What is XBox xCloud Project? By Microsoft Cloud gaming

Project xCloud is a project and the working title of Microsoft’s Xbox based Cloud gaming services, like Stadia from Google and the PlayStation Now. With the objective to make the Xbox users enable to play the Xbox games on their mobile devices while on the move.

In short Project, xCloud is a streaming service for Xbox games, where you can use third party device to play the game using internet, but the service is limited for a bunch of supported games only. At the first time when the news about xCloud came on air about at September 2019, then Microsoft had 50+ games compatible with the service. Now according to sources from Microsoft, almost 3500 games are supported by xCloud, and there are 1900+ other games which are under development and would be supported by xCloud within coming months.

xCloud Exclusive Games

As a marketing strategy, Microsoft will is featuring some exclusive games which only can be played via xCloud services. Though the games are at early stages of development and any name or title has not been yet announced. According to Corporate Vice President of Microsoft and Director of Development at Xbox Kareem Choudhary, Microsoft is in talks with third-party developers for the matter, and there is no exclusive news to share about it.

XBox xCloud Project Games

Setting up Servers for the Service

It has come to notice that Microsoft is deploying data centres and servers for xCloud across 13 Azure regions like North America, Europe and Asia and they are planning for more for the countries like India, UAE, China, Singapore etc.

Server Testing

Microsoft is taking this xCloud project very seriously, hence they are working with developers like Capcom and Paradox for cross-server data stream testing. To make the games work flawlessly over the network in a wireless way, on a third-party device, the developers are testing the services, Cloud-API and other kinds of stuff.

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Release of xCloud Beta Versions

A beta version has been launched on US, UK and South Korea in a non-public way back at October 2019; where a limited number of participants will be invited to join and participate on the beta testing. Although there is no news on the public-level beta version launch or the full version launch of xCloud till date.

Xbox xCloud vs PlayStation Now vs Google Stadia

  • Though PlayStation Now is out there but clearly according to the statistics and user data Google Stadia is the biggest rival of Xbox xCloud. To overcome the fight as soon as possible Microsoft would be featuring a library of games at their side.
  • While already 3500+ games are developed to be compatible and 1900+ are more on development it is clear that after the launch of xCloud, due to the number of games and also due to the cheap subscription of Microsoft, xCloud would be ruling the market of Cloud Gaming.
  • Now to beat the heat of competitions there are new updates, services and facilities and exclusive games can be expected from the side of the PlayStation Now and the Google Stadia as well.

How to participate and try the xCloud preview version:

Things you need to have before registering for Microsoft cloud gaming:

  • Android version 6.0 or greater with at least Bluetooth version 4.0+ device
  • Compatible Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection of up to 10Mbps.
  • Xbox Game Streaming App (Preview)- Link to Download
  1. After full filling above demand, use this link to Register for Project xCloud Preview.
  2. Once you register successfully you will get an email If you are chosen to test the technical preview.
  3. Once you get accepted, install the Game Streaming app, link given above.
  4. Follow the steps given on the App to pair the Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth and mobile device.
  5. Select any game in the cloud library and start playing on your mobile device.

The Price of the xCloud Service

There is no news on any revealed price tag from Microsoft’s side for the Project xCloud yet, but it is expected to be like a subscription-based service like PlayStation Now.