8 Best Apps For Healthy, Social Seniors

With mobile apps on the rise, along with mobile technology in general, things like communication and exercise has been made easy, especially for seniors. At the same time, the health industry has evolved to better people, offering a wide range of health apps to benefit the masses, including seniors.

As a result, today’s seniors are more active than ever, since there are now plenty of apps to help maintain social interaction, track health and wellness, and sharpen the mind – anytime, anywhere.

Here are eight of the best apps that seniors can use to stay healthy and social. Also, you can find all of these on iOS and Android.

“Lumosity challenges users with puzzles and brain teasers with the number one goal of keeping your brain sharp,” And since most seniors like to keep their minds sharp, according to recent surveys, this app is good for improving skills like memory, attention, flexibility, speed, and even problem-solving.”

Lumosity Brain Training min


  • Words With Friends

This franchise is similar to Scrabble, and it currently has two apps: the original Words with Friends app and Words with Friends 2. Regardless, each of these apps allows you to play a quick word game online with loved ones; and, you can compete with other players anywhere in the world. Each player can use his or her own mobile device to play the game. Users can take turns building a word on the board. And, users can send messages to other players to keep the game social.

Words with Friends Classic min


  • Run with Map My Run

Map My Run is a great app for runners – young and old. Whether you’re walking through a park, taking a stroll through the mall, or simply walking along your favorite trail, this app can map your progress, as you track your personal goals on there. And, the best part? This app can serve as proof when your friends and family don’t believe that you’re working out.

Run with Map My Run min


  • Tai Chi For Seniors

Who said that tai chi is only for younger people? Many seniors love the meditative aspect of tai chi – an ancient Chinese practice of thoughtful movement. Since tai chi has been proven to improve flexibility, increase muscle strength, and help with balance and aerobic conditioning, this app is great for those who love tai chi and or interested in the art. The app offers 64 demo videos, along with detailed instruction from a tai chi master, and audio guides.

Tai Chi Fit OVER 50 for senior social


  • My Fitness Pal

Need some help watching what you eat?

This app not only helps you lose weight but also helps you better monitor your nutrition. With helpful nutrition labels for all your food, as well as a food database of more than 5 million items and a barcode scanner, tracking calories and nutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates) is made easy. With My Fitness Pal, you can make the best food choices not just at home, but also in the supermarket and in restaurants.

Social Seniors Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal min


  • Pocket Yoga

Nowadays, seniors are also getting into yoga, which promotes muscle strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility. With Pocket Yoga, it takes you to a database of illustrations and videos that show you how to do more than 200 poses that are recommended by certified yoga instructors and can be done at home.

Pocket Yoga min


  • AARP Now App

AARP is a reputable company, especially for seniors”. So, their mobile app lets you keep up with news and special offers, especially announcements on nearby event listings and members-only benefits and discounts. And, if you’re an AARP member, you can access your digital card in the app anytime. In the app, you can either join or renew your membership.

AARP Now App min


  •  NPR

Tired of missing your news programs while you’re out and about? Don’t have time to read the newspaper? No problem! NPR has you covered by giving you instant access to the great content on their website. With NPR, you can catch up on reading the News section, or see what’s happening in the Arts & Life and Music sections.

NPR One min



Although this list is just a small sample of the numerous apps that are available, these apps are especially great for seniors looking to stay active and social. With more and more seniors becoming more tech-savvy with mobile apps like these, they’re a great way to connect with family and people worldwide.


Written by: Kristin Herman edits at Ukwritings.com and Academized.com. She is also a contributing writer for Essayroo.com. As a tech enthusiast, she blogs about the latest trends in mobile apps.