How to format Google Sheets cells to use the Rupee (₹) symbol

If you deal with numbers, it is great to use spreadsheets for the proper organization of the numbers and their calculation. If you however, use your spreadsheet program, say Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel only for managing your finances, you can customize the cells to format the contents in Indian Rupee i.e. INR, or use the Rupee () symbol. While you can easily configure the cells to contain US currency i.e. US Dollar ($), the way Indians interpret money is different from the way the US does

Say, for example, if you have 1 lac rupees, in the US convention, it is One hundred thousand. That way, we Indians will write One lac as 1,00,000, making it easier to understand the amount, and as per the US convention, it will be 100,000. While both refer to the same amount, due to the difference in convention, the commas (,) are also used differently. However, if you can configure the cells in Google Sheets for Indian Rupees, that will be handy. Today, I will basically talk about how to format cells in Google Sheets to contain Indian Rupee.

That said, without any further delay, let’s get started with how to format cells in Google Sheets to contain Indian Rupee.

Configure Google Sheets cells to use Indian Rupee

Based on the platform you use Google Sheets on, the process is going to vary slightly, and hence I will discuss how you can carry out the process, both on the web and the mobile version of Google Sheets.

Rupee Symbol On Google Sheets Web

Open an already existing sheet on Google Sheets, or create a new one, based on your requirements. Now, select the cells that you want to format for Indian Rupee.

Once done, click on ‘Format’, hover over to ‘Number’, and finally click on ‘Custom currency’.

Rupee symbol on Google Sheets 10

Select Indian Rupee Symbol

Here, you can find currencies of almost all the countries across the globe, and obviously our very own, the Indian Rupee symbol or INR.

On selecting Indian Rupee, you can also select how exactly the amounts will be displayed in the selected cells. Say, for example, if you don’t want values after the decimal, you can do that. Furthermore, you can also use INR instead of the Indian Rupee symbol, etc. Simply click on the drop-down menu as shown in the screenshot below to further customize how the amounts will be displayed.

Once you are done, carrying out all the changes, click on ‘Apply’.

Custome currencies on Google Sheets

Using the Rupee (₹) symbol makes the whole spreadsheet look a lot more professional, and you should use appropriate symbols in the cells to make the data easier to read and process further.

On Google Sheets mobile

If you use the Google Sheets mobile app, the steps are similar to format the cells to contain the Indian Rupee symbol. However, the options might not be available in the same places. Here’s a brief illustration of how you can format the cells to contain the Indian Rupee symbol.

Open an existing sheet or create a new one, and select the cells that are supposed to be formatted for having values in Indian Rupee.

Once done, tap on the ‘Format’ icon. Refer to the screenshot below, if you can’t find the ‘Format’ button.

Rupee symbol on Smartphone Google Sheets

In the popup that appears from the bottom, click on ‘Cell’ to open the tab and format the selected cells. Also Know: How to remove all hyperlinks from a Microsoft Word & Google Docs

Scroll down, and tap on ‘Number format’ that should be by default set to ‘Automatic’.

Select Number format

More currencies

In the Number format menu, you can find numerous options. Scroll down, and tap on ‘More currencies’.

More currencies on Smartphone Google sheets

Here, you will find all the currencies that are supported by Google Sheets. Scroll down, and you will find Indian Rupee in several Indian languages.

Just choose any Indian language, however, that is not going to impact the way the amounts will be displayed. On selection, the contents in the selected cells will instantly change based on the preferred numbering format.

Indian Rupee in several Indian languages.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can use the Rupee or (₹) symbol in the cells using Google Sheets mobile app. I don’t know why the option is not available, and that too when you can use the symbol on the web version of Google Sheets. However, you can still use ‘Rs’ before the values, which is still better than using no symbols or units at all.

So, that’s how to use the rupee or (₹) symbol in Google Sheets. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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