Top 6 golden rules to take mobile photography to the next level for Beginners

When it comes to purchasing a new smartphone, most people pay keen importance to the camera module as having a smartphone with a decent camera is pretty important these days. When the world is moving towards augmented reality and virtual reality, and Google Lens is much more optimized, a great camera is much more than capturing just some photographs and selfies. Well, but even after having a smartphone with Karl Zeiss, or some other popular lens, you might end up taking shitty photographs unless you are not aware of the basics or some rudimentary rules of mobile photography.

I know, not everybody is a professional photographer. But to take some decent pictures, knowing some basic rules for photography will surely help you capture some decent shots from next time. I am not going to mention any complicated rules, as you might not be able to follow all of them. All the rules I am going to mention are pretty basic and chances are there, you might have already come across a few of them from some of your friends or DSLR guys. Well, I am not a DSLR guy and try to keep myself limited to capturing photos from only my smartphone, and thus, I am going to mention some useful points, which you will really find important.

So let’s get started with the 6 golden rules of smartphone photography.

Check the lighting conditions

Check the lighting conditions
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Well, this is the most important. Can you see in darkness? Unless you are a superhuman your answer will be ‘No’. The same goes for mobile cameras, as well. The same applies to other cameras as well, But camera lenses are worse than our eyes actually, and the smartphone camera in most cases is a worse performer in low lighting conditions. Thus, before capturing that best moment, make sure there is enough light to rock the photo you are going to capture. If it the photo of a living thing, viz. your friend, relative or pet, make sure they are not standing in a position facing against the source of light. Just in case it is a building or something of that sort, pay closer importance to the angle or the position where there is enough light.

The HDR mode in your smartphone camera app can also be an effective weapon to capture photos under low lighting conditions, but make sure you keep your hands stable for that few seconds when HDR is doing its job.

Avoid shaking your hands

Avoid shaking hands
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Well, shaking hands is one of the biggest rivals of good photography. And when it comes to mobile photography, try to keep your hands as stable as you can for the best shot. Many times, a number of users shake their hands in confusion about which button to use, for capturing the photo. Either use the on-screen shutter button, volume buttons or the earphone buttons to capture the photos. But hold your smartphone in a way so that your fingers don’t need to struggle to reach the shutter buttons, just when you need it. You should also hold your smartphones horizontally for the best shot and to be able to capture the maximum area around the subject.

But if you are capturing photos from a moving object, shaking hands is something which is not under your control. But burst mode can be your best pal in such circumstances. Just keep holding the on-screen shutter button and capture a bunch of photos so that you can decide the best one later on while you are relaxing after the trip.

Just in case you are capturing some really great photos, and you don’t want to ruin it in any possible way, buying a tripod stand will be worth every penny for you. A tripod stand will also make it easy to record the best time-lapse videos just in case you love recording the complete day and show it in a video of a few seconds.

Find the most appropriate angle

Find the most appropriate angle

Everything is the world is beautiful in some way or the other. You being a photographer, should find that beauty out of the subject. Yes, that is, in fact, your job. Look at your object from different angles and explore it to find out, from which angle it looks the best. Capturing a photo of an object from a proper angle will also reveal the way you are looking at it. Whenever you are capturing the photo of a street or so, try to capture it from the top, and in case you are capturing the photo of a building, monument, try moving backward to capture the full view. So, what I mean to say is, look at the object from different angles to capture the most picturesque photo of it.

Avoid zooming into an object

Avoid zooming into an object
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Unless your smartphone camera has an optical zoom or a dual-camera setup with a telephoto lens, which I have described in detail here, better avoid zooming. If your subject is not moving, why not walk a few steps forward to capture the photo for the best results. Digital zoom into your subject only when you just don’t have any more options in hand. Digital zooming on a smartphone camera is never good and thus, don’t trust it even if the manufacturers try selling the smartphone with digital zooming as its USP.

Clean the glass

Clean the glass
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Cleaning the glass of windows gives a polished view. This doesn’t require any explanation. The same goes for the lens of your camera. Clean the lens properly before capturing your shots. If you are capturing the photo of outside from a closed glass window, better clean the window before capturing photos from within it. This will surely give you a better view. Hold the camera at a little distance from the glass window as this will make it easier for your smartphone camera to focus on the object.

Use some decent third-party apps

Cameringo Lite. Filters Camera

The camera app on your smartphone as well plays an important role while capturing photographs. Though it can’t back up if your smartphone’s camera module is not good enough. But there are a handful of great camera apps on the Google Play Store, which can open additional avenues for great photography. Not all of them are good, and I am not here to promote any. But you can go for Cameringo (Pro), which is a decent photography app and comes with numerous options, more than what most OEM camera apps have to offer. Else if you are having one of the handful of devices, where Google Camera or GCam is supported, you can download the same from the following link. Just download the most appropriate one for your handset. I am not at all talking about those selfie apps on the Play Store, which just come with a bunch of effects to give you an apparently better look.

Well, those were the 6 golden rules, which will surely help you capture great photographs from your tiny smartphone, which is also capable of doing a plethora of other tasks. But if the camera is a priority for your smartphone, I will recommend you to properly go through the spec sheet so that you do not regret after paying your hard earned pennies for a smartphone with a great camera. A smartphone with a decent camera setup will surely give you great photographs, and following the tips or rules mentioned above will surely transform all your shots into unique masterpieces.

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