Top 12 Best Garden Planner Apps for iOS and Android

You are about to build a house and you don’t just want to think about the interior, but also the exterior design? Or maybe you already have a garden that needs a breath of fresh air. No matter what drives you to design a green idyll – for great results you should not only use your imagination but also fall back on practical helpers. But professional help can be expensive. After all, landscape architects also cost a lot of money for private gardens. But there is an inexpensive alternative.

Such apps are available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with loads of practical apps to help you design your garden. In the following, we would like to introduce you to applications that you can use for garden planning.

Best Garden Planner Apps

Not there some of these best garden planning apps are either available for Apple devices or Android ones, whereas some for both.

1. myGarden – Plants & Garden

You don’t have to be a passionate gardening fan to know the Gardena company. The company has always stood for all accessories that are used in the garden. From the right lawn sprinkler to the robotic lawnmower, the experts for green spaces and plants offer the perfect equipment. But the company can now also score digitally. With “My Garden” for iOS you can get a practical application that helps you plan your garden. Don’t let the title scare you off. Above all, My Garden scores with its diversity and is used as a source of inspiration.

myGarden Gardening Plants min

Since a garden is of course not always a garden, the app covers different sizes. So you can look for exactly the inspiration you need, from green strips to green areas the size of a soccer field. As part of the design and planning, My Garden offers you a virtual drawing board. Here you can put together your dream garden. Gardena is at your side with its extensive range of products. In addition to decoration, plants, and trees, you can also use the company’s core competence here – irrigation. Finally, the right sprinkler system can also be designed in the course of planning. Garden planned? Then you can let other users access your little natural idyll. That community aspect is a really great feature.

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2. Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden

Are you looking for a garden planner app with an extensive database? Then you should take a look at this app. This app score points with a wide variety of plants, outdoor furniture, decorative elements, and buildings. This is how you can map your personal convenience, you just need to enter your data of personal green space in the app. So, you can understand the proportions optimally when planning. This app is not only extensive, but it is also accessible. After all, it is very easy to operate by hand. Given the size, this cannot be taken for granted.

Home Design 3D Outdoor Garden min

If you want to plan your garden, the first thing you should do is determine the size of your garden. Now you can conveniently place the relevant objects such as furniture, plants, and/or buildings in the graphic using drag and drop. When you have finished planning, you can look at your work of art. You can even imagine the result spatially in the form of a 3D image. However, the app has one disadvantage. If you do not want to spend any money, you cannot save the plan you have created. This feature is only available to users who choose the paid version.

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3. Veggie Garden Planner

This is one of the greatest gardening apps available. First and foremost, it will supply you with all of the important information about plants and veggies. You can disregard Wikipedia and other informational websites. Veggie Garden Planner has everything you could need! Feel free to look up or double-check material whenever you need to. You won’t need a Wi-Fi connection to use it, so take it with you everywhere you go. As one well-known adage says, “the sky is the limit.” The planner itself is another appealing aspect. There are two methods for organizing your garden. To begin, you can build it from the ground up. This option is ideal if you want your garden to be one-of-a-kind. Second, you can experiment with the patterns provided by Veggie Garden Planner.

Best Veggie Garden Planner app iOS and android

Veggie Garden Planner is a brilliant idea. It can process the data you provide it with. Veggie can also tell you if the plants you’re going to combine will work well together. You can also utilize Veggie to design your timetable. Improve your time management abilities while having fun with your favorite hobby. The notification system will notify you of anything that needs to be done in your garden. In the settings, you can modify them. Veggie Garden Planner is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

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4. iScape ( iOS )

Our next best garden app is unfortunately only available to owners of an iPhone. Unfortunately, in this case, it is really true, as iScape is a perfect solution for planning your garden. At iScape, everything starts with a photo. How to photograph your garden and then edit it in the app. You can change fundamental things yourself. For example, the floor can be exchanged or decorative elements such as plants or sidewalks can be added. Little by little you refine your plan and create the perfect garden for yourself.

iScape iOS min

The cool thing about iScape is the bottom line. These do not have the typical sketch character that you know from other providers. Since you are taking a real photo of your yard, the result looks just as realistic. Have you designed the perfect garden? Then you can send it by email. All objects that are used in your plan are then listed within the e-mail. So, you can put together the right shopping list for yourself.

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5. Planter: Garden Planner (iOS)

If you’re new to gardening, you won’t be able to succeed until you have some help. It could be a mentor, such as a friend or a grandmother. Planter: Garden Planner, on the other hand, can be used. Every step you take will be greatly aided by this software. Check them thoroughly before beginning your garden. This software was designed mostly for novices. Garden Planner is available for free download from the App Store.

Planter Garden Planner min

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6. My Garden: Inspiration To Grow

You are new to gardening and need to locate the finest software? You’ve just completed the task! My Garden is a combination of drive, inspiration, a supportive community, and exact and accurate knowledge of each plant. Consider the type of garden you want to have before you begin using the app.

