Apps you perhaps need to install when moving to a new place

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Moving to a new city when work decides to take a leap is when the real task of ‘moving in’ begins. There are certain apps that you cannot avoid installing because it comes in handy and makes life a lot easier. Having access to these apps can make your new job and new city contrast effortless. It’s not just the responsibility of a new job but also adjusting in a new place that’s on your head. Getting your hands on the right apps that can help in your survival is an integral part of moving to a new place and you ought to install the right ones on your smartphones.

a) Airbnb

How do you move into a new city if you don’t have a place to move into? The first thing you would consider looking for is where are you going to stay and how pocket-friendly is that going to be for you? Installing Airbnb will make your hunt for home hustle free and speedy. This is the first thing you should mandatorily have in your smartphone.


Android and iOS

b) Google Maps

Maps – Navigate & Explore

Walking and exploring helps you remember roads and explore certain areas of your neighbourhood which you would miss noticing if you were commuting in a two-wheeler or four-wheeler. Google Maps is your ultimate source of rescue when you have to navigate through places at walkable distance.

Android and iOS

c) Uber


Uber helps you make your way through the city as walking in and around cannot always be a practical approach. Finding a means to commute when the driver doesn’t say “NO” on your face can be a miracle in a new city. Commuting becomes easy and speedy because there’s no other way to travel efficiently.

Android and iOS

d) OneAssist


A new city always invites new mishaps. Instead of waiting for something unforeseen to occur it’s better to find a remedy to it beforehand. OneAssist helps you save your valuables from unpredictable damages. The doorstep pickup and drop services also sort out your hectic life for the better. Your peace of mind in a rumpus city is guaranteed with OneAssist.

Android and iOS

e) Bumble

Can a social being survive a new city’s air without socialising with new people? Your stay, commute and valuables are sorted but that’s not what you’re going to do in your leisure time. Networking with likeminded people can help you make it through the chaos of moving into a new place. Finding friendly faces in a strange town can make the experience of living in that city euphoric.

Android and iOS

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