11 Great boxing apps to learn it from Android & iOS devices

In the world of combat sport, Boxing is one of the most popular fighting sports in the whole world. It is an old traditional style of combat which is humankind is practicing for too long. Eligible boxers from different countries can participate in the Olympics as amateur boxers or they can be professional boxers and compete for the title belts.

Boxing is also a very good workout process to stay in shape and be healthy. It helps any person to work on his/her strength, stamina, and quickness. The dream of becoming a boxer can be fulfilled by joining a good boxing school and train to become a real boxer. You can learn all the techniques and fundamentals of boxing over there. And the people who love the sport and want to learn it to stay fit and for self-confidence can also join a boxing club or hire a tutor.

Whatever your motivation behind learning boxing is, one thing that is guaranteed is that it will only help you grow as a good person to live a healthy life. But going to a school or learning from an expert can be time-consuming and you might not find any proper boxing club in your locality. In that case, technology can help us to learn the basics of boxing and you can do it from your home. Download a boxing training app on your android or iOS device and start your training without any club or trainer.

We are listing 11 great boxing apps to learn the basics of boxing

Boxing Training

Boxing Training min

Boxing Training is a very reliable and user-friendly boxing app that you can install on your phone to be good in this sport. The feature-rich app will provide you with all the necessary boxing-related information and a training guide that is very easy to understand even for starters. Specific training in different aspects like punching, sparring, defense, footwork everything is there to practice them with this platform.

Along with videos to learn from them, the audio feature is also there to guide you when you train and that is the best part of it. The videos you access through this are also available in offline mode. And if you want some great music to motivate you or boost your training work rate then you can have some motivational music using the same application.

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Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club min

From the name of this app, you can imagine the value and the quality it can bring to your development in training. Nike is one of the top brands in the sports industry and Nike Training Club will certainly help any person whether a pro or a beginner to achieve their targets. The platform is not just for getting exercise help in your boxing training but it also covers a wide range of segments to make you a better sportsman.

Some of the best sportspersons provided their knowledge and skill to make this app an ideal destination for people to learn through it. So, you will get to train in boxing with it and the best part is, it will recommend to you the type of pieces of training which you usually do. You can select a specific training and work on your any body part to be stronger and quicker. As the app monitors your activity, you will get a suitable recommendation for you to train depending on your level.

It is highly affirmative for many people regardless of their experience and capabilities. It can be your perfect training partner for day-to-day workouts.

Play Store and iOS


Boxx HIIT Cardio

Boxx HIIT Cardio min

Here is another great learning app for boxing and other physical activities like cardio or yoga. It can be a very good platform for learning yoga as well. It offers a variety of training programs to do in different sessions in terms of duration and desire. It will not make you bore by suggesting the same workouts as it delivers new types of moves or workouts in a continuous manner.

You can download it for free but after the 14-day free trial, you need to subscribe to the app in order to get the full-fledged services that might be very useful to you on your path to fitness. Watch the precious content of training in a video format with this tool to learn from visual workout sessions and become a good boxer with a fit body.

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Mayweather Boxing

Mayweather Boxing min

The boxing fans around the world are certainly familiar with the great boxing legend Floyed Mayweather. And from the Mayweather Boxing app, you can get high-quality boxing training and tips to become a good technical boxer and body like a pro. The point-earning feature will within the app motivate you to level up the intensity of your workouts to achieve your goal in it.

The notable thing you can find in this platform is that people can connect with each other as a community to discuss and answer on any topic with their similar mind of interest in boxing. Users can download the free version of the app and to get some extra features the option for a paid subscription is always there.

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Dodge Boxing

Dodge Boxing min

This free boxing training app is very simple in nature and anyone can learn from this app by installing it on their phone. It is very good for practicing shadow boxing along with other forms of workouts in boxing. You will get the assistance of voice instructions which can offer you over 100 combinations of punches to try on and get better. And if you need some inspiration then you can hear the audio quotes for motivation.

The timer option can be used for doing workouts in time to boost the intensity and you can collect stats to analyze your progress in fitness. The app is also a very nice place to learn multiple stretching moves and enhance your flexibility.

