Top 10 free and offline addictive games for Android device

A list of best Android offline games to play on Android smartphones and tablet without the need of internet connection once downloaded on the device. Play it where ever you want while travelling or outing…

Not everybody is a gamer, and perhaps such people use their smartphones for some simpler tasks like chatting, watching some interesting videos and tutorials on the go, capture photos, listening to music, making payments, etc. But you often feel bored doing the same task on the smartphone, or at least at times, when you don’t have to do anything. In such circumstances, playing some games can help you spend your time in a quality way. You don’t need a flagship or a very powerful smartphone to be able to play some games during your leisure time. On the Google Play Store, you can find hundreds of simple and casual games for this purpose.

When it comes to simple and casual games, a few of them are multiplayer games, while others might need an always-on internet connection to play. But finding those games, which can be your pal, even when there isn’t an internet connection, can be a real challenge.

Best Free Offline Android Games

So, I am here with the top 10 free offline games, which you should definitely give a try if you aren’t a serious gamer. Obviously, I am not including the most common titles like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Asphalt 8, etc. I am including only those titles, which are really fun to play, completely for free, without any hassles of connecting to the internet. You will thank me later for this list.

Color Switch

With a very minimalistic interface, Color Switch is the game which will keep you occupied for hours and chances are there, you can even get addicted to it. The objective of the game is simple. Pass through multicoloured circles without touching the part of the circle, with a different colour from your ball. The longer you survive, the better will be your position in the leaderboards. With a piece of exciting music in the background, you will never feel like leaving the game. All these might sound easy, however, the complexity of the game can only be felt once you actually play it.

Color Switch offline Android games

Besides the default game mode, which I discussed, there are hundreds of other game modes like Castle, Compass, Bee, Halloween, Fireworks, Magma, Ocean, and many more, which revolves around the same idea of going forward without touching elements of a different colour.

The actual modes are far more interesting than the names, so give the game a try. New game modes are added with every single update, kudos to the developers, keeping the game filled with some excitement all the time. The progress is also synced online so that you can start playing from any device after you left off.

Beach Buggy offline Racing

While offline Android racing games with some dream vehicles on breath-taking tracks is a mainstream, Beach Buggy Racing brings the fun of driving some monster trucks and not so powerful cars in the ghetto streets, beaches, on some beautiful places of fiction, etc. Yes, you got it right, Beach Buggy Racing is an addictive offroad racing game, that will surely keep you occupied for days, rather than just a few hours. On the racing streets, you can collect nitro boosters to get an instant speed boost, crackers, and other traps to weaken other players. Just know how to use each of them strategically.

Beach Buggy Racing offline android game

With Beach Buggy Racing, there are several players, and you can unlock each of them by winning boss fights, and recruit them in your team of drivers. The best part is, each driver has some hidden ability, which can be used strategically to win races. With the premium version of Beach Buggy Racing, you can host gameplay and play with other players on the same Wi-Fi network. Beach Buggy Racing syncs all your progress with the cloud, and it is the best alternative to the Mario Kart game available exclusively for Wii U. If you are just in love with the game, you can even try out its sequel Beach Buggy Racing 2, which is also available for free on the Play Store.

PinOut- offline game

Most people have already played Pinball on computers and mobile devices, if not the real pinball game. The PinOut game by Mediocre is just the same game with some decent set of modifications to add more excitement and make it a game with no end at all. With some excellent music tracks in the background and the increasing difficulty in all the subsequent levels, you can kill your leisure time in the best possible way. With some good graphics packed with easy and intuitive controls, PinOut will surely turn out to be your best game.

pinout best android offline game

Just like other games from Mediocre, PinOut also has in-app purchases, which can get you access to the game from the last checkpoint, else you will have to start the game from the very beginning each time you start playing the game.  With PinOut, you can sync all the game progresses to the cloud. The PinOut is not just an arcade game, but it deserves your concentration and patience to top the leaderboards. As you start playing the game, you can realize, a small mistake in the shot can get you down many steps, which might seem frustrating, but that’s exactly the thing that makes the game a lot of fun at the same time. All said PinOut is the game you should undoubtedly try out.

Smash Hit

Another game from the developers if PinOut is Smash Hit, which is by far the only game that turns destructions beautiful. Yes, you heard it right! The objective of the game is simple. Destroy some beautiful glass structures with metal balls, and keep doing that unless you run out of balls. Each time you are successful in hitting a structure, a few more balls will be rewarded, while 10 balls will be deducted as a penalty, each time you hit an obstacle. That’s what the objective of the game is. The more you play the game, you will be rewarded with extra cools things like continuous shots, an increasing number of balls per hit, slow motion and many more.

Smash Hit game to play offline

Just like other popular titles from the developers Mediocre, a piece of beautiful music will keep mesmerizing you in the background, and you will have to pay a one time charge to unlock the full versions of the game and unlock other game modes with the ability to continue playing from the last checkpoint. Smash Hit can be the best time killer if there is no network, while travelling, during the breaks at work, or in other times, when you are looking for some refreshment.

Ava Airborne

The next game in the list is an unlimited glider game, where the main objective is to glide as long as you can in the midst of some airborne perils that will come your way. No, not just perils. There are balloons, lasers, drums, and many more, where a few will slow you down, while the others will help you move further. Just like any other Android games available to play offline, you can unlock new characters, and a lot of other things by collecting in-game currency while flying. While the game might seem easy, reading the description, it isn’t so.

