Top 20 Snapchat emoji meanings including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Social networks are an integral part of the internet ecosystem these days, and it has also changed the way we use the internet. Now that being said, we all use social networks for the purpose of chatting with people, and that too at free of cost in most cases. When it comes to chatting with people, the use of emojis has become a new of communication. Yes, emojis can act as saviors, just in case you are confused about what reply to give. I know you can relate. Most can, actually, in today’s world. But the interesting fact about emojis is that most people don’t know the meaning of most emojis and eventually use them in the wrong scenarios.

Snapchat and WhatsApp are pretty popular social networking platforms, and times come, when we just send emojis to define our expressions in the most appropriate way. Most users define the emojis in their own way, and it is also interpreted the same way by the recipient, as well. It is the way, most users use the emojis regularly for chatting. Well, today my responsibility is to give you the actual meaning of the emojis to not misuse it next time when you send the same. Well, sending incorrect emojis is neither a crime nor a sin, but why do mistakes!

So let’s get started with the Snapchat emoji meanings without further ado.

Common & basic Emojis of Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram meanings

Let’s start with those emojis with some positive meanings.


Content face with closed eyes emoji meanings

Well! I am the one, who use this emoji back to back. No, I am not that content always, still the emoji looks good. You can use this emoji, when you are really happy with your life or a moment and don’t need any extra at that point of life.


Cheerful mood emoji meaning

Well, the meaning of the emoji is self-explanatory. When you are really in a cheerful mood and want to spread it among your friends, this emoji is worth using.

 Happy emoji meaning

Happy emoji meaning

This as well is self-explanatory. Use this emoji when you are happy. Yes, it is as simple as that. May it be an ultimate state of happiness or something like that.


Grimacing face

grimacing face emoji meaning snapchat

Have ever done some mistake in your childhood like spilling coffee on clothes and then make a face like you have done mistakenly. So, in the same way, generally we used grimacing face emoji when we commit any kind of mistake or in an unfavorable situation rises during a chat on social media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook messanger, Whatsapp or Instagram.

Laughing with tears emoji

Laughing with tears emoji meaning

Have you heard people saying LOL! Yes, I know you came across the term! That’s when you should use this emoji. Send this emoji in a state of acute laughter, when tears is coming out of your eyes for stomach pain caused by acute laughter.


Rolling on the floor laughing emoji meaning

ROFL! Yes, you must have come across this term. Well, use use this emoji, when you are supposed to type ROFL! Use the ROFL emoji to spice up the conversation when you came across something really humorous.

smile with big open eyes emoji

A smile with big open eyes emoji meaning

Well. You should send this emoji when you are really happy with somebody or something. This emoji is worth using when you are grateful to somebody for the same or is really enjoying a particular moment.

Laugh with a drop of sweat

Laugh with a drop of sweat emoji meaning

Sweaty laugh. You can use this emoji when you are laughing really hard and is sweating because of it, at the same time, as well. Apart from that, you can even use this emoji to express a moment when you are really feeling awkward in some situation.

Tongue out with a smile emoji meaning

Tongue out with a smile emoji meaning

Yes, most have already understood, what the emoji is all about. Yes, this emoji is best suited while sending the photos of those delicious main courses and the mouth-watering desserts to your friends. Yes. That is it. I don’t think I need any more explanation.


Eyes with a heart emoji meaning

Use this emoji when you are really in love with something, somebody, or whatever is in front of you. Did your BFF send you a beautiful pic of him/her, and can’t resist loving it! This emoji can be the most relevant for that moment.


Eyes with a star emoji meaning

Are you feeling excited? If so, this is the perfect emoji which can describe the situation. Not only that. Amazed! Feel free to use this emoji to express how amazed you are, when you are feeling the same in an amazing point of your life.


Kiss emoji meaning

This emoji as well is self-explanatory. Really happy with somebody for a favor done to your or is feeling gratified? Just send a kiss as that is the most appropriate form of love. Oh yes, you can even send it to your partner to express your feeling.


A happy face with spread hands emoji meaning

Are you inviting your best friend for some occasion, and you want him/her presence on the occasion from the heart? Use this emoji. You can also use this emoji when you want to embrace somebody for some reason, but he/she is not physically present with you.


Smile with sunglasses emoji meaning

Feeling cool and want to share the same with your friends? No other emoji can describe this situation better. You can even use this emoji as a status, after putting the coolest selfie taken at your favorite hill station as your display picture on WhatsApp or Snapchat.


Tears out of eyes emoji meaning

Well, chances are there, you might think, this emoji can be used to express sorrow, but isn’t so. Feeling drowsy or distressed after a heavy day’s work? Well, this emoji is the one you should send to express your state of drowsiness.


Eyes rolled upwards emoji meaning

Feeling bored? Well, this emoji is the right one you should use to express your situation. You can also use this emoji to express disapproval about a situation, you and your friend is talking about. Cheer up the conversation with this emoji.


Teasing with tongue out -emoji meaning

Made a comment, or sent a message for fun, and it was interpreted seriously instead? Well, use this emoji as a way of damage control. You can even send this emoji at the end of your message to avoid any kind of misunderstandings and allow others to consider take a message for fun.


Winking with tongue out emoji meaning

Are you in a mood to act funny? This emoji can be the best one you can use when you are are not serious at all. This emoji is pretty similar to the last one, but use it when you are really sending some funny comment or text to the recipient.


Frowning face emoji meaning

Feeling disappointed! Want to share the same with your fellow friends? Well, the frowning face could be the one you can send to your friends for getting a temporary relief from an utterly disappointing situation which is pissing you off. You can even use this emoji to express your sad thoughts with your friends.


Crying with tears emoji meaning

Felt bad after some situation or is feeling like crying? Just use this emoji to express your sadness while talking with one of your dearest friends. Sharing your thoughts and using this emoji can even resist you from crying out loud in your real life, as well. Yes, that makes a lot of sense when you are not in a mood to cry, or is in public.


Sadness with teardrops emoji meaning

Did anybody hurt or disappoint you? You can use this emoji to express your sadness to your dearest friend. Unlike the last one, this emoji is for those sensitive moments which your dearest friend can only comprehend.

Let’s call it a day. Those were the meanings of the top 20 emojis you should surely know about if you use WhatsApp, Snapchat, or any other social networking websites extensively. There are hundreds of other emojis, which you can use, depending upon the context. I know this article wasn’t completely a tech article, but knowing about something used every day is worth the time.

Hope the information on the top 20 emoji meanings for Snapchat was helpful for you. Do you have to say anything? Feel free to comment it down below.

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