How to Create WhatsApp Group – Step by Step

If you want to chats with different friends and co-workers altogehter on WhatsApp messaenger app then the best way is to create a Gorup. In which you can include several contacts, chit chat with them and share media files photos, videos, muysic and docuemnts with all members, simultaneously. WhatsApp Group is a wonderful idea to reach all contacts with a message to exchange ideas.

Here is small tutorial on how to create it.

Create a group on Android

To create a group on an Android device follow the below-given steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Messenger on your device.

    After installing the WhatsApp, indeed you will have a WhatsApp icon so, just tap on that to open it.

    Open WhatsApp on Android

  2. Tap on three dots to get WhatsApp menu

    As you open this messenger app on your Android smartphone, just on the right top side there are three dots. Tap on them to see the WhatsApp menu.
    Open WhatsApp settings to create a new group

  3. Select Newgroup option

    In the menu of WhatApp amid others tap on the top New group.

    Select New Group option

  4. Choose the contacts for Group

    As you create a New group on WhatsApp on Android it will show all the contact available in your phone book and using the same app. Select those you want to add in your Group. And finally, tap on the arrow button available at the bottom right side.

    Add contacts to WhatsApp group

  5. Set Group name and Profile Pic

    Now you are already in the group settings. You now have to set a name for the group and tap on the Profile pic to add some image. And Tap on Tick button.

    Name the Group and set profile picture Whatsapp

  6. WhatsApp group has now been created with the contacts you added

    Finally, the Group has been in your chat list tap on it to access and chat with your friends and colleagues.

    WhatsApp Gorup created successfully on Android

Create a group on iPhone

In the same way, we can create a WhatsApp group on iOS running iPhone.

Steps to create a group on your iOS device:

  • Open WhatsApp on your iOS device.
  • Now go to the chat view and tap on “New group“.
  • Then you can add your contacts via the “+” symbol.
  • Assign a name and a profile picture for your group.
  • Finally, press the “Complete” button to create the group with your contacts. 
  • Now you can communicate with your added contacts in the group.

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