Top 10 Telegram bots you should start using in 2023

Telegram might not be the first choice when it comes to apps for communicating with others, but it has uncountable useful features, which most people find handy in everyday situations. One such feature is the ability to use Telegram bots. If you are hearing this term for the first time, let me first explain it in simple words. 

Best Useful Telegram bots – 2023

Telegram bots are small programs that can carry out simple to complex everyday tasks and make your workflow easier. Just like Telegram itself, Telegram bots are free to use, if the developer is not imposing a fee. You can access the bots just like you access regular conversations on Telegram.

So, here are the top 10 Telegram bots you should start using today and make your life simpler.

Disposable mail bot

How often do you come across situations when you need to use a service, but you have to end up signing up with your email address to avail of the service? 

If we no longer intend to use the service in the future, the company still has our email address, which is later used to spam us. So, it is better to use a disposable email address. Some apps and services can give you a disposable mail address, but you don’t need them anymore.

Simply use the Telegram bot that also offers the same functionality. Once you get the disposable email address and sign up for services using the same address, you can get the emails right within the conversation on Telegram. So, give the bot a try.

Disposable mail bot

File converter bot


We often need to convert a file from one format to the other, and based on the type of file, we have to use different apps for different file types. Here’s when the following Telegram bot comes into play. What the following bot does is, recommend conversion options based on the file type.

Say, for example, you have an image file. The following bot will recommend different image file types like PNG, GIF, BMP, WEBP, etc. to convert your image to the preferred format. Likewise, if you have a video clip, you will get options to convert the file to MKV, AVI, 3GP, MPG, etc., and so on. Also Learn: How to Download Youtube videos using Telegram

Currently, the Telegram File Converter bot supports video, image, audio files, documents, presentations, ebooks, fonts, and subtitle files. Hopefully, support for more file types will be added in the future.

File converter bot

URL Uploader X


We often come across interesting things on the Internet that we intend to download. However, due to the unavailability of data or inadequate download speeds, we might not be able to download the file at the same moment we find them. Here’s when the URL Uploader X bot comes into play.

With this bot, you can directly send the file URL to the bot and it will hence download the file to the bot’s server that will not use your data. Later, the bot will offer a mirror link so that you can download it when you are ready.

This way you can download the file to your smartphone at any time, even if the file at the source is deleted. So keep surfing the web with limited data, and download it when you are connected to Wi-Fi or have adequate data to download. LearnHow to Delete your Telegram Account Permanently in 2023

URL Uploader X TBot

Truecaller Telegram Bot


The one-stop caller identification service Truecaller doesn’t need an introduction. However, if you want to use the service, but don’t want to download the app, for several reasons, the following Telegram bot on Telegram comes in handy.

With the Truecaller bot, simply send the number and see the magic. Truecaller bot will search for the number in the Truecaller database and will hence return the name of the caller, along with the email ID.

While you can look up just one number in an hour, you can log in with your Truecaller credentials with an OTP to get unlimited searches just like the Truecaller app and get over the stringent limitation. 

Truecaller telegram Bot

Open in WhatsApp


Time and again we come across situations when we need to send messages on WhatsApp to a non-contact. While several third-party apps help us in sending WhatsApp messages to users without saving their numbers, no need to use them anymore.

With the following Telegram bot, you just need to send the mobile number with the country code to Telegram. You will instantly get a link that you can follow to open the conversation with that number on WhatsApp.

So no longer use third-party apps, and no need to add strangers to your contact list merely to send a one-time WhatsApp message.  I am pretty sure this is the solution most people search for!

Open in WhatsApp Bot

Image to Text Bot


Several apps and services these days offer the ability to extract text from images so that you can copy the same and carry out tasks that you can do with texts. While some of them are free, some apps offer this basic functionality at a cost.

Here’s when the Image to Text Telegram bot comes in handy. Simply send the image to the bot, select the language, and wait for this bot to extract the text for you. Currently, several international languages like Russian, Czech, Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. are supported besides English, you can pay the developer to unlock additional languages.

I haven’t paid the developer and hence can’t vouch for the text-extracting abilities in regional languages. But, if you need to extract English texts from photos quite often, this bot is the best for you.

Image to Text Bot OCR

Gamee Bot for Telegram


The days are gone when you need to have enough space on your phone to download games and play them. With the Gamee bot, you can find a plethora of games across diverse genres. A few of the best games that you can play on Gamee bot include Lumberjack, Neon Blaster, math games, and many more.

If you are a serious game, you cannot fulfill your appetite with these games, but if you are looking for some time pass, or looking for some games while standing in a long queue, all these games on the Gamee bot are for you. You can’t just play alone, but you can also challenge your friends and make the overall experience even more fun.

Gamee Telegram bot free

Text-to-speech converter


Do you often come across situations when you need to convert some text to speech? While several services can help you do that, but, the following text-to-speech converter bot on Telegram offers the simplest solution for this purpose.

With a Text to Speech converter bot, you just need to send the text that is supposed to be converted to speech and wait for the bot to deliver the output in MP3 format.

Based on the size of the text, the process might take a while, but this Telegram bot can come in handy if you want the speech file corresponding to some text.

Text to speech converter Bot



Looking for the cheapest flight tickets? You might not be a frequent flier, but if at any point in time, you want to travel on a flight, the following AirTrack Telegram bot can offer the best air tickets at the cheapest rates ever.

Get started by entering some basic details, like your country, currency, language, source, destination, and date, which are obvious, and get the results right in the chat. AirTrack displays results from Skyscanner, which might not offer magical rates but several times I got tickets at prices lesser than what Google Flights offers.

If you are looking for the cheapest flights it makes enough sense to search on different portals. So, give the AirTrack bot a try, and you might get the ticket you have been looking for.

AirTrack Telegram bot

Amazon Price Tracker


Nothing is better than getting your favorite product at a massive discount. However, due to work and other activities, we can’t purchase a product at the lowest possible price, simply because we aren’t informed at the right time.

Hence we end up buying the product at an inflated price, missing the limited-time offer. Here’s when the Amazon Price Tracker bot on Telegram comes in handy. Simply send the link for the product to this bot, and you will get notifications while the price drops.

There are also options to get notified when the price reaches the limit set by you. Yes, there are extensions and websites these days that can help you track the price for your preferred products, but nothing is better than this bot as you can get notifications right within the app so that you can order the products anytime anywhere.

Amazon Price Tracker

Ending Note:

So, that was the list of the top 10 Telegram bots that you should start using. But how safe are these bots? Should you send any private information to these bots or not?

Talking about the encryption on Telegram, chats are end-to-end encrypted only in the case of secret messages. In the case of conversation with Telegram bots, the messages are not secret, and the messages need to be seen by the bots to deliver the output.

These bots are managed by individual developers, so I will better recommend you not submit any private or sensitive information. But that doesn’t mean Telegram bots are unsafe. You can use the Telegram bots within safe limits for different purposes as most bots I have mentioned here don’t require sensitive information.

So, that’s all about the top 10 Telegram bots. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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