Add Accelerated Mobile pages to WordPress in just 1 Minute

Amp for WordPress makes not only your website load fast but also improve your ranking in Google. There are many plugins available to add Accelerated Mobile pages to WordPress but accidentally, I found an Amp plugin for WordPress that can add Amp/Accelerated mobile pages WordPress  instantly.  The name of that plugin is AMP Toolbox – Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress.

I have also written an article in which I had described, how to use AMP plugin by Automattic along Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP plugin but that’s not really worked so well. I have used  Yoast Amp WordPress plugin called Glue with AMP plugin on my website but I got many errors in my Google Analytics i.e. AMP pages not found. So I have removed both the plugins and start searching for some good AMP Plugin and finally, I got  the AMP Toolbox – Accelerated Mobile Pages Wordpress. Many peoples are using pagefrog for setting up an AMP and also on I have found a post in which they are recommended not to use pagefrog due to its complexity.

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About AMP Toolbox – Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress Plugin


This plugin will add  Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) functionality on your WordPress site Automatically. AMP-WP plugin is a plugin that needs to no configuration, just activate it and you are done.


  • Automatically integrate AMP to your website.
  • Google Adsense (AMP-AD) Support with 4 different Ad slots across the layout! The First Plugin to have this capability.
  • 7 Advertisement sizes
  • Google Analytics Support.
  • User-Friendly Theme Options Panel.
  • Unlimited Color Scheme.
  • Image Logo Upload.
  • Supports Posts and Pages.
  • Proper rel canonical tags which mean that Google knows the original page.
  • Overlay Navigation Menu bar.
  • Social Sharing in the Single.
  • Sexy Design.
  • Separate WordPress Menu for AMP version.
  • Page builder & Shortcodes Compatibility.
  • Carousel support for Gallery.
  • Better Image stretching and resizing.
  • Youtube Video Embed Support.
  • Vine Embed Support.
  • Twitter embed Support.
  • Instagram Embed Support.
  • Facebook Video Embed Support.
  • RTL Support
  • Custom AMP FrontPage
  • Notifications
  • Great Support & Active Development.



Now come to the point how to use the AMP Toolbox plugin to add Accelerated mobile pages functionality to your WordPress website.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on plugins-> Add new

Step 2: In the search box type AMP toolbox and the plugin will show.


Step 3: Click on install option. Once it installed click on activate.

Step 4: Now this plugin is required one more plugin to complete its functionality. After activating this plugin a notification will show to install another plugin called AMP-WP plugin. Just click on that and install it.

Step 5: Now on the left side of Admin dashboard you will see an option called AMP. Click AMP->Welcome.

How to use AMP-WP plugin AMP Toolbox

Step 6: The AMP dashboard will open, where you can set a logo for your amp pages. The size for AMP logo is 190×39.


Step 7:  If you want to change the color of you WordPress AMP pages, select the color from color scheme option. This amp-wp plugin also allows hiding some specific page or post from the AMP.

amp Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress

Step 8: Enable your notification option to show all your notifications on all AMP pages for cookie purpose, or anything else.


Step 9: Accelerated mobile strip down the advertisements from your pages to increase the speed of page loading. If you want to enable Adsense advertisements on AMP pages then this is the first and the only plugin allows you to show ads on you AMP pages.


Step 10: The second last option of the amp-wp plugin is single. The single option allows to enable or disable the posts meta of the website on your  Accelerated mobile pages of WordPress. Also, you can disable and enable the featured images in the post and pages on AMP WordPress pages.

amp-wordpress Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress

Step 11: If you are using some cache plugins, please clear the cache. Now it’s time to check your pages for AMP.

How to test if AMP is working or not?

After following above steps, you will see AMP indexed pages in the Google search console of your website under Accelerated Mobile pages. Just give Google  4-5 days to reflect the AMP indexed pages in the search console. To index, your AMP pages will use the amp tag and then it updates the search console.

How can I view the AMP version of my site

To view the AMP version, open the browser and open any post of your website and at the end of the link in the browser write /?amp.

For example, this post link is :    and for getting its amp version I will write/?amp at the end of the URL i.e.

Don’t worry about duplication of the content because that has been taken care of the canonical tag as suggested by Google.

Video Tutorial: How to use the AMP ToolBox plugin to add Accelerated Mobile pages to WordPress


I hope this you will like this Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress post. If you have any doubt or suggestion please do the comments.