How to increase Font size in gedit Text Editor in Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a popular Linux OS and so gedit text editor of Gnome Linux also widely used. The Gnome gedit text editor provides the variety of features such as UTF-8  support, syntax highlighting for various languages (C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, Python, Perl and many others), Undo/Redo, Text wrapping, Print and print preview support and more…

If you are using the gedit on large screen monitors and having some problems with small font and color then you can customize them as per your requirement.

Here in the tutorial, we will show how you can choose best gedit color schemes and fonts.



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How to increase the gedit text editor font size and color in Ubuntu

Step 1: Go to Ubuntu search and type gedit. Run the gedit and follow the next steps.

how to increase font size in ubuntu text editor



Step 2:  Once you open the gedit, hover the mouse on the taskbar of the Ubuntu and menu will appear. From the gedit menu click on Edit and select the preferences. Please see the screenshot for reference.

how to increase size in gedit



Step 3: From the Preference window,  select the Font & colors tab. Under this tab, an option Editor Font with preselected Monospace Regular font and size,  click on that to change the gedit font.

gedit increase font size


Step 4: When you click on the Monospace Regular font and size, a Pick the editor font window will appear from where you can select a font size and type for gedit text editor.

Change the default gedit text editor font size and color


How to change the background and font color of gedit text editor in Ubuntu

Step 1: Under the preference window you will also see the option called color scheme. To customize the background and font color choose the predefined color schemes.

gedit increase font size


Final result: Increased gedit Text size and changed background+ font color.

Change the Gedit text editor font color and size



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