Best 12 Android & iOS apps for Self Defense to protect you from any danger

Human Society around the world is not that much safe for any person as we can see much news every day about physical attacks and humiliations. And women’s safety is also a huge concern even in modern days as they are not safe at all to roam freely without any fear. Crime is increasing day by day and people fear to go outside without any worry or travel to a different place as a result. Even we are not very safe in our own houses because any moment you can face any trouble in there too.

It feels very uncomfortable not to defend ourselves in any situations like this. And that is the main reason attackers take advantage and are able to harm us in multiple ways. Every person should know a nominal self-defense technique to defend them from any attack they might face at any time. To learn self-defense you need to join a combat sports school or any self-defense class. But, if you do not have time to go for such classes or cannot find any school in your area then you can seek help from your smartphone to learn self-defense.

You can download any good self-defense app on your phone to learn it by yourself and get ready for any uncertain attack that you can defend if needed. There are plenty of apps on self-defense is available on Android and iOS platforms to use for learning this skill.

Best 12 apps for Self Defense to protect you from any danger

Combat Academy

For people who are looking for a modern platform to start learning the skills and tricks about self-defense then the Combat Academy app is a perfect one to learn various ways of defense. It is a very reliable app for users to protect their precious life by learning from it comfortably. It is a one-stop station to access many defense art forms which is an important aspect of this platform.

Combat Academy min

Features of Combat Academy

  • The app is very user-friendly and the interface is pretty much easy to handle.
  • You can learn many combat forms like MMA, Judo, Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling, etc to elevate the game of your defense method.
  • The 3D view of any specific technique allows you to understand the move quickly and the description of it is also there to assist.
  • Free access to this platform makes it more acceptable to learn self-defense on your smartphone.

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The Martial Arts

This combat sports app which can be used for learning martial arts with your phone is very effective for self-defense programs. Any user interested in any martial arts form can download this tool to gain knowledge on it and combine it with his/her self-defense techniques. It will not only provide you with tricks to defend yourself but also train you to attack any potential attacker who wants to harm you.

The Martial Arts App min

Features of The Martial Arts

  • Some of the best self-defense training workouts are there to learn them with your phone.
  • The tips and tricks of performing a proper art form or move to fight anyone can be learned by this app as it is demonstrated in it properly.
  • The step-by-step guide to practice self-defense is elaborated to adapt quickly.
  • The social communication feature along with training videos from some experts within the industry will provide some valuable assets to your learning process.

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Dynamic Self Defence Academy

This is another application that you can download for the learning of self-defense in your home. The popularity of this tool is visible by the number of users and having a self-learner tool like this will surely help you a lot about your protection and safety. It will not disappoint you in any manner as the rich content it provides to the users is very handy and easy to adapt for any person.

Dynamic Self Defence Academy min

Features of Dynamic Self Defence Academy

  • It is a platform where you can learn many martial arts forms like Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing, etc along with boxing. That will help you to horn your defensive techniques and skills.
  • Another major thing you can learn and practice using the same app is Yoga. It is a good place for yoga learning too.
  • You can schedule your timing for your training classes and can learn many skills and tricks according to your wish.
  • The free content and services will save your pocket and ease the burden of your expenses.

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COBRA Defense International

Now, this is a global self-defense brand which you can have to train yourself on so many self-defense techniques and tricks. Any age group, men or women, and any other community will be beneficial from using this app to save them in any situation where they must defend themselves to save their lives. If you ever get in any danger then you can use the methods from this app provides for your personal safety.

COBRA Defense International min

Features of COBRA Defense International

  • Users can learn realistic moves and forms to protect them and any age group or gender can use this to educate themselves in self-defense.
  • The most notable thing you can get from this tool is your location tracking feature. Using this can help you to seek help in the location you are in with appropriate options.
  • Multiple font styles of text are available for you when need them the most.
  • The free version is there to use and the paid version is available to get access to more features.

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Quick Self-Defense

Downloading this application on your android or iOS devices, you will be able to nurture your self-defense skills and train yourself to become good at it. If you want to learn some easy self-defense techniques to adapt them quickly which might be effective in use then this is a suitable platform to know such techniques. The more you practice those moves, the more you become good at them.

Quick Self Defense min

Features of Quick Self-Defense

  • The most popular and easy steps and tricks of self-defense techniques are there for the users to learn and it is easy to master them.
  • The best part of it is that it will teach you to defend yourself in any situation and against any person without or with any weapons.
  • Here you can get many effective techniques and moves from many martial arts forms around the world.
  • The free services it provides are another good thing about this tool as people can use it for free.

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URBAN Self Defense

This is an app focusing on self-defense and fitness for any user-developed by Krav Maga expert and instructor Marcin Reszka. While training with the help of this app, you can feel the major use of Krav Maga along with other martial arts forms. The app is very much worthy to teach you skills that you can use in real life in an emergency. Anyone who wants to be fit and energetic can use it to have a great body and mind with confidence.

URBAN Self Defense app for Android and Apple iOS min


  • This app is more focused on the Krav Maga self-defense system with other combat forms.
  • The instructor of this platform can help any user to become quick in his movements and train you to perform effectively in real life with drills like it.
  • Anyone from different age groups and gender can join it by installing it on their phone.
  • Along with personal safety, it also takes care of your fitness level and helps you to become healthy.
  • It is accessible in free mode to learn your protection drills.

