How to download Instagram Reels on Android Phone

Here is a tutorial to download and save Instagram Reels videos on an Android smartphone using a third-party app.

After TikTok popularity and banned in India, Instagram came with its own short video feature called Instagram Reels. So, that it could fill the gap created due to the absence of TikTok. Although Instagram doesn’t offer an in-built option to get the Reels videos, however, still in case there is any video or you want to save your own one then we can use some thirds party apps; to watch them offline. And in this tutorial, we will see how to do that using few best sites for downloading Instagram Reels videos.

Steps to Download and save Instagram Reels video

1. Open Google Play Store

2. Type: Instake – Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram or use this link.

3. Install the App by clicking on the button given for the same.

4. Once the app is installed, go to Instagram and visit the Reels video that you want to download.

5. Tap on the Three dots given on Reels Video and select the “Copy Link” option.

6. Now, Open the “Instake” app, tap on the “Paste link” button and then “Download” one.

Download Instagram Reels Video on Android


Save Reels Video on Desktop using a browser

If you don’t want to use the Android phone app then the browser is enough either on your smartphone or Desktop PC browser.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Visit a website called
  3. Go to your Instagram, visit the Reels Video you want to save for offline watch.
  4. Tap on the three dots given on the top right side of it and copy the link.
  5. Paste that in this Instagram Reels Video Downloader URL box
  6. And click on the Download button.
  7. Right-click on Video and select Save as link.

Get Instagram Reels Video on Desktop


Thus, in this way, we can easily save the videos available Reels for an offline watch with the tools given here. However, these are not the only ones, you can search for others as well on a Search engine but the way of working of them would also be the same.