8 ways Google Lens can make your smartphone really smart

Google’s AI features are really amazing. I am quite confident about it going better with time. One of the biggest marvels of Google’s AI, which is available for both Android and iOS is the Google Lens. Google Lens offers a number of Augmented Reality or AR based features, which can surely come in handy, in your everyday life. And it doesn’t require stating, it will eventually make your digital life a hell lot easier. If you play around with the Google Lens, you can easily unveil a lot of its functionalities. But if you are busy with your schedule, and not able to explore the abilities of Google Lens, this article is here for you.

Google Lens work in a different way on Android and iOS, and things might be a little limited depending upon the platform you are on, but I swear, it will surely make your life easier in some way or the other. I will discuss the 8 possibilities of Google Lens, which will surely be helpful for you. But you can explore it more to unveil a lot of other abilities, which Google Lens hide in itself.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the abilities of Google Lens. But before that, let’s find out how to use Google Lens, lest you don’t know about it.


How to use Google Lens?Google lens usage

You can get the option to use Google Lens on an existing photo, by opening the photo in Google Photos, and by tapping on the Google Lens app.

If you are having a supported device, you can trigger Google Lens directly from the Google Assistant. Point your camera to the object, and tap on the photo of the object to access the abilities of Google Lens.

*Opening Google Lens from the Google Assistant is supported on most devices running stock Android, with Android Oreo.

If you are having Google Camera on your handset, you can open it, and choose ‘Lens’ from the hamburger menu to open Google Lens. Just tap on the object to unveil the abilities of Google Lens.

SeeHow To Activate and Use the Google Lens on Your Android Phone

Now let’s find the abilities of Google Lens.

What are the things you can do with the Google Lens?

Get information about a book

Are you a bookworm, and read a lot of books? Limited time and you need to find the best title in a library. Don’t worry, Google Lens can help you to get the insights of a book, by showing it the cover. Well, judging a book by its cover, justified. Scan a few more books, and find out what they are all about, and which one should be the best pal for your next holiday trip.

Scanning a business card to a contact

This ability of Google Lens might not be helpful for everybody. But it can be helpful for those, who deal with a number of business cards regularly. If you are one, who deals with a single business card once in a blue moon, you can move on to the next one. With Google Lens, you can point your camera to a business card, and save the details directly to your contact with just a few taps.

This feature works flawlessly on Android. But if you are iOS, the different elements of the business card will be recognized, but you cannot simply save it to a contact. That is a limitation only on the Apple devices.

Know more about the flora and fauna

Love nature? But can’t understand what that cute insect is, or that flower in front of you. Well, Google might have the answer for you. Just use Google Lens to place your inquiry to Google, and get the details about the insect or the flower instantly. Well, carry your smartphone next time you visit a zoo, or a botanical garden, located close to you. Never miss one more unknown flora and fauna from now on.

Know more about a place you visit

Are you finding a great monument or a building in front of you? But don’t know the history or other details of the building. Google Lens can help you know more about the place. Wait, make sure photography is not prohibited. Once you ensure that, just capture a photo of the building or the monument, and leave the rest to Google Lens. Also know about what’s inside the building, just in case you can’t get the opportunity to enter into it.

Add calendar events

Walking on the streets of the heritage city of Kolkata! Discovered a new show scheduled to be held the next week. Immediately add it to the calendar by capturing the photo, and using Google Lens to capture the details. If there is an event, you can add it to the calendar, use Google Chrome to open a link, and Maps to find out the address. Not only cultural events, you can use Google Lens to add any other event to the calendar, or do the allied tasks, depending on the type of information available.

Do Google reverse image search

Reverse image search is about searching other images with respect to an image, which you have selected. Reverse image search can also help you to find out the subject of a particular image. With Google Lens, you can do a reverse image search with a locally stored photo, or a photo captured from the real world. You can know more about how to do a reverse image search using Google Lens, in this article.

Though most other tasks, which you can do with Google Lens, are actually the examples of Google reverse image search.

Copy texts from the world

We come across a number of useful information in our everyday life. Sometimes, we might even need to copy it down, edit it and do some other tasks with it. Google Lens can be helpful in that aspect. Just capture the photo containing text, and you can use Google Lens to extract the text out of it. It can be useful to capture the text from a notice board, the details of a monument on a board in your next trip, newspaper article, or anything else, which is in front of you.

Read reviews of businesses

Want to visit a supermarket for some casual shopping or a restaurant to dine out with the family members? You can get the reviews of various business with the help of Google Lens. Just capture the photo of a restaurant or business, and know the review of it with the help of Google Lens. Read the details and the reviews to make your decision about whether the restaurant or supermarket will be able to fulfill your requirements.

No, the abilities of Google Lens is not limited only to 8. Just play with Google Lens, and I am sure you will unveil more. Google will surely add more abilities to Google Lens to make it mightier than it is now.

Hope the small information on the cool ways, Google Lens can make your smartphone smart, was helpful for you. Do you know any other ways Google Lens can be useful? Let me and others know about it in the comment section down below.

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