installed with most other KDE-based distributions of Linux. Furthermore, KDE Neon is based on the LTS-based distribution of Linux,  and the flat themes also take the user interface to a whole new level. The additional advantages of KDE Neon include some useful widgets to take care of your productivity even after being user-friendly.

KDE Neon one the Linux distribution with best UI
KDE Neon one the Linux distribution with best UI

There are actually a handful of widgets that you can choose from that include everything from a clock to sticky notes, activity bar, and everything else that you will need, all with the option to even get new widgets from time to time. As the distribution is based on Ubuntu LTS, it comes with all the modern functionalities, and you will never have to worry about the stability of the distro.

As the software packages that you get from this particular Linux distribution are pretty amazing, and you can get updates for all the software bugs from time to time, there is no doubt  KDE Neon is the best suit as your daily driver, if the best user interface is always your priority. 

KDE Neon Download

Deepin distro with best Linux UI

Deepin is another popular Chinese Linux distribution that also offers a beautiful user interface and they keep developing the distribution from time to time to add new features and make the operating system easier to use. If you run Deepin on relatively powerful hardware, you can find out how beautiful the operating system is as it comes with a glass-like user interface that offers transparency and blurring effects like no other distributions of Linux. Rabbit also comes with its own individual desktop environment, the Deepin Desktop Environment, aka. DDE.

Deepin Linux with best user friendly interface distro
Deepin Linux with best user-friendly interface distro

Furthermore, Deepin comes with a number of other useful UI tweaks that come with support for gestures to make the user interface the best ever. Additionally, there is also the option to use hot corners like that of Windows 8, which can help you carry out a number of useful tasks right from the corners. The easy installer also makes sure that you will never face any kind of problem at the time of installation and the Deepin Store comes with the number of Hidden Gems that you can’t even find in the Ubuntu Store. If you are looking for an innovative set of features in your distribution with those cool visuals, just close your eyes and go for Deepin.

Deepin Download

Elementary OS

If you are a normal user, who is willing to give up on Windows or Mac and is planning to switch to Linux, but your top priority is the best ever user interface, elementary OS is the one that you can count on. I will not brag about the developer-friendly features available on the elementary OS as this particular Linux distribution is targeted towards normal users who want to use their computer for normal day to day tasks, and do not look out for advanced features most other Linux distributions has to offer. You can choose from and a wide array of themes and you can also download the apps available for Ubuntu.

Elementary OS as Linux replacement of macOS and windows gui
Elementary OS as Linux replacement of macOS and windows GUI

The wide selection of  Ubuntu apps and themes make elementary OS one of the most functional Linux distributions of the generation. You can call elementary OS  the best replacement for both macOS as well as Windows. Unlike most other distributions of Linux, which is based on Ubuntu, elementary OS does not come with a number of pre-installed Ubuntu apps, but it packs in a number of useful alternatives which is far lightweight compared to that of the same apps available for Ubuntu.

Elementary OS comes with the Pantheon Desktop Environment that might not be the lightweight desktop environment, but it should easily run on most modern computers even if it doesn’t have the cutting edge hardware. Just give elementary OS and try and you will love it.

Download Elementary OS

Solus OS

If you are fond of trying out new Linux distributions from time to time and you keep track of the modern Linux distributions with the best ever user interface, you can try out Solus OS. It is one of the fastest-growing Linux distributions even after offering a minimalistic yet beautiful user interface that offers the modern flat look most users adore. The Budgie Desktop Environment is one of the best ever Linux desktop environments.  Solus OS is based on GNOME, but the shell isn’t there. There is a regular menu, where you can get access to all the applications available within the distribution.

Solus OS Linux distro
Solus OS Linux distro UI

Just like  Ubuntu, on the top right corner of the screen, you can get access to a few of the most useful system applets like Wi-Fi and network connectivity, battery, notifications and everything else that you want to quickly access. Apart from the official repository, you can also download apps from Snap repository which also comes with a number of Windows and other useful apps, that is something most users will find in handy. Solus OS should work exactly the way you want, right out of the box, and thus, you will never have to make a lot of modifications before you can get started with Solus OS.

Get Solus OS

Feren OS

If you are familiar with Linux Mint, you will feel at home with the Feren OS distribution, which is based on Linux Mint and has similar kind of Linux distro UI. However, unlike Linux Mint, Feren OS is a better distribution of Linux which has been developed by tweaking the Cinnamon desktop environment which is used on Linux mint. If you are switching from Windows and you never have used the Linux Mint distribution, you will still feel at home with the Feren OS distribution. Just like Windows, you can also find a start menu alternative along with the taskbar icons and a system tray displays a lot of information about your system.

Even if you are coming from Mac OS, the user interface will not disappoint you come as well, as all the items in the menu, which is similar to the start menu on Windows also have submenus, where you can find additional options associated with a particular item. You can change the icons, background, and everything else just like most other Linux distributions.

Feren OS Linux Mint like UI
Feren OS Linux Mint like UI

If a  modern look is something that you look for within your Linux distribution, Feren OS is exactly where your search ends, as it has a familiar desktop environment that features a clean and flat design which will be a treat to the eyes for most users.

