How to Change Terminal Font Size and Color in Ubuntu Linux

The Ubuntu terminal is not only a black box to enter the commands but it more than that. You can customize to suit your style and need. You can change the font size of Ubuntu terminal to provide some comfort to your eyes. Some time working on a large screen but the Ubuntu terminal font still appear small may hurt your vision. In order to work distraction-free, you can follow the steps given in this tutorial to increase the font size of Terminal in Ubuntu Linux.


How to increase font size in ubuntu text editor or terminal

For this tutorial, we are using the Ubuntu 17.04.


Step 1: Run the terminal in Ubuntu either by searching or just use the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+T.


Step 2: After running the terminal, just right-click on anywhere inside it and select the profile-> Profile preference.

lubuntu transparent terminal and Change Terminal Font Size



Step 3: Under the General tab click on the tab button “Monospace Bold” present at the front of Custom font option which is basically a default font for your terminal.

Change the default font size of Ubuntu terminal


Step 4: When clicking on the custom font option, a window will open called “Choose A Terminal Font”.  Now choose the font size and font type as shown in the given screenshot.How to change font and size in Ubuntu


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