Telegram Messenger FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Here are some common questions asked by our readers and few in general which we have tried clarify using this Quick FAQ session on Telegram Instant Messaging cloud service…

What is a telegram app used for?

Just like any other instant messaging app available for smartphone platforms such as WhatsApp, Hike, Line etc. The Telegram is also using to chat with people those have the same app installed on their smartphone or Desktop.

How does telegram messenger work?

It works in the same way as other messengers, type a message, tap on send button, it gets encrypted by the Telegram and sends to the recipient or targeted user who only has the decryption once connected. Thus, only the recipient of Telegram whom you have sent the message with the help of key will be able to read your messages. All your messages first go to Telegram Cloud server and then from there to the determined user. This is just layman info otherwise lots of things happen at the back end to securely and safely deliver the messages.

How does Telegram make money?

Right Now, Telegram service is not making any money from their services or users. As per the Pavel Durov, a founder of Telegram once said, the Telegram is 100% free and we believe in free fast and secure messaging.

Thus, currently, the Telegram, as per the founder getting all its funds or money to run the institution or company via donations. And as per the Pavel, if in future, the company wouldn’t have enough funds to survive they will definitely bring some non-essential paid options to generate the revenue.

Why did I get a telegram code text?

When we register for Telegram account using our phone number at that time to verify, you have the possession of that particular number, the Telegram sents a Code text. Which later, one has to enter in the Telegram App to verify and activate the account. This text-based verification code is very sensitive and one should not share with anyone else because sometimes hacker may use this to exploit telegram account. See: how to install Telegram.

Why do people use telegram?

Although the WhatsApp is there with a big chunk of people, still Telegram has already grabbed its momentum and day by day increasing its user base. It is because, the Telegram is providing high security and privacy, cloud-based chatting, up to 1.5 GB in size transfer of media files etc. Know more about Telegram Advantages.

Is Telegram safe to use?

Safe or not it depends on the person’s usage, what kind of privacy and security features one need. However, common usage with a high level of encryption and with all the privacy feature along with controls, the Telegram is absolutely safe. Also, the Telegram claimed, if someone can show that he/she hacked the users’ encrypted chats, the company will reward him/her $300,000. For more info on this see Telegram blog related to it.

What happens if I uninstall telegram?

If you simply uninstall your Telegram app from a smartphone or Desktop, nothing will happen to your data. It will keep safe on the Telegram cloud servers, however, if you delete telegram account permanently; it will remove all history of your Chats along with other data + media files from the Cloud server of Telegram and will not be able to recover again at all.

When you block someone on telegram what do they see?

If you block someone or contact on Telegram, he/she will not be able to contact you, moreover, will not able to see your staus and profile picture. Moreover, if that person sends you a message he will receive only a single tick for a receipt which means that message would never get delivered to you at all.

Can you use Telegram without a phone number?

No, you cannot use Telegram without a phone number. You need a phone number to register an account with it.
Yes, once you have created an account then after that you can use it on different devices such as smartphone, Windows, macOS and Linux without the phone number. Since, when you register some new device for to use telegram it will send a Verification code within the Telegram as a message, thus just what you need the internet and any of the devices that have pre-install Telegram app.

Can my contacts see me on telegram?

Yes, if you have saved someone contact number in your phone book in Telegram installed phone and the other person also uses the Telegram, he/she can see you on their list. Moreover, this is the way all instant messaging apps are working, aren’t they?

Does Telegram replace WhatsApp?

This question is a little bit tricky whether Telegram can replace WhatsApp is totally depends on your friends and relatives circle. If your Kith and Kin are on Telegram, then absolutely you can replace Telegram with WhatsApp, and if not then after doing this you might feel alone because everyone would be on Earth and you are on the Mars, it’s like that. However, because of Telegram’s features and advantages and increasing users, it would undermine the WhatsApp in future.

Do Telegram channels pay?

No, Telegram itself is not paying anything to Channel creators. Yes, indeed if you have some channel which is extremely popular with hundreds of participants then you can collab with some third party brand to promote their products on your channel. Moreover, you can also make your channel membership paid. Hence, making money is totally depends upon the channel popularity, content quality and your skills.

What is the secret chat in telegram?

There are two types of chats on telegram one is standard and a part of Telegram Cloud and other is Secret Chat. Now what is the difference, the Secret Chat of the telegram is an end to end encrypted just like the normal chat, however, the difference is it will not save of Telegram Cloud. The secret chat store only on the device from where it has been initiated, for example, if I have started some secret chat on a smartphone then it will not be available on other devices Telegram app running with mine Telegram account example Windows Desktop. This means everything will be in my pocket secure and safe.

Also, when you delete messages on your side of the conversation, the app on the other side of the secret chat will be ordered to delete them as well. Means no trace.

Furthermore, you can set your messages, photos, videos and files to self-destruct in a set amount of time after they have been read or opened by the recipient. The message will then disappear from both your and your friend’s devices.

Can I delete my Telegram account?

Yes, absolutely you can delete all your data along with Telegram app. Here is the way to delete the Telegram account.

Can someone hack my telegram?

Hacking Telegram will not be easy at all, the chances are very less, if you have not done anything carelessly. You should not share your verification code, enable two-step authentication and fingerprint login. If you are looking for any activity on your account without your presence then simply Telegram app ->Settings-> Privacy and Security select Active Sessions and see which devices are logged in with your Telegram account and after that simply remove them.

How to Disable Last Seen in Telegram

1. Open Telegram app
2. Tap on Burger icon given on the left side.
3. Go to the Settings option.
4. Select Privacy and Security.
5. Tap on Last Seen & Online
6. To show everybody that you are not online just hide your Last seen by selecting the ‘Nobody‘ option. This will make you offline or anonymous over Telegram.

Does Telegram have a web app?

Yes, indeed it has web app along with apps for smartphone (Android, iOS and Windows phone), Windows 10/8/7, macOS and Linux. To access the web app for Telegram go to-

Is telegram an Indian app?

No, Telegram is not an Indian app, yes it can be used in India as well as any other country with the same features, privacy and control. However, it was developed by Russian entrepreneurs Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Those were also the founder of Russian popular social media portal and alternative of Facebook there namely VK. The Telegram team is currently based in Dubai.

How do I turn off read receipts on telegram?

You can turn off Read receipts or blue tick on WhatsApp but for Telegram, this service yet not available and right now there is no way to turn off the read receipt.

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