My Garden Inspiration To Grow min

Do you have a large garden? Which plants are you interested in? If you know the answers then you can start working on your project now. You can create it from scratch (the most challenging option) or use the app’s templates. In both circumstances, the outcome will be fantastic. Inform others about your progress and experiences. Every piece of information is valuable, therefore don’t keep it to yourself. Create your profile so that people may learn about you as a person as well as your garden idea. All information you provide to the app will be kept private. You can also choose to hide the information on your profile at any time. My garden is free, but there are a lot of adverts that can’t be eliminated.

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7. Home Outside ( iOS )

The developers of Home Outside obviously attached great importance to the appearance. So, you don’t get any simple computer graphics as a final garden plan. Instead, beautiful hand drawings shine on the display of your smartphone or tablet. This gives the app a wonderfully natural look. The map tool that Home Outside brings is particularly practical. Here you can find the garden area in question very easily using Google Maps. The real satellite image is processed by the app and made into your personal garden. In combination with the appropriate dimensions, you can conjure up a reliable result above all.


After all, there is hardly anything worse than a plan of incorrect measurements. Home Outside also relies on practical drag and drop. Simply drag the elements that you want to include in your plan into the corresponding drawing. It couldn’t be easier. The choice, however, may be difficult for one or the other. So, you can choose between over 700 different elements here. As with iScape, you can also upload photos of your garden here and edit them. If you don’t feel like doing it, simply select one of the preinstalled examples.

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8. Urban Veggie Garden

Urban Veggie Garden app differs from the others described herein in that it is aimed at a distinct style of gardening – urban gardening. So, whether you have a balcony or a patio, Urban Veggie Garden is an excellent choice. The app is jam-packed with videos and images that demonstrate how to be a smart gardener and plant vegetables correctly. More information is available by clicking on the image. If you are unsure how to perform something, feel free to ask other users. Because the community is welcoming, you will quickly receive an answer and an incentive to continue working on your urban garden.

Urban veggie garden min

Don’t forget to keep track of your progress. Share it directly from the app or through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Inform all of your pals about your gardening prowess. Perhaps gardening isn’t your only pastime. What if we suggested you try your hand at farming? The app is free with advertisements. It has a very high rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play. For android users, there is no help from the Urban Veggie Garden app.

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9. Gardenia – Plant Organizer

It’s past time for you to start managing your garden! Before you begin planting veggies and herbs, make certain that you do so sensibly and effectively. Gardenia will assist you in accomplishing this. This program will provide you with access to a massive database. Use it whenever you are unsure about your garden or its aspects. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the database, try searching or uploading a photo. The software will evaluate it and provide you with all relevant information. Because of the app’s basic and welcoming UI, anyone, even a small child, may use it.

Gardenia Plant Organizer min

The best part about this app is that it is free, but there are no commercials that appear out of nowhere in the middle of a movie or when you are browsing. Gardenia is concerned about the weather, and it meticulously supervises all aspects of gardening. If it’s going to rain tomorrow, the app will notify you ahead of time. Gardenia is available for iOS users.

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10. My Vegetable Garden GLEYCO

This is an excellent garden management app. It includes a comprehensive range of features.

The major one is developing your projects, which is an excellent opportunity to experiment with various alternatives. When you compare all of your options, you can pick the best one. This is a really simple method of saving money and time. A virtual garden will be an excellent resource for your experiments. The app’s clear, versatile, and smart UI makes it simple to use. You may quickly locate any type of gardening information. Use the search button to locate exactly what you’re looking for.

My Vegetable Garden GLEYCO min

What’s great about this app is that it can be used while you’re not connected to the internet. In this instance, all functions will continue to be available. The software is free, however, there are a few in-app purchases. Nonetheless, all of the essential stuff is free. You can get it now in Google Play.

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11. Small Garden Ideas

Do you fantasize about your small, lovely garden? If this is the case, Small Garden Ideas is here to assist you. The software operates similarly to the Lego game in that you select the details and combine them in any way you like. The app appears to include an infinite amount of features, including a balcony, flowers, waterfalls, ponds, and numerous decorations. Make an effort to try all of them.

Once you’ve completed the decorating, you can save it to your smartphone or tablet. It is also possible to share it on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Wallpaper can be made using images that you have blended or produced from scratch. However, the construction aspect is not the most significant aspect of this project. The app devotes a significant portion of its time to teaching the fundamentals of gardening. Almost 200 articles are covering a wide range of topics. There are also some video tutorials available. Small Garden Ideas is a free website containing advertisements. You may now get it from Google Play.

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Wrapping Up


Use any of the apps above according to your need and choice. Remember you are making the world a better place with your gardening hobby. So, no matter which app you use, or how big or small your garden is, just enjoy gardening.