How to install OwnCloud on Virtual Machine- Appliance setup guide

If you are planning to install the Owncloud on Linux or especially on Windows operating system then it quite difficult for the non-technical users. To solve this problem the Owncloud developers also offered a turnkey solution in the form of a pre-compiled Virtual image called Owncloud Appliances. The appliance is the easiest way to install and run it up. It is built on the Debian Linux and fully secure. To support wide range Virtual machines, the Owncloud virtual image is available as ESX image, VirtualBox Image, QCOW2 image and VMware image. As the Virtualbox is open source and available for Windows, Linux and MacOS, so in this tutorial, we are going to use the VirtualBox OVA image to install the Owncloud on a virtual machine.

Note: Below given Owncloud Virtual appliances installation steps on Virtual machine software called Virtual box are same for Windows 10, Windows 8 & 7, Ubuntu & other Linux OS including MacOS.

How To Install OwnCloud server on VirtualBox Virtual Machine

Follow these steps to get the Owncloud Virtual appliance working

  1. Go to websites download owncloud appliances
  2. Download the OwnCloud Virtual appliance image according to your Virtual Machine software. Like here, in this tutorial we are using the Virtualbox, so we download the Virtualbox image.
  3. After downloading the image, go to file menu on VirtualBox.
  4. Click on the Import Appliance option.import owncloud virtual appliance in virtualbox
  5. Now click on the file browser button and select the downloaded Virtualbox OVA image. Click on the Next button.                                                       owncloud virtual appliance path
  6. After importing, if you want to change any appliance settings such network and storage. Then click on the Import button.                                               Importing Owncloud Virtualmachine appliance
  7. Once the importing is complete, the Owncloud virtual will be shown on the left side panel in the powered off mode. To start it just double click on it.
  8. After starting the Owncloud Virtual machine you get three options, leave the default option and just hit the enter button.                                            Start the owncloud virtual machine
  9. Finally, you will see the OwnCloud configuration screen. Choose your language and country after that click on the ADAPT settings to set the keyboard preference and other location settings.Install OwnCloud server on VirtualBox Virtual Machine 2
  10. In this step configure the IP address to access the Owncloud locally. If you have router or DHCP, the machine will automatically assign the IP address. In case it not or you do not have the DHCP setup then uncheck the box given in the front of “Obtain the IP address automatically (DHCP)” and add the IP address manually.                Install OwnCloud server on VirtualBox Virtual Machine 3
  11. After setting up the Owncloud virtual machine, it will restart automatically and show you the IP address which you can use to access the OwnCloud locally on any system using the browser.
  12. So, go to your browser and type that given IP address. The OwnCloud will open and ask you for the email address to send you the license to activate the Univention software that powered the Owncloud virtual machine. Once you get the license file just upload it and this software will get activated.Activation of ownCloud Appliance Upload license file
  13. After uploading, you will get a portal screen from where you need to select the administrative account that you have created while installing the OwnCloud. The username will be Administrator but the password you have to enter is that you have been created for root account while installing the OwnCloud.uninvention portal
  14. Once you get login then select the option APP center
  15. Now search for the OwnCloud and click on it, when owncloud app
  16.  After Clicking the OwnCloud app, it will open. Now, click on the INSTALL button to install the OwnCloud successfully.                         ownCloud The open platform for more productivity


There are a number of unofficial pre-made virtual machine-based appliances you can download if the official appliances don’t work for you or want to experience something different and much easy then official Owncloud appliances.