Install SSH server in Fedora Linux for remote login

Although in Fedora 30, 29, 28 and also in an earlier version, by default the open-ssh server installed on the system. However, in case you don’t have the SSH server then here is a tutorial on it. Here we let you know the commands for the terminal to install Open SSH server on Fedora along with the way to enable and restart its services.

Fedora patron by the Redhat and developed by the Fedora Project foundation. It is open source and supports both YUM and DNF to install different packages.

Note: If you don’ have SSh server on Fedora and you try to connect it with a remote computer using port 22 then you will get error i.e ssh: connect to host  IP address port 22: Connection refused.

Step 1: Install SSH server on Fedora using a command

So, to remove the error of fedora i.e ssh connection refused, we have to first install the OpenSSH server on our Fedora desktop. There are two ways to install SSH on Fedora 30, 29, 28 or previous version i.e using YUM or DNF. We will show both the usage of both the commands:

sudo yum install openssh-server


sudo dnf install openssh-server

Step 2: Enable ssh in Fedora

Once the installation is completed, the second step is to enable the SSH in Fedora, so that it automatically get started every time.

systemctl enable sshd

Enable ssh in Fedora

Step 3: Starting ssh service on Fedora

Finally, run the command to start SSH service on your operating system, thus you can connect it from some remote system.

systemctl start sshd

Check the port 22 is opened successfully

Now use the below command to see that the SSH default port 22 has been opened successfully and listening to all IP addresses…

netstat -ant | grep 22

The result of the above command will look like below

Check the port 22 is opened succefully 

Step 4: Connect from Remote system

To connect to SSH installed Fedora Linux from Windows or Linux just open a command terminal and use the below command. In Windows, use the Command prompt.

ssh@[username][yourserevr IP address]:22

For example to log in as root:

shh [email protected]:22

In this way, we can simply install, enable and start the services of OpenSSH server on Fedora Linux using command terminal…

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