6 Popular Photo Editing Apps of 2021 for Android

Photo Editing apps have been one of the hottest trends during the lockdown as most of the people have downloaded them and tried to edit their pictures in the best possible way and share them in social media with various hashtags during the quarantine period.

Top Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2021

So, I am here with this article in which I have included some of the most popular and used apps of this category during the lockdown. Now, let me start this article without wasting your time.

PickU – Cutout Photo Editor & Background Eraser

PickU image editor 2020

This 31 MB size app is here for you and it is all set to blow your mind. You can play with your photos with the aid of this app. It allows you to do a lot of stuff with your pictures. You can easily change the background of your photos, and also remove and add whatever you wish to. And yes, this app comes loaded with many emojis, background samples for your pictures.

Furthermore, you can also do a lot of other professional-like stuff, which includes – blur effect almost like DSLR, focus effect, beauty effects, etc. Moreover, you can create a collage, add colors, adjust more details of your pics, and so on. The in-app purchases range from 80 to 2700 rupees.

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Face App- AI Editor 

FaceApp AI Face Editor Android

This app is also widely used by many photo fanatics out there, so you can also join them. One of the most astonishing things about this app is that it is simple and easy, all thanks to the user-friendly interface, which is surely going to attract you and grab your attention. You can change the color of your hair and also your hairstyle. You can also find and apply mustache and beard fashion from many options available. Furthermore, the background can be erased and a new one can be added with a single tap.

It also comes backed with various filters, including color filters, lens blur, beauty filters, and much more. Moreover, the AI-equipped in it is there to help always, you can also have a lot of fun, like – swapping genders, adding tattoos, letting AI decide what style suits you the most. You might be worried about the in-app purchases, they range from 130 to 3900 rupees.

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Background Eraser for Android

background eraser Android

This tiny 3 MB size app is here for you all. You can erase the background of your photos and make it transparent, and it is indeed amazing. Now, the resultants, that is the images with transparent background can be used as stamps along with other pictures, and it is very praiseworthy.

You can use them for professional work purposes or just for leisure. Let me shock you now with the fact that this very app has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

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Sweet Snap- Beauty Selfie and Face  

Sweet Snap make your face young on Android using this app

It is also one of the most used and trusted apps of this category and you will not regret your decision of grabbing it. This 31 MB size app offers you a lot of things that you can do with your pictures. You can make your GIF emojis and then have fun with them. In this way, you can create funny short video types of your photos and then share them on social media for fun. Furthermore, you can also add music and various themes to your short video to grab all that extra attention.

It comes backed with over twenty-eight hundred face stickers, with which you can further enhance the beauty and charm of your looks and style. It has got something for every background, no matter whether it is a hill, beach, valley, forest, and so on. And yes, are you not able to share your pictures due to skin issues like – acne, pimples, yellow teeth, dull eyes, etc. Then gone are those days, as this app will transform all your pictures into the way you have always wanted them to be. Moreover, it also comes loaded with a lot of other stuff which will give their best to improve the quality of your photos so that you can look flawless. If in-app purchases are in your mind, then let me clear it out, they range from 170 to 5000 rupees.

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DSLR Image Blur Background, Bokeh Effects Photo  

DSLR Image Blur app for Android

This 6 MB size-tiny app has made its way to our list and lets us now figure it out. You no longer need to be a professional photographer to add DSLR like blur effects in the background, rather you can get your job done. You can simply blur your pictures the way you want with this app and also do it in a little span of time.

Furthermore, you can simply touch any part or parts of your pics that you want to blur, and the rest of the part remains normal, in this way you can get it done as per your imagination. Moreover, you can simply select any photo from the gallery or click it from the camera app of your smartphone or tablet. The in-app purchase will shell off your pocket by 80 rupees.

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Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage maker

  Adobe Photoshop Express app for Android

One of the most trusted and used apps when it comes to the editing and modifying of photos, so how could it be left behind? You can make any corrections in your pictures and fix various distorted angles clicked by you. Furthermore, you can also limit the sharpness, color, brightness of your pics and also further enhance the quality of the details of your pictures. If you like to add blur effects, then this app is surely going to impress you.

It comes loaded with a lot of stickers, and related stuff, which you can employ in your photos and also customize your own to decorate the photos in the best possible ways as per you. It also comes loaded with a lot of other features and characteristics that will definitely grab your attention and amaze you a lot. Now, let me surprise you with the fact that it will cost you zero rupees when it comes to the in-app purchases.

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Thus, these are the six most popular and downloaded photo editing apps, and yes, all of you can surely look forward to downloading them. You can do a lot of things in these apps. I hope that after going through this article, most of you might have found the perfect apps, so what is the wait for? Just download it and start clicking.