8 Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Android in 2023

Piracy is the first thing that usually comes to mind when discussing torrents, however, the process of torrenting isn’t illegal on its own. It is actually the illegal files like pirated games and movies which account for torrenting’s bad reputation. Assuming that we only use torrents for legal files, it can be a great help for exploring and downloading a lot of fun stuff.

It is the consensus that you need a PC for torrenting, however, all modern smartphones are capable of downloading torrents as well. As is the case with PCs, you will need a torrent downloader to let you access the magnet links containing the torrent files.

Best Torrenting app for Android

Here we discuss the best torrent downloading clients that you should check out for your Android smartphone.

1. BitLord


First on the list is BitLord. This android torrent downloader is free and offers additional features on top of being free. BitLord is a free torrent downloader with a built-in torrent search feature.

You can play your video and audio files directly in the BitLord app with the built-in audio and video player integrated into the app. Moreover, you can directly Chromecast your multimedia files to any device that supports Chromecast.

The Wi-Fi-only mode is also great if you don’t want to accidentally use your mobile data for downloading torrent files. The only caveat with BitLord is that integrating more features makes it slightly heavy on the system hardware. Although, the app shouldn’t be a problem if you have a capable smartphone with a decent memory.

2. TorrDroid


If you need a torrent downloader with no ads and a great search engine for hassle-free torrent searches, TorrDroid is the way to go. Ads are usually a major problem when using torrent downloader apps and you often need to pay a subscription fee to keep the app ad-free. Moreover, TorrDroid is one of the most lightweight torrent solutions available for Android.

The in-app torrent search feature makes sure that you find all your files inside the app itself. In our testing, we found the search results to work most of the time when searching for popular files. However, you may struggle to find regional and less-known stuff. Coming to the downloading part, the app performed well and the download speeds were consistent.

You should note that the quality of the magnet links has a huge influence on the download speeds.

3. Libre Torrent

Libre Torrent is yet another free but best torrent downloader for Android with all the things that make it a solid bet. First up, you get an ad-free experience just like TorrDroid with some additional perks. Libre Torrent is also based on the open-source Libtorrent source code which makes it one of the safest and the most transparent torrent downloaders in the Android space.

Another great thing about Libre Torrent is that it is extremely light on your system hardware and disk space. You can also view detailed stats about your ongoing downloads such as peers, seeds, share ratio, download speed, and more.

Not having the in-built search option sure cuts a few points but overall the downloader plays out well in other aspects.

4. Flud Torrent Downloader

Flud Torrent Downloader

Next on the list is the Flud Torrent downloader Android app. Flud is free to download and use, however, you will notice ads inside the UI. You can pay the $1.49/month subscription fee to remove the ads.

Coming to the app’s feature set, Flud comes with a clean and easy-to-understand UI.

The download speeds on this torrent downloader were impressive in our internal testing but as mentioned above, the download speeds might vary due to the quality of the magnet link.

Flud too supports the Wi-Fi-only mode and supports a vast array of inputs such as magnet links, RSS feeds uTP, DTH, and more.

Some of the additional features include encryption, Proxy support, and IP filtering.

Overall, Flud is a great torrent downloader but if you want some additional features other than barebone torrent downloading. However, with a varied feature set comes hardware demand and also ads in Flud’s case.

5. uTorrent for Android

µTorrent Torrent Downloader

If you have ever torrented on PC, you must know the name uTorrent. In its prime, uTorrent used to manage almost all of the torrenting done in the 2010-2013 era. However, things took a turn when the brand was found involved in crypto mining without user consent.

Anyways, the app is now available for Android users with the same name. Also, the app is now cleaner and free of all malicious code for both PC and Android.

Coming to its features, uTorrent comes with a feature-packed UI that includes the support to change the maximum number of simultaneous torrent downloads.

You can also create a playlist of the concurrently downloading torrents and play them in the order of your choice. Similar to the previous downloaders on the list, you get a Wi-Fi mode with uTorrent.

Additionally, you can play the downloaded videos and audio files through the in-built media player.

Overall, uTorrent is a great option however its previous reputation might raise some eyebrows. Moreover, the ad-filled UI can easily become annoying.

6. MediaGet – torrent client

MediaGet torrent client

MediaGet is what you get when a torrent downloader meets Netflix. Think of what makes an app like Netflix special. The excellent way of presenting their content collection on the homepage might be one of the most significant reasons. Now imagine that same Netflix-style content catalog but on a torrent downloader. All you need to do is to select what you want to watch and just download the movie or series.

You can even subscribe to an ongoing series and choose to automatically download the next episodes when available.

Other than the catalog part, the torrent download is basic but doesn’t lack any essential features.

You should definitely go with MediaGet if downloading movies and similar video-based content is your topmost priority. However, you may go with something like TorrDroid or BitLord if you need a powerful torrent downloader.

7. nzb360

nzb360 Sonarr Radarr SAB

If you want an app that fulfills all your torrent-related concerns, nzb360 might just be for you. Apart from being a capable Android torrent downloader, nbz360 packs a ton of integrations like uTorrent, qBittorent, SABnzb, and a lot more. With these integrations, you can directly manage all your torrent files from other torrent downloaders.

Additionally, you get a Radarr integration which brings you an entire library of video content from around the internet. The library includes trending movies, web shows, tv shows, anime, and more.

The app is so heavily reliant on the secondary stuff that the torrent downloading part feels a bit underpowered.

You should definitely go with nzb360 if you are an avid torrent user and need an all-in-one app that handles everything under one roof.

The ads might become annoying for some and the subscription price of $10 per month is exceptionally higher than the industry average.

8. tTorrent

Torrent Lite Torrent Client

tTorrent is that underdog best torrent Android downloader that has all the functionality that one might need in a small yet powerful package. It gives you the power to download multiple torrent files at once, change the basic download settings such as the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, and toggle the Wi-Fi-only mode.

Other than this, the app supports encryption and support for Transandroid. torrent supports most file formats and sports a modern UI. The app simply checks every tick box when it comes to choosing a torrent downloader. However, it is not an ad-free experience and you will need to pay around $2 per month to remove the ads.

Final Words

Android is very well capable of full-fledged torrenting and the huge array of torrent downloaders only makes it easier for users to use their smartphones for torrenting. Broadly speaking, ad-free apps like BitLord, LibreTorrent, and TorrDroid are perfect if you need a basic torrent downloader without the fancy features. Apps like uTorrent and Flud are great if you want some extra features and a more focused torrent downloader with some ads in the UI. Apps like MediaGet and nzb360 are great if you wish to have video content integrated into the torrent downloader.

Let us know what you felt about our selection of apps and do try out these apps if you like them!