How to add emergency information in Android smartphone

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We spend hours with the smartphones within our palm, and there isn’t any doubt, our smartphones know a lot about us. Yes, a lot. And the websites we visit! Yes, they also know about our likes, dislikes, and many other small tidbits of information. But how those websites collect our data and treat the same is not our point of discussion here. But well, if you want to know how such kind of data is treated, you can find my article here. But even though Google and our smartphone know a lot about us, there are some worth knowing things, which are not known to our smartphone.

Those somethings can actually save our lives in case of some emergency. Nobody wants to be in a state of emergency, but dangers come without advance intimation, and thus, it is better to be prepared for it. You might be having health insurances and life insurances and many other things to keep yourself and your family secure, but your smartphone can give some basic information about you just in case you are not in a state to give those basic details in any form. On Android smartphones, you can enter some basic details like your blood group, address and small other things to make them available to the public even when your device is locked.

So let’s get started with the way to add basic emergency details in your smartphone for some unexpected situations, which is always uninvited by everybody.

Steps to add emergency information in Android smartphone

Step 1: Open ‘About phone’ on your Android and tap on ‘Emergency information’. You should get it in ‘Settings’ This might vary depending upon the manufacturer and user interface. On stock Android, you can access it through ‘Settings > System > About phone’.

Entering emergency details in Android smartphones 1

Step 2: Now here you can find a list of information which you can add that basically include the ‘Name’ and ‘Blood type’. You can also add emergency contacts. Now you can tap on ‘Edit information’ to add or edit some additional medical information, which is somehow associated with your health.

emergency information in Android smartphone

Step 3: Here you can add any existing allergies you might have, whether you have an organ donor, some special medical conditions which require some medications, and add some medical notes, if necessary.

Medical information emergency details in Android smartphones 3

*I will recommend you not to add any personal information in any of these fields as all the information provided here will be available to anyone who has physical access to your Android device. The information will be used for emergency situations and thus, all of them will be accessible from the lock screen.

How to see the information

Now let’s find out how you or anybody else can access such information.

1. In the lock screen, tap on ‘EMERGENCY’.

Entering emergency details in Android smartphones 4

2. On the top, you can find a button with the caption ‘EMERGENCY INFORMATION’. Tap on the button twice.

Entering emergency details in Android smartphones 5

3. Here you can find all the information entered by you. Just in case you do not enter all the information, only the information added by you will be visible.

Entering emergency details in Android smartphones 66

It is also possible to call the emergency contacts directly from the same place without the need of unlocking the device.

This is a cool feature available on Android that might save your life in case of a life-threatening or dreadful emergency. Most users are unaware of the availability of such a feature on their Android devices.

Hope the information was helpful for you. Have any questions? Feel free to comment it down below. Please share this among your friends and family members to make them aware of the feature and it helps them in any case of emergency.

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