Top 5 Classic games that you should download on your Android mobile

Thanks to the powerful Android phones that we have in our hands in 2020, we can run a lot of popular and powerful titles on our devices and that’s basically why the game library on the Google Play Store is the one that will not disappoint you in any way. The game library might not be as big and versatile as Steam or other popular game stores but it is still good enough for Android users, who are into gaming. If you are a kid of the nineties you might know about retro games like Mario, Contra, Prince of Persia and many more. Even though the games that we run on our modern computers and even our smartphones are far superior in quality and performance compared to that of the old retro games, that doesn’t mean, old retro games are not at all fun to play. 

You can still run the old retro games on your Windows computer using some special emulators, and they will run like a charm. On the other hand, if you want those addictive retro games on your Android phone, you can do that, as well with the help of special emulators available for Android.

Furthermore, there are also some retro games, which are available on the Google Play Store and you can directly download them on your handset and start playing them right away. Even though the exact game might not be available, there will be at least one clone or a game, which will be close enough to the game that you are looking for. Today, in this story, I will talk about the top 5 retro games that you should download on your Android phone and bring the good old memories back.

Top classic Android games to Play in 2020

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the top 5 retro games that you should download now on your Android handset if you are fond of playing them.

Horizon Chase

The first one on my list is Horizon Chase. This is a vintage-style racing game, which is my personal favourite and I play this game from time to time for the retro feel it has to offer. The game is not as good as most modern racing games like Asphalt 8 or 9 but, your racing skills also matter in this game, and you should be very careful throughout the game to win a race. Yes, you can race through some outstanding landscapes, which are all built with square blocks, which definitely deserves appreciation even if it is by no way comparable to the picturesque landscapes that you can find in most modern racing games. 

Horizon Chase – World Tour

However, just like most other modern racing games, you can get new vehicles, upgrade them, and can also unlock new beautiful tracks as you proceed in this game. Besides the free version, you can also do a small in-app purchase to enjoy the game exactly the way you want. However, one thing that I should definitely mention about the game is that the racing experience is much better, at least than most other racing games of the last century that required DOS computers or Windows 95.

Apple Knight

The next one in my list is Apple Knight, which is a game, where you have to collect apples and other weapons to kill your foes and proceed within the game. Apart from apple, the fruit, as a weapon like that of a gun, you can also use the sword and other proximity weapons to kill your enemies and move forward. Apple Knight is a great game because it offers a similar experience like that of Super Mario, however, the gameplay experience is not exactly similar. In the game of Apple Knight as well, you will have to jump across landscapes, climb trees and do everything else to reach your destination. 

Apple Knight- Action Platformer

The game is played in a beautiful 2D environment which will give you a good feeling and at the same time, you need a lot of expertise to play the game and win. Just like most other retro games, the difficulty will increase in every level of the storyline and you will have to deal with the difficulty in the most tactical way.

The game is completely free to play, and you can also equip yourself with different costumes, and style up the characters you can play the game with. The game can be played in three difficulty modes, and even the easiest mode can be challenging after just a few levels.

Retro Shooting

Retro shooting is a game of fighter jets, where you have to fight with your enemies in the sky and use your weapon artillery to destroy the other fighter jets. The enemy jets will come with their own power and you have to take them down with the different kinds of weapons that you have in your hand. The controls within the game are very easy and you can also unlock additional weapons after a certain point of time to tackle the most frustrating enemies that you face. 

Retro Shooting Plane Shooter 3D

I am quite sure, this is not the first time, you are playing a game similar to this, but the game offers a retro feel which is not present in most other games that offer the same type of gameplay. The game controls are very easy and you can move your aircraft in any direction with your fingers to keep firing the enemy aircraft. Depending upon the type of weapon that you have, that might also fire in multiple directions and thus, there are a lot of things with the game to explore. Just give this retro game a try and I’m pretty sure you will love playing this game at every short break at your work and at other times of the day.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

If you are a kid of the 90s, you might have already played Sonic the Hedgehog game on console. Presently, the game that offers similar gameplay, if now also available for Android, and you can download to start playing the game. It is also a similar game, where you will have to proceed through different sceneries, and save the world from the evils and Dr Eggman. You can play with all the original characters that are available within the actual game and the game controls are well optimized for mobile devices so that you don’t face any kind of troubles controlling the character. 

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

If you love playing the game Sonic the Hedgehog on your console, you will definitely like the gameplay on your Android device and that will be better if you play the game with a game controller that will offer you even better performance.

Most game controllers are supported by Sonic the Hedgehog Classic. The game also has an exactly similar interface like that of the console game and you can experience the true retro feel once you start playing the game of Sonic the Hedgehog Classic on your Android device.

Dan the Man

The last one on the list is also one of my favourite games as it offers the perfect blend of the real retro feel and offers modernity at the same time. Dan the Man is an epic action platformer, where you will have to fight with all the enemies, by upgrading your weapon artillery and proceed through multiple beautiful sceneries to fight and save the world being a man. Just like most other games, you can also upgrade your characters and your own hero to make them look the best with the pixel art expertise. 

Dan the Man – Fun Games

The game is available in three different modes. The campaign mode, which is the first mode, where you can experience the game in storyline mode, the endless Revival mode will help you top the leaderboards, depending upon how long you can survive within the game. The Adventure mode is also great, where you will have to go through multiple unbeatable challenges and that is something which should intrigue you if you are fond of taking real challenges in your life. Dan the Man also offers great controls and the great UI of the game also has a big reason that you should try the game.

If you search for retro games on the Google Play Store, you can find several such games. But, if you want to play the best games among them, I have brought all of them here. However, I have kept the most popular games like Super Mario Run out of the list as that is something which is known to almost everybody and I sometimes play that game to see that cute face of Mario and enjoy the game from time to time when I get some break.

If you are fond of playing retro games, I will recommend you to download all the games that I have mentioned here on your Android handset and you will not regret getting bored in the short break at your work and at other times of the day when you can’t find how exactly will entertain yourself.

Do you know any other great retro game that deserves its name in the list? Let me know about it in the comments section down below.