4 Best Android Apps to Buy, Sell or Rent Properties in India

Nowadays, almost each and every thing is possible on the digital platform, and so is real estate. Yes, now you can buy, rent, or sell properties with a single click. All you need is an Android smartphone.

Top Android apps to search properties

So without any further delay, let start the list of best apps to use on Android phone to search properties in India.

Housing- Property Search and Real Estate app

This app is designed to help in finding your desired home in the best possible way. you can do a lot of things in this app. You can purchase or rent an apartment, villa, flats, and much more. So, if you happen to be a budding engineer just got placed in an IT firm or any other private organization away from your hometown, then you can definitely rely on this app to find a rented flat for you.

You will be provided with a lot of examples before you confirm your favorite one. You can view pictures and much more details of almost all the properties listed in it. It has its presence in almost all the major cities of  India and yes you can have a complete demonstration of the plot before you purchase or rent it. This small 13 MB size app has govt no in-app purchases and is completely free.

Housing Property Search Real Estate best Android App

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99ACRES Real Estate and Property 

One more app that helps you in your mission. It is one of the most famous such apps available in our favorite store. One of the most fantastic features of this app is that it covers most of the towns and cities in India, and you are almost sure to find your location in it. After you have registered in it, you can fill in all the relevant and necessary details and start your hunt. And yes, it has got something for everyone, as the properties in it range from low to high price, so it definitely cares about you and your budget.

You can have a glimpse of your dream flat virtually, and all the information regarding it before finalizing it. And yes, you have to pay nothing when it comes to the in-app purchases, isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is.

99acres Real Estate Property

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MagicBricks Property Search and Real Estate app

First of all, it also includes properties from many big and small cities of India, so remain assured that you are set to find your desired location in it. It has details of over twenty thousand such stuff in it. You can search for bungalows, villas, flats, floors, and also what most of the population searches for, and that is rent flats. After you are done choosing your perfect plot, then you can straight away contact the owner or the concerned authority and book a date for a personal tour of the plot.

The process is simple, easy, and clean, and you are sure to like the entire experience. And yes, you also get a lot of details and information about all the flats or apartments that you view in it, ranging from neighborhood, photos, budget, and so on. And you can also put your own property, flat, apartment, etc for sale or rent if you wish to, and then it will be made visible to millions of people out there and you are sure to find some of the potential buyers. One of the most majestic features of this app is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Magicbricks best Property Search app for Android

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Sale and Rent Property- TROVIT

This app can help you to find your dream house or even a rented apartment. First of all, after you have downloaded it, just enter the basic details, like – town, preferred locality, area of the flat, outlay of the flat, and your budget. Once you have entered those details, this app will work on that data and deliver you the results, and then you can view all the flats available and their price and you also get to witness the pictures of those properties, isn’t that amazing?

Well, it is, and yes, all thanks to the technology, after that you can get the address from the app, the contact number to reach out to your dream home and make it yours. In a very similar way, you can also put your flat/property for sale or rent on it. The in-app purchases in this app are of zero rupees as it is absolutely free.

Sale and Rent Property TROVIT

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Thus, these are the four best apps for you to buy, rent, or sell or put to rent your properties. Now, you no longer need to depend on any broker or middle-person and pay a lot of money for no reason, you can simply rely on these wonderful apps which will get your job done without even charging a single penny.

I know that a lot of people who work in IT and other private organizations have to move away from their comfort zones quite frequently, so, I do believe that you will find some help from these apps.

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