Why you should use WhatsApp Business even if you don’t have a business?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app most people use. There are better apps available for messaging, yet the popularity of WhatsApp is unbeatable as the user base is large and most people find themselves comfortable using WhatsApp, compared to any other messaging application. WhatsApp might not have all the necessary features, which most geeks and advanced users will look forward to, but it comes with the most basic to some advanced features, which most users will find in handy. With the said popularity of WhatsApp, it is not so long ago, the company introduced WhatsApp Business, which is more optimized for business users and it comes with some useful features, that can be useful for the business users. 

Just like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is also free to use which means, you can download and start using it for free, even if you do not have your own business. But why exactly, you should use WhatsApp Business, if the regular WhatsApp app is all that you need. WhatsApp Business comes with a ton of useful features, targeted to business users, but normal users can also find these features useful, for their work and to keep in touch with the seniors and other colleagues.

So, if you have two mobile numbers, one for personal use and the other for your work, you should use WhatsApp Business as the default WhatsApp for your work instead of using apps that can help you clone an app to use different accounts. You will definitely enjoy the benefits. So today I will talk about, how WhatsApp Business can be useful at your work even if you are not having your own business.

The benefits of using WhatsApp Business for regular users

Without any further delay, let’s get started with the advantages of WhatsApp Business over WhatsApp when it comes to official communication even for a regular user. Here is the official page link.

Advantages WhatsApp Business

Having a business Profile

Setting up a business profile is one important thing that you can do on WhatsApp Business. Even if you do not have a business and you work for an organization, setting up a business profile in your own way can be useful for your colleagues and other persons to easily get you. For example, if you are working in the sales profile, you can set up a business profile offering correct information about the type of business your company is offering along with your own email id and additional information associated with your organization and yourself as an individual.

However, one thing that you should remember is that you should definitely not present yourself as the owner of the business or the only representative, the customers or other persons can get in touch with when they have some problem or want to get something from you or your organization. You should prepare your business profile on WhatsApp Business in a way so that the other can have the idea that you are just an employee of the organization, working on behalf of the organization, who can offer only a set of services when they need one.

Assigning labels to chats on WhatsApp business app

When you are working in an organization, you have to come across different types of people and you have to prioritize them depending upon several aspects. The same should be the case when you are chatting with them using WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business comes with the option to assign labels to different chats so that, WhatsApp Business users can easily get in touch with users assigned to different types of labels and communicate accordingly.

On WhatsApp Business, you can also add new labels and you can assign labels to certain chats so that you can easily categorize the chats and communicate with them accordingly. For example, if there are new to employees in your organization, you can assign them a certain label, or you can also add a label to your seniors and so on. That way, you can keep other conversations at bay, when you need to talk with a certain set of users or employees to complete your project or discuss something really important.

Greeting messages

WhatsApp Business also comes with greeting messages, so that the other person can get a greeting message when he first messages a particular business. This might not be very useful for most normal users, using WhatsApp Business but you can use it. For example, if you get a message from your senior for the very first time, they will be glad if he gets an automatic greeting message. A greeting message can also be sent if you are not in touch with a particular user for around 14 days.

So, greeting messages all about the message that the other user gets when they message you for the very first time and you can set it up if you want to do full utilization of WhatsApp Business. Additionally, if you are in the sales profile in your organization, and a number of customers message you from time to time, this greeting message can also be useful to start building a cordial relationship with a new customer. You can customize and create your own greeting message so that the first step of building a relationship becomes victorious, whoever you are chatting with.

Quick replies

In several situations, several business users need to send the same message to several customers and that’s when the quick reply feature can come in handy. For example, if a business user wants to write a big Thanks message he can simply write ‘Thanks’, and the message will be replaced by the lengthy Thanks message that has assigned as a quick reply. You can also use this feature in a prudent way if you need to send the same message to several colleagues and clients at the same time.

For example, if a project cannot be completed in time due to some problems, and you need to intimate the same to several colleagues and your seniors, you can just write ‘Sorry’ and let quick reply do the rest. That will save a lot of your time. What you just need to do is, use the forward-slash or ‘/’, followed by the keyword, and you will get the option to send the full message to the other user. You can assign as many quick replies as you want and that is yet another great way you can use WhatsApp Business at your work.

Setting away messages

You already know about away emails, which are the email that automatically sent, when you are away from your work. The same is also available on WhatsApp Business and you can also use it as a regular user. If somebody tries to communicate with you through WhatsApp Business, you can set an away message just like that an email, so that the person, who is sending the message on WhatsApp can know, you are not in a position to communicate.

I don’t think it requires any introduction and it will work exactly the way it works in the case of emails. Unlike emails, with the help of away messages on WhatsApp Business, you can set an away message, for informal communications too. This way, the person messaging you can know that you are out and he can also know when you will be ready to give a reply if you set the number of days you will be away in the away message set by you.

So, there are a number of WhatsApp Business features, which normal users can use to make their work-life and informal communication a lot easier and effective. If you are using WhatsApp Business for some personal conversation with friends and family members, this might not be that effective. But, when it comes to business communication using WhatsApp Business, it is far better than using other ways to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. There are also a ton of other features, like the ability to see message statistics, create short links to allow the customers to communicate with you, prepare a product catalog, and those features can only be useful for business users. That is the reason, why I kept them away from the list.

So those were the different ways, you can use WhatsApp Business as a regular user, and make conversations more effective. Do you know any other way, WhatsApp Business can be used by regular users? Feel free to comment on the same below.