Ava Airborne shoot offline android game

Flying in the midst of so many obstacles trying to put you down is a real challenge, and concentration is the key to achieving new milestones in Ava Airborne. As it is a gliding game, the game will be over once you touch the ground, however, you can tap multiple times rapidly before touching the ground to revive and keep playing. All said, Ava Airborne is an exciting game with twists and turns in every step, making it one of the best casual games on the Google Play Store. Give the game a try.

Pocket Tanks offline game

Pocket Tanks is a minimalistic artillery game, where you will have to damage the opponent’s tank and earn points. Yes, it is that simple, but the game is of immense fun. There are hundreds of weapons available in Pocket Tanks with varying levels of damage. You cannot move the tanks in real-time, but only when you get your turn. This makes this best offline game even more fun. To spice the game up, it is even possible to configure the wind speed. You can play a single player game, where the opponent will be your handset. 

Pocket Tanks

Besides that, you can even multiplayer games with two players playing on the same smartphone, or among two players on the same Wi-Fi network. The game is free to download, however, you can download additional beautiful weapon packs within the game which offer a higher level of damage.

On Pocket Tanks, you can even play multiplayer games with players on the internet with a Blitwise account, the developers of the game. Pocket Tanks was initially released for PCs, but it is one of the handfuls of old PC games, which has its presence on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Sky Dancer Run

There is hardly anybody Android user who hasn’t ever played Temple Run, Subway Surfers kind of offline games once in their lives on Android or iOS device. Sky Dancer Run is a similar type of unlimited running game, with some new exciting twists and turns that make the game even more fun. Unlike just swiping left and right or save your character from collisions and to collect coins, Sky Dancer Run is all about jumping from a platform and land properly on the platform below it, with limited time to adjust your character in the air. Thus, fun and excitement in every step of the game.

Sky Dancer Run game

The more you progress, a few platforms might even have some additional platforms close to it, filled with perils, and they will become thin in the later levels making landings even more difficult and you will have to be more careful. Just like other popular games, you can find a number of male and female characters to play the game with, some of them can be unlocked for free, while others can be unlocked with in-game coins or currency. If you are a Temple Run and Subway Surfers guy, Sky Dancer Run will be your new favourite, I swear.

Table Top Racing

The second racing game in the best 10 Android offline games available for free is Table Top Racing, which as well, is different from mainstream racing games. Table Top Racing is an RC based racing game, and as the name suggests, the racing sessions will be on a table with toy buildings and other amusing things scattered on the sides of the tracks. Even though it is an RC racing game, the same strategies of racing games will be applicable for the game, which means, you will not have to learn how to play the game, if you are getting hands on it for the very first time.

Table Top Racing

While racing on the beautiful tracks, you can collect different elements on the tracks to slow down other players, get an instant speed boost, and many other things to get an advantage over the other players. There are several racing tracks, and different racing modes to suit your mood in every possible way. Table Top Racing is a free Android offline game, just like the others in the list, but you can even go for the Table Top Racing paid version, which has some extra goodies and is free from ads.

Where’s My Water? 2

Where’s My Water? 2 is the sequel of the game Where’s My Water? which is one of the most addictive games, if you are looking to play Android offline puzzle or brain games. But Where’s My Water? 2 is free to play, and the objective of the game is as simple as difficult it is, to solve the levels. The objective of the game is to dig through mud to supply water to Swampy, Cranky, and Allie, the three cutest alligators you will ever come across. Well, I know it sounds easy. But the problem comes when you will have to dig through the mud avoiding bushes and toxic substances to prevent the water from getting contaminated. 

Where’s My Water 2.

Where’s My Water? 2 will keep you occupied for hours and there are several twists and turns in the game that makes the game even more addictive and fun. The Where’s My Water? 2 by Disney even has some levels, where you will have to dig very fast to prevent the water from getting away from your sight. With more than a hundred levels, you can not only kill your leisure time in a quality way but will also sharpen your brain, which will undoubtedly have some positive implications in your life. Some levels are really very difficult, and you can taste a glimpse of victory once you get through those levels.


Another one of the interesting offline Android games is the Pacman which is still a great time killer with a very simple objective. But the PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Maze game is a revised version of the game Pacman from the last century. Unlike the original Pacman game, on PAC-MAN 256, you can access additional power-ups to kill the foes, and there are multiple foes unlike the original version of Pacman, with a limited number of foes. You can collect additional power-ups within the maze including lasers, bombs, etc. But the old strategy of playing Pacman should work effortlessly with PAC-MAN 256, as well.

PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Maze

PAC-MAN 256 comes with an unlimited maze, which will test your survival with an increasing level of difficulty. Thus, PAC-MAN 256 is a kind of unlimited maze game with a twist in the plot. The game can keep you occupied for hours and you will keep trying to beat your own score. PAC-MAN 256 is the modern version of the Pacman game, and the controls are quite easy, as well. Just swipe in the direction you want to move your character, and your job will be done. If you are a Pacman fan, this game is worth playing if you want to taste the game in a whole new way in 2019.

So that was my list of top 10 free offline games for Android devices. If you travel a lot, mostly to places, where the internet connection isn’t that stable, I am sure, you will end up getting addicted to most titles in the above list. I will recommend you to try all the games depending upon your likeness so that you end up finding out the best one for yourself. If your smartphone has enough storage space, downloading all the games on the list will not be a bad idea either.

So that was it. Hope the information was useful for you. Do you know any other great game that deserves its position in the list? Feel free to comment on the name of the game down below.