Top Six Gmail Add on for Business & Professionals

If you are a professional who solely works from home, or if you do own a business and work with a team, no doubt you need to communicate with many people from your desk itself for the purpose of work. Because of this many people would have chosen Gmail due to its simplicity and flexibility of services. Gmail is very dependable and the most used e-mail service provider around the world.

To ease the working of users, the Gmail itself comes with many standard tools whereas to extend the functionalities add-on options are available. However, if you are professional then you would be needing professional quality tools with the best utility. The best thing there are dozens of professional tools like e-mail organizers, CRM, Schedule Organizer with the best quality services and highest productivity are available for Gmail. But you need to get the right tools and services from the add-on store.

In this article, we are discussing some of the best in class Gmail add on to suffice your professional and business needs.

1. Gmelius

With Gmelius, you can supercharge your Gmail inbox and turn it into a productive powerhouse. I discovered out about Gmelius earlier this week while looking for some CRM as Gmail extension.

Gmelius proffesional add on for Gmail

Key Features

• Sales Automation
• Email Tracking
• Email Sequencing
• Scheduling and Recurring Emails
• Email Marketing Campaigns
• Smart follow-ups
• CRM integration
• Markdown
• GIFs and Un-subscribers support


• Email Sharing
• Shared Labels
• Kanban Boards
• Email Templates
• Email Notes


• Email Stamping
• Trackers Detection


• Free Plan – free forever, limited email scheduling and follow-ups, 1 Kanban board, up to 5 email templates, and other basic features
• Sales Plan – at $9 per user/month, unlimited everything, doesn’t include email sharing and shared inboxes
• Team Plan – at $14 per user/month, unlimited everything including shared inboxes and email sharing
• CRM – at $20 per user/month, unlimited everything, priority support, multi-staged campaigns and advanced team email activity reporting

Verdict – Editor’s Choice as the Best Gmail Add-on

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2. Dropbox for Gmail

Dropbox isn’t any stranger to any person, as it’s quite famous among folks who deal in documents through their e-mails frequently. If you did not recognize it then you can add it to your Gmail, to test it out.

Dropbox for Gmail


• Share links and files without having to actually send them
• Share links and files with your team, instantly
• Edit documents and folders and allow them to save automatically
• Have all your important documents in one safe place
• Back up all your important files, have as much storage as you need


• Two-factor authentication
• Encrypted information
• File recovery and version history


• Dropbox Basic – It’s free, and it offers enough storage space for an average user
• 100 GB will cost you $9.99 per month
• 200 GB will cost you $19.99 per month
• 500 GB will cost you $49.99 per month

Verdict – Best Gmail add-on for cloud storage

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3. Trello

There’s a motive why so many people consider Trello to be one of the first-class Gmail extensions: Trello lets you live prepared, on a pinnacle of everything you need to do, and manage your work and duties while not having to leave the Gmail app.

Trello for Gmail


• Share files and links with your team instantly
• Create lists, and allow others to mark completed tasks
• Add comments to your team’s board
• Add labels and due dates to your team’s board


• Trello is SOC2 Type 1 certified
• Automatic vulnerability detection scans every 7 days
• Safe data centers
• Akamai for DDoS protection
• All data is encrypted for security


• Free Version – You can use the Free version with your team if you only need the basic features.
• Business Class – $9.99 per month. It is recommended for big teams that need advanced features.

Verdict – One of the most professional email management systems

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4. Insightly CRM

If you’re on the hunt for first-rate Gmail apps, you could encounter Insightly. It offers a mission management software program and client relationship management for all types of businesses. In different words, it allows you to handle every component of your business without problems.

Key Features

• Track leads and manages sales opportunities
• History of any previous interaction with a customer
• Manage projects and orders
• Search for keywords across the app
• Assigns tasks, add comments and tags


• Share all the information with the rest of the team
• Allow others to see when there is a new note, tag, or order
• Receive notifications when something new shows up


• SSL security
• Uses existing Google accounts
• Single sign-out with a Google account
• Select manually who you add to your team


• Free – Up to two users can access this plan, and it offers basic features
• Plus – $29 monthly and it allows 100,000 records
• Professional – $49 monthly and it allows 250,000 records
• Enterprise – $99 monthly and it allows unlimited records

Verdict – The Best Gmail CRM for most people’s needs.

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5. Mojo Helpdesk

Mojo Helpdesk has excessive chances to be one of the excellent Gmail accessories for customer service. We all realize how complex it is able to be to keep up with all the tickets of customers who want your help.

Mojo Helpdesk

Key Features

• Tickets Management
• Custom ticket forms
• Ageing summary
• Time Tracking
• Email integration
• Custom views
• Storage management
• Dashboard metrics
• SLA targets


• Unlimited users
• The ability to access the same files
• Share files with your team
• Share notes, and comments, send tickets and tags


• Mini-Me – Free. It includes up to 3 agents, 2 custom forms, and 2 custom views as well as 2 canned responses.
• Mojo Professional – $29 per month. It includes up to 10 agents, 6 custom forms, 10 custom views as well as 6 canned responses.
• Mojo Enterprise – $99 per month. It includes up to 10 agents, unlimited custom forms, custom views, and canned responses.
• Mojo Unlimited – $399 per month. It includes unlimited agents and unlimited access to all features.

Verdict – A great helpdesk application within a tight budget for a small business.

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6. Zoom for Gmail

When someone talks about excellent Gmail apps, Zoom pops into my mind. This app allows you to talk with your team, your colleagues, or your clients without switching between apps. Go from a talk to a flawless video call in a count of seconds.

Key Features

• Flawless video calls
• Escalate from chat to video with ease
• Clear audio
• Instant sharing of files and documents
• Meetings and webinars


• Host and attend webinars
• Host and attend meetings with your team
• Build virtual conference rooms
• Up to 1.000 video participants and 10.000 viewers


• Work email, Google login, or single sign-on
• Secure socket layer
• Role-based access control
• Admin feature control


• Basic – Free. It is suitable for personal meetings, it can host up to 100 participants, it has a 40 minutes limit on group meetings, access to basic features.
• Pro – $14.99 per month. It is recommended for small teams. It has a 24 h limit on group meetings, it offers admin feature controls, reporting, a custom personal meeting ID, an assigned scheduler, and the option to add more than 100 participants.
• Business – $19.99 per month. It requires a minimum of 10 hosts. It has a lot of pro features such as dedicated phone support, admin dashboard, Vanity URL, Managed domain, and many others.
• Enterprise – $19.99 per month. It requires a minimum of 50 hosts. It includes up to 1000 participants, unlimited Cloud storage, Executive Business reviews, and Bundle discounts on Webinars and Zoom Rooms.

Verdict – A great tool to increase flawless communication among team members.

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