Play Store or iOS


Boxing Star

Boxing Star min

To develop your game in defense and counterattacking your opponent, the Boxing Star app can guide you to up the level in those sections. Having this app in your android or iOS devices will not let you down to your boxing learning process. Use the platform to learn how to avoid any incoming strike with dodge, dip, duck, or weave to protect yourself in a fight. By learning it you can have the right moment to counter-attack at a perfect time to hurt your opponent.

If your style of fighting matches with the skills you can learn here more precisely then this good application for you to have. And also you can develop a unique and strong fighting style for yourself with a combination of such skills which be very dangerous for any other fighter.

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Precision Boxing

Precision Boxing Coach Lite min

If you are looking for the best virtual boxing coach or instructor for you to guide you in your boxing training then Precision Boxing would be the most accurate app to install. Just imagine having a personal coach that will always be there with you at any time through your smartphone. I mean that is a great thing to have honestly. The high-quality boxing training and fundamentals are some of the main assets of this app.

And the integration of AI in this tool makes it even smarter to act in the best way for you by learning your abilities and likeness. Build your own training regime with punches, movement of your head, defense, etc to train in the best way possible according to your style of fighting. Learning actual boxing techniques will be easier with your own virtual coach.

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Fight Score

Fight App min

Fight Score boxing training app is a bit complex in nature and it is best used for people who know some of the boxing moves or techniques. Any person who wishes to start learning this traditional combat sport might find it a little bit difficult in the initial days of learning. But that does not make it impossible for the new bees to use this application.

There is a plethora of real boxing movies and combinations available which the app calls randomly to upgrade the intensity of your workout. You can train in rounds and monitor your progress during the journey of your training. The feature of creating your own combination of moves with different rounds can give you an extra layer to sharpen your skills. And if you can become good at boxing then within the app there is a chance of becoming a trainer to teach other users as well. All in all, it is a very high-intensity fitness app with an opportunity to become an expert in boxing.

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Shadow Boxing App

Shadow Boxing App

For iOS device users, this app may come in very handy as the platform offers various ranges of workout drills and techniques to learn through training. Shadow Boxing is very essential for keeping the motion accurate for your boxing moves. So the app name implies the same as you can keep your momentum using this app and even get better at your movement and punching skills.

Footwork is one of the most important aspects in boxing to elevate the game level of your boxing moves. And this application can help you in this sector very comfortably along with other things like punching and defending. Create your own training program to train the way you want with multiple workouts along with the timer feature that can help you to be a better worker in boxing.



One-Punch Hero

One Punch Hero min

One-Punch Hero does not make you a real hero and you can certainly be a virtual one with this application. The app is not like a typical boxing training app. It is rather a virtual game on boxing which is very interesting and fun-loving in nature. You can download the game on both android and iOS devices to have a great virtual boxing career. By playing this game you can also learn about boxing for sure and that is the main USP of this application. Learning with fun is all we wanted more than anything to learn something.

With this game on your smartphone, you can learn many moves and techniques about boxing. A timely punch whether it is a hook, jab, or uppercut is enough for you to knock out your opponent. All these things you can learn by playing this game and also practice the moves in your training sessions. This is a great way of learning and spending your time with some good gaming drills.

Play Store or iOS



YouTube is one of the best places for learning so many things and gather knowledge from the same platform. The video-sharing application is a hub of learning videos that includes training methods and sessions provided by some of the best people from any industry and sports. And the same thing goes for boxing as well. We all have YouTube on our phones so you do not need to download any other app if you can use this source to train in boxing.

Follow the channels and videos of great boxers or trainers as they provide rich information and detailed science behind a move or workout. We will find so many answers that you might have when you start your training in boxing to achieve your desired goal in life. You can plan your training along with your diet to be a fit person and get a body like an athlete. And even you can get to know about some specific aspects of boxing to work on them and get better as a whole boxer or person.



Every above-mentioned app is very much capable to guide you on your path to fitness and get knowledge about boxing to learn it in a righteous way with proper techniques. Install the app you would like to have in your phone and get work to horn your skills in this sport.