What version of Microsoft Edge do I have?

Well, the reason to find out the version of your Microsoft Edge browser could be any. Maybe you want to know which version exactly you have on your PC or laptop; so that you can check whether there are any updates available to install. But if you don’t know how to do this, then in this tutorial we will know how easy it is to find out which version of Microsoft Edge is installed with just a few clicks. Steps to find about Microsoft Edge are similar to Google Chrome.

Find out the version of the Microsoft Edge browser

Step 1: Needless to say, the first thing you have to do is opening of your Edge browser, so do that. Then we can easily find out its version.

Step 2: On your Microsoft Edge, go to the top right side to find three horizontal dots. Click that to open the menu to access the various options.

Alternatively, we use the key combination Alt + F.

Step 3: Almost at the bottom of this menu you will find the Settings option marked by a gear, generally this icon is always used to represent Settings in Windows.

As you click on the Settings, this will instruct the Edge Browser to open the corresponding window.

Open Edge browser settings

Step 4: From the left side panel, go to option- “About Microsoft Edge“.

Step 5: Now, you find out the version of Microsoft Edge on the right-side panel. Information about the browser will be displayed along with the exact version. It will also check directly whether there is a newer version available for download. If there is any, the new version of the software will be downloaded and installed directly.

know which microsoft Edge browser version you are using

So these were the simple steps and now you know how easy it is to find out which version of Microsoft Edge is installed on your own computer.