Download Feren OS


If you are fond of using Ubuntu but are going to play games, Pop!_OS is the perfect and the youngest Linux distribution that you can use. As I am talking about the most beautiful distributions of Linux, Pop!_OS is also not an exception to that.  Pop!_OS is based on the GNOME Desktop Environment Linux user interface, which offers a completely new desktop experience to the users, even after being based on Ubuntu. The distribution has some of its issues, but Pop!_OS keeps getting new updates, which promises potential bug fixes from time to time.

Pop!_OS is a  fantastic distribution of Linux which comes with a lot of new color themes and if you are into gaming, it is optimized for the latest AMD and Nvidia graphics cards to offer you a great giving performance. If you are familiar with Ubuntu you can feel at home with Pop!_OS, even after Pop!_OS being based on GNOME. 

POP OS with GNOME User interface
POP OS with GNOME User interface

After offering a fresh look to the users, Pop!_OS also comes with the most useful programs which will be handy, and the existing set of apps with Pop!_OS makes the operating system ready to use out-of-the-box. Pop!_OS doesn’t come with unwanted user interface elements, which is yet another reason you can easily get started with  Pop!_OS distribution of Linux.


Maui Linux

Another beautiful Linux distribution in my list is Maui Linux, which was first developed back in 2016 by the developers of the Netrunner. The team of developers converted the Netrunner distribution of Linux based on Ubuntu to Maui Linux and the present distribution is based on KDE Neon. When it comes to the software part, the software packs come from KDE Applications, KDE Plasma, Frameworks, and Qt libraries. Even though Maui Linux is based on KDE Neon, there are also certain applications, which are not based on KDE  that include Firefox, Thunderbird and a number of other popular applications.

Maui Linux is an LTS version of Linux, which ensures,  the distribution gets security updates for a long time, which is something most users look out for. Talking about the user interface which is the most basic element, when it comes to the most beautiful distributions of Linux,  Maui Linux comes with an alternative to the Start menu on Windows, and there are also desktop icons which you can rearrange or add as per your requirements.
Just like Windows, you can also get a system tray, where you can get access to the most important settings of the distribution very quickly with just a single click. Maui Linux might not be a very popular distribution of Linux but you should definitely try out to find out whether it suits you.

Maui Linux distro based on KDE neon
Maui Linux distro based on KDE neon

So, that was my list of the top 10 distributions of Linux with the best user interface. But if you are new to Linux you should not prioritize a beautiful user interface over everything else as you should also look at a number of other aspects, when it comes to choosing a distribution. However, if you are familiar with Linux, you are at liberty to choose the most beautiful distribution of Linux from the list given here.

 Download Maui Linux


Nitrux Linux distro’s UI is somewhat similar to Elementary OS but with new tint. It is also powered by Ubuntu and uses the KDE desktop environment along with QT to give the best possible user experience. It uses the Calamares, a system independent installer, and NX Desktop with NX Firewall on top of the KDE Plasma 5 desktop.

Out of the box, the Nitrux comes with all tools that we need in our daily usage, from PDF reader to photo editor everything is there.

Nitrux Linux distro’s UI screenshot
Nitrux Linux distro’s UI screenshot

Another thing worth to mention that it uses a free and modular front-end framework which allows it to adopt the screen size seamlessly. Furthermore, to install various packages without thinking much about dependencies it uses AppImage.

Get the Nitrux ISO

eXtern OS – A NodeJS Based

Do you want to try out some new Linux desktop environment user interface then laid down your hands on eXtern OS?

It is yet in the beta stage however with an interface that derails from the traditional operating system UI path. eXtern OS is powered by Javascript and has complete support for Node.js APIs thus providing unique a Linux distro with one of the best GUI.

However, it is still in the beta stage thus refrain from using git in production but worth giving one try at least.

Get eXtern OS beta


The next one in the list is Antergos, which is yet another beautiful Linux distribution, but this time it is based on Manjaro Linux, which is an Arch-based distribution of Linux that you can count on.

Note: This Linux discontinued in 2019 and here just for knowledge purpose…

With the first look of the operating system, you can find out it is one of the most visually appealing distributions of Linux and talking about the desktop environment that comes pre-installed, it is GNOME 3 that is liked by a number of users in the Linux community for its beauty, and the ease of usage. Simplicity is the key aspect that the developers had kept in mind while developing Antergos.

Antergos linux

Antergos is ready out-of-the-box, and you will not have to carry out a lot of additional tasks to make it usable, and the distribution also comes with some exclusive icons and themes, derived from the Numix project.  Antergos is a very simple-to-use Linux distribution and you can get rolling updates which is something most users look for. Just like most other Linux distributions, Antergos is backed by a huge community of enthusiasts, the out of the box experience is pretty good, and in most cases, you will never even need to install any additional programs to get started on this distribution.

Antergos Download 

Do you want to add any other great distribution of Linux which is really beautiful? Feel free to comment on the same below.