Google drive on Linux mint 18/19: How to install & setup guide

Linux Mint Google drive works exactly the same as Windows or MacOS. As we know the Google offers a quite good amount of Cloud storage free of cost. The new users will have the access of around 17 Gigabytes and the old users 115 GB.

The main benefit of installing the Google drive on Linux Mint is you can upload and sync important data directly on Google Drive. Also the Google cloud is one of the secure platform till now for personal and commercial data.

By Default the Linux Mint 18 or old versions doesn’t have the G-Drive or Cloud accounts facility, hence, we need to install it using GNOME Online account to login in Google Drive after installing. So, see this step by step guide to Install & use Google Backup and Sync on Linux Mint via the command terminal.

Install Google Drive Backup & Sync on Linux Mint

Note: In Linux 18.1 & 18.2, we need to add the GNOME Online Accounts, however, for Linux 19 they don’t need any command or anything else…

  1. Go to your the Linux Mint operating system
  2. Open the Command Terminal
  3. Run Command to install GNOME Control Center
  4. After installing the GNOME control, install the GNOME Online Accounts.
  5. Go to Linux Mint “All Settings
  6. Click on Online accounts option.
  7. Select the Add Online Account option.
  8. Add your Google Account
  9. Google Drive installed successfully
  10. In Network section you will see the Google Drive


Tutorial with screenshots and commands

If you are running Linux Mint 18 or earlier versions then follow all the steps given below otherwise just move to the Google Drive Installing Step 4 of the Tutorial.

Step 1: Open the command terminal and run the below command to install GNOME Control Control Center.

 sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center

Step 2: Install the GNOME Online Accounts using this command in terminal of Linux Mint.

sudo apt-get install gnome-online-accounts

Step 4: Now everything is ready install or setup the Google Drive on Linux Mint. Click on Linux Mint start icon and Go to All settings. 

Google drive on Linux Mint

Step 5: Under the System settings click on the Online account option.

Linux Mint Online accounts

Step 6: Now out of different accounts select the Google one.

Select the Google account

Step 7: Enter the Email ID that is associated with your Google Account and click on NEXT button.

Linux mint Google Drive account_LI

Step 8: Enter the password of your Google Account.

Google Accounts drive linux mint_LI

Step 9: Allow Google account to access the files and other data.

Allow Google access drive

Step 10: Select the items which you want to use with your Google account on the Linux Mint PC such as Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Documents, Photos, Files and Printers.

allow Google Sync and backup

Step 11: Finally, the Google Drive app installed on your Linux Mint as Network Drive. Open the Linux file manager and under the Network section, you will see a drive denoted with your email id. Click on that and all files and folder of Google Drive will show there. Also for Google folder sync from PC to Drive or Drive to PC either directly save the files in the Google drive opened on your Linux Mint or just create a folder inside it and create a shortcut for that on the Desktop. Now whatever you save in that folder will automatically sync to Google cloud drive.

Google Drive installed on Linux Mint

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