How To Use HyperV VHD Disk Image file in VMware Without Converting

Many times we have download virtual Appliances in VHD image format from the internet or if you have a pre-installed OS with your valuable data and configuration in VHD Disk format and want to run it under VMware Player without conversion than here is the solution. It is the fast and instant solution to run and up your virtual machine.


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Steps to edit VMX configuration file to Run VHD without using any software or converting it to VMDK

How To Use HyperV VHD Disk Image file in VMware Without Converting

Step 1: Get any VHD image that you want to install in VMware. Here, we using the OpenVPN Access server VHD image, first create a new virtual machine and select the downloaded or pre-exist VHD image under ISO image section.

convert vhd to vmx

Select other operating system option.

convert VHD to Vmware

Assign the Virtual disk capacity according to OS requirement.


Converting VHD disk to VMDK disk

Now, Click on Edit virtual Machine settings option

vhd in vmware

Step 2: The VHD that Microsoft HyperV has created under IDE device configuration but VM is mounted default under SCSI. VMware player does not allow to change the device type from SCSI to IDE.  It does support IDE device under CD-ROM which set as IDE device but it cannot use CD-ROM to read the VHD file.

vhd to .vmx conversion

Step 3: The solution is very simple.  Each VM has its own hardware configuration file. It is in the same VM folder where all your virtual machine files are saved. The file name is called YOUR VM NAME”.vmx. VMX extension stands for VMware Virtual machine configuration. Open this file in notepad.

How to use a VHD file in VMWare

Step 4: When you open it, you probably will see the configuration as shown in below screenshot.

VHD file to VMDK

Now, Change the following things in this file and save it.

scsi0:0.present = "FALSE"
ide0:0.present = "TRUE"
ide0:0.fileName = "C:\users\Raj\Pictures\openvpn.vhd"

ide1:0.fileName = "False”

Note: The file name which is basically the location of VHD image is might be different in your case.

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Step5: Now, your VHD is mounted an IDE device.

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Step6: Now, just run your VHD image virtual Machines under VMware and enjoy!

VHD To VMX conversion successfully to use under the vmware