How to change the language in PUBG emulator Tencent from Chinese to English 

We already have done an article on how to install the Tencent PUBG emulator on Windows to play Pubg mobile game and now in this tutorial, we let you know how to change its default Chinese language to English. Yes, the official PUBG emulator Tencent comes in the Chinese language, it is because the game and emulator both are developed by the Chinese gaming company and developer called Tencent.

Even you are not in China, still after downloading the Tencent emulator for PUBG mobile doesn’t change its interface language to English which is one worlds’ most popular language. So, to play the games you need to do change the language in the PUBG emulator, manually.

Here are the steps to follow in order to change in Tencent gaming buddy emulator:  

Step 1: Download and install the Tencent Emulator for PUBG Mobile game. If you yet, not installed it. Otherwise, move to the next step.

Pubg Mobile emulator Tencent will start downloading the game

Step 2: Once the PUBG emulator downloaded and installed you will see the Chinese language all over the interface. Now click on the burger icon given on the TOP bar.

Step 3: When you click on the Top bar, few options reveals out in the Chinese language, now click on the second last option as shown in the given screenshot.

How to change language chinese to english

Step 4: Basically the above option which selected is the Setting option of the Tencent PUBG emulator which will show all the settings of the emulator. Now click on the drop-down box given as last option on the screen. Please refer to the screenshot.

Chnage language from chinese to english

Step 5:  From the Drop-down box select the Engish language.

pubg tencent pc change language

Step 6: Click on the button given on the left side at the bottom of the setting screen.

Chnage chinese to english on Tencent Pubg emulator

Step 7: Click on the Blue button to save the Language settings of your PUBG Tencent emulator. 

press ojk button

Step 8: Now close the Tencent emulator and restart it. This time you will get the English instead of the Chinese. In this way, you can select other languages too like Indonesia, Turkish, Portuguese and more.

PUBG Mobile Tencent emulator language enlish

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    • There might be some problem with the Tencent PUBG gaming app because it is still in BETa stage. Moreover, we didn’t face any problem like this while changing the language, after all, it is just a normal setting option. Please try to reinstall the app.

  1. no any other language is shown only chinese is showing i am unable to change it please help!!!


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