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Krav Maga

This is a kind of app that is based on the self-defense style Krav Maga. You can know it by the name of this tool. It is a combat system that is heavily used by the army of Israel. It is one of the best fighting forms to learn how to fight with multiple opponents at the same time with your bare hands. So, it is very good to defend yourself from any attack even with any weapon. This form of combat might look aggressive but it fits perfectly in defending situations with results.

Krav Maga self defence min

Features of Krav Maga

  • The app helps you to learn the fundamental of this combat form with ease to defend yourself from any attack.
  • Some of the best training videos are there to access them for learning the moves.
  • The step-by-step guiding can be very handy to understand any drill and adapt it with accuracy.
  • This tool is perfect for learning to defend yourself from multiple attackers and with or without a weapon.

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Bsafe – Never Walk Alone

Now, if you are looking for an application that provides assistance when you are alone in the streets or in a remote location then this tool is here to do the exact thing for you. The platform works in many ways that consisted of many techniques and methods to save you from any potential danger or with an incident that can harm you. Using this app you can alert your loved ones with messages or send your location to help you from any danger.

Bsafe – Never Walk Alone min

Features of Bsafe

  • When you are in panic mode or in danger you can send an alarm or voice message to your loved one by enabling the SOS button. You can send it without touching the button even when your phone is in your pocket or bag.
  • You can send your current location to your family member or friend to locate you and track you to provide help.
  • The SOS feature is also able to record any ongoing event in any bad situation in audio or video format. And even it can do live streaming of such events for the receiving person who can use this to find you relatively easy.
  • You will be able to do fake calls on your phone to get out of any situation which you feel is not safe for you.

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Hyper Training Lab

This is another self-defense training application with many features and services to offer any user who uses it on their Android or iOS phones. It can help any person to nourish his/her training skills to make him/her a better performer and can use such moves very effectively on any attacker to avoid any problem. The tool will not only provide self-defensive tricks or skills, but it will also guide you to become a better version of yourself to grow as a person.

Hyper Training Lab min

Features of Hyper Training Lab

  • Videos of experts from different martial arts segments are there as tutorials which you can access to learn from the best athletes within the industry.
  • Here you can learn many martial arts forms with many training programs and moves to enhance your self-defense ability. And the tricks and techniques will help you to perform your training precisely.
  • Within the app, you can gain badges and rally points by performing and progressing in your training which could motivate you in your training.
  • Users can track the progress of their training day by day and can analyze them to get a result on their progress.

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Life 360 Family Locator

This is a type of app that will not teach you any self-defense combat methods but it can protect you in a situation when you need to connect with your family or friend for help. It is one of the most popular security and leading real-time locator applications to have on your phone for safety and communication. You can send your exact location to the people you trust who are there for you to help you at any time or in any situation.

Life 360 Family Locator android and ios min

Features of Life 360 Family Locator

  • AS the app is a real-time locator one, so you can send your current location to your family or friend with the SOS feature to help you in any dangerous moment.
  • It also can send a notification of when you come home or leave your home or any other place to your loved ones.
  • The services of sending such alerts are active all the time in any location or satiation.
  • The protection of your valuable digital information against any identity theft is also there.

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GeoZilla GPS Locator

Just like the previous locator app, this application is also a GPS locator provider for you to send your location to your family and friends so they can track your whereabouts. It is a very reliable tool to govern the safety of your loved ones with the help of your GPS service in your phone which allows you to track them using this tool. The integration of AI in this app also helps the users to manage it more comfortably with the assist of Artificial Intelligence.

GeoZilla GPS Locator app min

Features of GeoZilla GPS Locator

  • You can send your current location or track your loved ones using this app and help them if they end up in any crisis or danger.
  • With this tool, you can assign some tasks to your friends and family members to complete them.
  • The notification alert that informs you about when your family member enters or leaves a place is there to access.
  • The private messenger of this app will let you share images and text messages within the app with your family and friends.
  • The free services can be used for the self-protection of you along with your family members.

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Now, if you are looking for a platform that can offer a variety of content in video format and you do not have to download any other app for self-defense learning then YouTube is the place for you. One of the most popular and big video-sharing platforms in the world is YouTube and there is no need for an introduction for this. From there you can get access to many martial arts or self-defense channels and videos in which you can see and learn the fundamentals of self-defense and create your own style of combat to defend yourself.

Features of YouTube

  • YouTube is one of the common apps that every single person has on their phone and it is pretty much free to have and use. So, installing another app to learn self-defense is not necessary.
  • The immense amount of content on this segment will provide you with any information and guidance to understand self-defense and learn it with the right technical methods.
  • Many best performers and experts share their valuable knowledge on combat sports and self-defense for the users to learn on their own.
  • You can pause or play the video at a slower speed to learn a move or workout properly with perfection.
  • You can find videos in your local language and even locate any instructor in your locality or city to take classes from him/her. The option of online training is also there from anywhere in the world.
  • If you love any specific channel which you find suitable for you to learn self-defense and tips or tricks around it then you can subscribe to the channel to follow it and to get a notification when a new video arrives on that channel. For any query or question, you can ask the expert using the comment section of a video.



Final thoughts

Everyone should learn the art of self-defense to protect them in any bad situation and overpower the attacker to keep them safe and unharmed. You never know when you end up in a situation like this so, you have to be ready to deal with such situations with presence of mind and defensive skills. And of course, you can download any of the above-mentioned apps for self-defense and protect yourself.