The Most Common Wrongly Used WhatsApp Emojis

Ah. Blessed are those people who have created those emojis, as it is believed to be one of best ways to message and say things rather than just texting in words. I bet that the creators even today don’t feel the similar kind of kinship with emoji users all over the world. These emojis turned out to mean completely different from how they have actually originated.

With hundreds of cute or the practical characters at our fingers, is really never that hard to bypass full and a really well-written sentences being used for a single icon.  Given below are some of the emojis are even today most commonly used in a wrong way on WhatsApp. 

Information desk emojis:

Information desk emojis

This is an emoji where you actually get to see a girl with too much sassy. Hardly. The outstretched hand that is generally used here is actually for the May I help you gesture.

The Icecream emojis:

Icecream emojis

This is something that was more popularly known as the poop emoji. Until recently it generally turned out to occur as an LA based writer and looked very much similar to another kind of a smiley. The information we are might turn out to be a bit saddening. It is an ice-cream emoji.


The peace sign emoji:

peace sign emoji

Well, this emoji actually means victory. And who will not actually throw the fingers in the air and wave like they have zero effs when their high school football team had actually scored a touchdown.


The sad face emojis:

sad face emojis

This is not a sad face but is believed to be an emoji of the most relieved one. Emojis are believed to be one of those that are originated in Japan, a lot of what they actually know get lost in the translation. Starting from the different emojis like from a loving home that actually meant rent by the hour brothel, followed by the man doing pushups that again meant bowing down in a deep gratitude it is safe enough to say that we have come up with all such kinds of meaning for the people and the emojis whom we rely on.


The rockstar emojis:

rockstar emojis

This actually means horns. Whatever you do, do not get confused with the surfers followed by the hang 10 bro sign.


The Shocked face:

shock face emoji

The double X on this emoji generally makes this emoji look well and dead. But let me tell you that this is something that is intended to astonishment.


The Face massage:

Face massage emoji

If you like all the others have actually wondered what is that on the men’s head then let me tell you that they are a set of hands. He is having a massage, so it’s high time that you actually leave her alone.


The Japanese Ogre:

Japanese Ogre

This red face emoji on WhatsApp is neither a devil nor any kind of a mask nor is a special character from where the Wild Things actually are. It is generally believed to be a Japanese orge a monster generally found in the Japanese art and literature.


The cheeseburger emoji:

cheeseburger emoji’

What this actually means here is the Hamburger. Are we not supposed to assume here that the yellow gunk is mustard? Dijon perhaps. This is not spicy for sure. Apparently, if you have been trying to tell someone that you want dairy with your beef then let me tell you that you will have to be a bit more specific.


The weary cat emoji’s:

weary cat emoji

This cat is not surprised or is feeling awed. It’s just that it is really very tired. Really very tired. And it’s obvious that we do like its face. What do you think ??


Triumph emojis:

Triumph emojis

According to the emojipedia this smiley helps in signifying the steam that is been blown from the nostril as a triumph. Yes, we do know what this means in other words.


A disappointed face which actually means relieved:

disappointed face emoji

At the very first glance is actually looks like a crying face, and most of us do not observe the placement of the water droplet. The water droplet is generally on the side of the face signifying sweat rather than tears.


Bowing down:

Bowing down emojis

Now, this anyways does not signify that the man is in deep thoughts. Neither does it denote that a man who is banging the desk is trying to make his point. It actually means to just bow down in order to give respect or apologize to the Japanese culture.


The folded hands:

folded hands emoji

If you are one among those individuals who have been using this icon in order to signify hifi then let me tell you that you are wrong. This is actually meant that the person is praying of bowing.


Dizzy emoji:

Dizzy emoji

No this is not something related to a shooting star. Nor does this have something that tells you about your stars. Seeing the stars after being hit on the head is not for the characters. This is something that actually signifies dizziness. And I hope you actually got it.


The Savouring Delicious food Face:

Savouring Delicious food Face

This is generally believed to be another kind of emoji where you actually get to see the tongue is hanging out and is often been used as a goofy or a teasing kind of an emoji. But let me tell you that kind of an emoji simply just means that you are enjoying the food.


The Hot springs:

Hot springs emoji

This is something that actually looks like steam for a hot cup of a tea or a soup. But let me tell you that it actually means hot springs.


The Face with an ok gesture:

Face with an ok gesture

According to the Unicode, this is actually believed to be a Unicode where a woman is making an ok gesture. So do any of you actually use this when you are trying to say okay?

So what other emojis would you like to add to the list above? Do feel free to leave your comments below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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